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Diana General Guide by CryFoX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CryFoX

Diana, Embrace the Heresy (In-Depth jungle)

CryFoX Last updated on August 24, 2012
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Main alts:1-2/FARM

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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8/11/2012- extra builds added (main alts), for those who have become skilled with her.
-added a section on ganking

8/20/2012- changed the mid build to be MUCH BETTER, ABUSE THE MID BUILD ALL YOU CAN! until she gets nerfed! it WILL GAIN YOU ELO!

8/22/2012- fixed the dominion build, prospector's are too strong of items to not have and an early kages helps for a dfg to add cdr.

-fixed the jungle build, phasing out nashor's tooth as it is an awful item and not viable on any champion, (I just wanted to believe)

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Strong Base Damage
Strong Scaling damage
FAST jungling
Safe jungling
high damage
Great counter jungler
Great teamfight utlility
Great jokes


Melee AP caster
Hard to itemize for
Needs a few AA to get her damage off
Awful Jokes
cant fight other junglers
Very hard to play glass cannon

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While this guide is mostly itemization based i will be going over a few tips and tricks and my reasoning behind the items/runes/masteries.
so take a seat, listen to the login music and learn. and remember to keep in mind that nothing is ever set in stone. the build order is not the gospel. there is an acceptable item section for a reason.

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So this rune page is completely based on helping your early game damaage and jungling (mostly jungling) I tried all sorts of things in my testing, including the obvious attack speed (which was almost undoable) with this rune page you will be able to stay almost full hp throughout youre entire jungle, even with no leash.

i use the same runes/masteries in mid for early game stats.

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in order to explain my mastery choices you need to know something about what Diana is and what she does. Diana can be played many different ways. you can all her an assassin but really shes a bruiser, it just feels like an assassin cause that's what bruisers do. they kill the carries and be tanky enough to walk through a team to do it. She can be played as a somewhat tanky bruiser/initator that deals with de-positioning and dealing aoe damage to the enemy team, or someone whos job it is to try to take out some high priority targets, then still being tanky enough to deal with the tanky derps.
so the masteries, while geared towards helping your early jungling will also help you in your teamfights. remember that Diana needs to be in the midst of a lot of enemies to deal optimum damage. (to compensate, Diana is designed with high base damage AND high scaling. with any other champion and their play style that would be op)

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In this section I will be dealing with explaining my reasoning behind my main build itemization.

Starting Doran's Ring

First of all i realize that starting with a doran's ring feels odd and to be honest, it is purely preference/playstyle. I feel that Diana has pretty sub-par ganks pre-6 and especially pre-4 so starting doran's ring will give you a completely safe jungle (staying at 90% hp) and giving you the mana regen that will help you throughout the early game (once you start giving blue away) and also give you the ap you need to help powerlevel you to 6 so you can start having tons of presence.

If you dont like starting Dorans then grab Boots of Speed and x3 Health Potion.
To be honest this is probably more effective. as you can farm the jungle faster and have the ability to gank. starting dorans will be the absolute safest jungle in the game ans should only be used for beginners. starting boots is optimal.

Core Items

Sorcerer's Shoes
While cooldown reduction is strong on Diana the build will give full CDR so sorc for extra damage or Mercury treads for tenacity will be better.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
One of two items Diana needs, this gives her half the stats she needs to be effective.
Ability power for damage, health for survivability and a passive slow that she absolutely needs in order to gank efficiently and get her passive off more than once (her Moonfall will get her the first one).

Nashor's Tooth
I consider this to be the worst item in the game, if I ever see anyone buy this item on any other champion I will hunt you down. That being said i believe Diana was made for this item. I hate saying this about Nashor's tooth but when you get to the point where you buy this item, your damage skyrockets......that hurt to say....

Abyssal Mask
This item should almost be core, but while its not needed on her it helps her very much with her main goal, getting in the middle of teams and dealing massive damage.

Athene's Unholy Grail and Chalice of Harmony
The early Chalice is not because she has mana issues. she does not. it lets you farm the jungle so incredibly fast it should be looked at (don't tell Riot). if you try to farm as fast without chalice you will run out of mana, assuming you are giving blue to your mid. you should be. Finishing your Athene's will give you your max CDR, your Crescent Strike will be on a 3.6 second CD and getting your your Moonfall to have a low CD makes you very potent in teamfights.
I don't recommend taking chalice in mid
Guardian Angel
This is really just a placeholder for a defensive item, i like Guardian Angel because against teams that know what they are doing, once you get your damage off you're gonna die. once your guardian angel goes off you're cooldowns will be up and more importantly youre Moonfall will be up for more de-positioning.

Other Acceptable Items

Banshee's Veil- Thornmail- Quicksilver Sash
These Items are good on any champion at the appropriate times

Frozen Heart
Not situational but is definitely the strongest item at the moment so if you like it you can try to fit it in.

Lich Bane
good when playing as an assassin, which i don't recommend but can work with the right team composition. dont forget to build ability power BEFORE you buy Lich Bane.
(I.E. Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff

Shurelya's Reverie and Randuin's Omen
I am not opposed to buying these at all but if you do consider starting Doran's Ring---> Boots of Speed---> Philosopher's Stone---> Heart of Gold.
This is still a good starting build and you can still dish out good damage from Diana's high base damage. The philo stone will let you keep your mana while giving your mid blue buff.

