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Diana Build Guide by Panda Safado

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panda Safado

Diana- Tatooing moons on butts

Panda Safado Last updated on July 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A Brief Warning

I`m not considering this build ready yet. There`s much more to learn about crafting the guide, so it`s kind of a building zone as for yet

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So it begins...

Hey mobafire! Panda here, i`m a br server player, and ever since I thought Yi was op I played Diana and fell in love with her abilities and lore. As a maniac storyfreak I found her history to be great and as a mage player on every single RPG an sexy ap caster with a gigantic sword basically blew my mind. This is how I play her and I would like to pass through to the players of the world. This is a MID Diana guide and I will be adding jungle and top builds soon...

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+ Crazy damage output
+ Retains a certain tankyness as the game goes on
+ Double damaging shield
+ Able to dominate a pesky lane on the second she hits 6
+ Absollutely Freakish late game power
+ Haired like a purple Jessie

- Straight out laughable early game
- Tanky mids will be your undoing
- Mana is an issue without blue
- Older players will despise you

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Sincerely speaking, a pretty usual ap tree. Not much to add until I learn how to format the text better.
As for runes, You could take Gliphs of ScalinG Magic Resistbut I opt for more damage instead of tankyness.

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: Moonsilver Blade
Permanent attack speed, PLUS a jax ultimate that scales MOSTROUSLY well for a passive at level one? Yeah, I`ll take that. Reason why AS on Diana is so good


: Crescent Strike
Unique curved skillshot that deals great damage and has a low cooldown later on the game. The main thing here is the mark that it applies, that is what makes you able to ult without cooldown. Learn to hit this thing, and you will dominate most lanes. Do NOT spam this early on, not damaging enough for all the mana it takes. Max this first.


: Pale Cascade
Farming, trading and overall great spell that will make you tanky AND deal some good damage as the game goes on. Max this second.


: Moonfall
Diana`s utility and channen break. Max last, deals no damage and is useless without your ult.


; Lunar Rush
Sexy gap closer that deals damage and has a not so long cooldown. Main thing here, if you hit your q, it has NO COOLDOWN. learning to time your ult and qs will make or break your gameplay. Take this whenever possible.

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The worst part of Diana. You`re pretty much a level 1 Vayne until hitting 6. Just farm, try to dodge harasses and don`t be aggressive. The main squishiness problem on Diana is this part of the game. Hit 6 ASAP.


I consider this started once you have your ult. Be ready to become aggressive. All that anger you had of that Cassiopeia that spammed poison booms in your face will be discharged on her snake bottom. Now you should have some itens and a good pair of nuts to take the kills like the Hot Moon lady that you are.


By now, with your items almost ready and your team organized, the teamfights should go like this:
-Tank or bruiser starts
-You let them soak up the initial damage wave
-Search for the most fed/annoying carry and tattoo a moon on his butt
Stick to your team, be present on objectives and WIN THE GAME

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Ahri The main issue here is her early power. Her 1-5 is strong, yours is laughable. Avoid giving kills, farm and blow her up at six. DODGE Charm. THAT`S ALL SHE NEEDS FOR YOU TO HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT HOT FOXES FOR SOME TIME- Medium
AkaliAhhh Jade. She probably has to stay at home at night so to not see the moon and start crying. She manages to have a WORSE early than yours and not being able to keep through your sustained damage later on- Easy
Anivia The Ice chicken is a more skill matchup because of one thing: Flash Frost. You CAN'T let her hit you with it, as a powered icicle up the bottom will HURT. Beware of wall and ult combo and NEVER TOWERDIVE HER WHEN HER PASSIVE IS ON- Medium
Annie Never actually played this matchup, but being an Annie player, I can tell that she has the means of making you afraid of little girls. stay out of range and harass her down before jumping on her. NEVER BE NEAR WHEN HER STUN IS UP, it`s the main gimmick here and will set you up for a kill or gank.- Medium
Brand THis guy is a mix between annie an anivia. Dodge his spells, and flee if he hits you with Conflagration, this will set you up for a ton of damage- Medium.
Cassiopeia An hidden op champion, the snake lady will make your life a nightmare if you don`t walk around a lot. Twin Fang is like your ult cooldown-wise, as long as you`re poisoned. You CAN kill her at 6 because she is the epitome of squishy mage. Be mobile and you`re gonden- Hard.
Ezreal My first champion. fond memories taken, he is an easy lane in two ways. if he`s aggressive, you`ll hit 6 and rape him. if he is passive, you will outfarm him and zone him hard. Arcane Shift has no use against you because of your ult's cooldown being 0- Easy
Evelynn More information needed, bet she doesn`t seem easy at all to me. I`ll be here soon.
Fizz He might be what many mids fear, but to you he is more of a nuisance than anything. His early game is almost the same as yours but with no ranged harass. Both of you are assassins with high damage and this lane is all skill.- Medium.
Gragas The ***** is bad because of his tankyness. else, not too much to say. his skills are dodgeable and have long cooldowns early. Like yours, but he is a much worse duelist. Try to use that.

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ASAP the other matchups and rune formatting will be added. THanks and peace out. English is not my mother language AND I`m a bad typer. so if nay kind soul would help me, I`d be thankful.