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Diana Build Guide by Sengosha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sengosha

Diana Top 3v3 (First Build Post

Sengosha Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Hey Guys My username is sengosha, Ive been playing league since about June/July and have recently gotten more serious about this game. after a lot of trial and error I finally got good with the champion Diana. Diana is probably one of the most OP Champions in the game at this time because of how diverse and strong the builds can be.
I will be going through and showing you one of the builds ive been using recently and have come to dominate the new twisted treeline.

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Diana is a very burst driven champion with a lot of potential.
Nashor's Tooth is a great with her passive ability since it gives you 10% cooldown reduction,50% attack speed, 60AP damage and an amazing passive that scales off your ap (15% to be precise)

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Skill Sequence

First thing you want to get on Diana is your Q because it allows for very good Pokes on OP champs like Darius who if you get to close will shred you early game. Poke him until you deal sufficient damage and you've reached level 3. at level 3 you should have all your basic moves, being a little more risky on your lane isn't smart but if we use the Darius you've been dealing damage to if he hasn't gone back from the damage you've dealt you can go in for the kill First hit with a Q then bring him close with your E and hit your W to activate the shield, your shield has 3 floating orbs that do damage to your enemy and will probably finish him off, if not use your Q once more to seal the deal.
from here your priority shall be to max out your Q since it deals the most damage and gives you considerably larger distance from your target then most abilities. Since your Ultimate and your Q work together it is a good idea to build Cool Down Reduction/ AP items. the more times you can hit your Q at a time the more devastating your ultimate will become.

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Now I've explained a lot about Diana already. A lot of people find that diana is a very overpowered champion. To be fair she has her perks but its all in the build when it comes to Diana. if you aren't building Diana to counter her enemy then it wont work out for you. if your building to counter someone who is on the bottom lane then your lane phase will be very weak and you wont be able to make it through well in the late game. Diana being as universal a champ as possible makes her a great asset to any team in 5v5 or 3v3 if you enjoyed my first build please leave me some feedback and comments, it would be greatly appreciated