Void Staff
you can switch this out with you Abyssal Mask if youre snowballing or dont need as much defense. Works well if your defensive item will be mostly magic resist such as Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash

Wit's End
Good if you're one of the few people who hate Nashor's Tooth more than I do. just remember that youre losing the the cooldown reduction when taking this over Nashor's Tooth.

Rod of Ages
I'm gonna explain why i don't buy this item on Diana.
I'll start off by saying, I would if I could.
This is a GREAT item on her and gives her a lot of what she craves however this is a jungle guide and finding the gold for Rod of Ages in the jungle is gonna be a hard thing to do unless you're getting really fed. If you lane her then YES get this item.
You can also get RoA in place of Rylai's if you must but I don;t recommend it.

Attack speed is strong on her but you dont need it, its only nice for keeping your mana high while jungling, or if youre building tanky.

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Skill Sequence

This is the spell priority but in the beginning i highly recommend
what the guide lists. this will help your jungling and let you gank at lvl 4.

in mid max Q first, when you hit 6 you can harass with q r w r e q and do probably overpowered damage.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner's Rift

Flash and Smite are my preference but switching out flash with Exhaust or Ignite work just as well depending on your playstyle. with or you will also have the mastery for them so not a bad choice at all.

note- Exhaust makes your ganks more effective and scales well all game while ignite doesn't.


Revive with the mastery is meta in dominion and if you play dominion as seriously as I do then you know why. usually you get Revive than either Exhaust, Ignite on the ap carry, or Garrison if you're the tank/tankysupport. Diana can fill all 3 roles but is not the best bottom laner.

In mid take Flash and Ignite for early kills and to kill the jungler if he DARES gank you.

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My typical jungling route will go
Wolves (AA and Pale Cascade immediately after for maximum effectiveness with the shield.)

Blue Golem (Same thing as wolves, don't forget to cast in between auto attacks and smite when hes low. you don't need a leash but if you get one you will be full hp after Blue Golem)

Wraiths (Right click on bonfire in the middle of them before you have sight on them to get the right positioning for your passive, refer to fig 1. AA> Pale Cascade>AA> Crescent Strike(so you hit all of them)> Moonsilver Blade this should nearly kill all of the wraiths nearly instantly.)

Stone Bros (Attack the large golem first. rotation= AA> Pale Cascade>AA> Crescent Strike> Moonsilver Blade) you have low cd so its okay to spam a bit.

Red Lizard Camp (Attack the Elder first, standard combo. AA> Pale Cascade>AA> Crescent Strike> Moonsilver Blade. smite when hes low.

gank if its an easy gank. otherwise keep powerleveling
you can recall now and get your dorans and whatever else you want. i like meki pendant+ward if you run the chalice route, otherwise some gp5 is recommended

If you build chalice or you have blue buff past level 6 use your ult to get from camp to camp faster. farm like crazy!!!! ap itemization in the jungle is limited and expensive, so get all you can.

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-Unless someone is way out of position you wont find ganking very successful with Diana until level 6.

-Very early levels you can gank more tanky champions after you get red buff but after they get to about lvl 5 i don't suggest ganking non-squishies unless your teammates really need your help.

-Once you hit level 6 you can start ganking successfully more often. she can pop out and annihilate squishies with ease. (you CAN just R to get to people but its okay to just huck out a Q and immediately dash to them before your Q hits, if your Q hits afterwards the CD on your ult will sometimes refresh)

-I don't suggest trying to gank full hp tanks/bruisers, go for squishies! I gank bot all day, have your support get pink wards for bot so you can gank with ease (almost free gold if your support cooperates with you).
~note: its okay to be the one to buy pink wards but try not to as no matter what you build if you want to be effective your itemization is slightly expensive simply because youre an AP jungler.

P.S. the best junglers typically survive on low gold environments (Lee Sin, Trundle) so get all you can.

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Team Comps

This is a short section on team comp theories and combos with other champions to think about if you have a friend or more. for this section remember that Diana's Moonfall is AN EXTREMELY STRONG UTILITY TOOL IN TEAMFIGHTS.

Some Champs Diana combos with

Orianna lulz
Miss Fortune
Xin Zhao
Jarvan IV lulz
Swain incredible combo
Varus enemy team chat will look like this;
Enemy #1 : Real
Enemy #2 : Real
Enemy #3 : Real
Enemy #4 : Real
Enemy #5 : Real
Enemy #1 : Real
Viktor holy damage
Vladimir also try with viktor
Zyra i was the victim of one of these, it was the worst.

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Tips and Tricks

A few little tricks i feel are notable.

This is the only place you can hop over to dragon using your Q>R combo, if you already have sight on dragon then just R

This is where you want to stand when clearing the Wraith camp

You can attack the blue golem here after using your Moonfall as long as you have sight on him, see the ward?

you can pull blue golem over the wall here with your Moonfall, you will laugh at the animation when you do it successfully. this a so awesome for a safe and easy counter jungle if you can pull it off. make sure you have wards around you to watch for enemies. you can jungle so fast that it shouldnt be a problem though, at this point in the game you will have your ult. use it for extra damage on jungle buffs/dragon/baron. it has a low cost.
I like to drop buy every once in a while and try to pull golem over the wall, use Q first then walk away to check if it's there if you don't already have sight on it.


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