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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Ironman517

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ironman517

Dinger of Death

Ironman517 Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Hello all, This is my Heimerdinger build, I got this build by combining other builds on here and it works very well for me.

Please note, the CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE is a skill shot. It may take some getting used to.

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Summoner Spells

The best time to use your summoner spells:

running back to your turrets
escaping away from enemies
the only time to use it as offensive is when your opponent is running away and you will be able to kill them with your rockets

My favorite way to use Teleport is to Teleport to my H-28G Evolution Turret!
Also, if you can teleport to any minion to make it immune to damage until you get there, they are even immune to tower damage!

Alternative Summoner Spells(please remember to alter your masteries if you change summoner spells):

It reduces healing and is an extra dot, what's not to like?!?!

Ghost(Same reasons for having flash)
running back to your turrets
escaping away from enemies
the only time to use it as offensive is when your opponent is running away and you will be able to kill them with your rockets

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Skill Sequence

In this build, you level up H-28G Evolution Turret first. Why? Because you want to kill as many minions as you can.

Second, I try to level up my CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE or Hextech Micro-Rockets. Although, you can always level up your rockets too. Personally, I like using grenades because I know where it's going to go and the rockets are just the closest targets to you.

An alternate, but not bad, strategy is to level up your rockets second. If you are having trouble aiming with the grenade, I highly suggest leveling up rockets after turrets.

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Using Turrets

Playing with Heimer is simple. Stay near your turrets, and if you can, kite melee opponents around them (using your ult) or stun them with a grenade. Most people place their turrets ineffectively and usually die because of it.

Some good places to place turrets:

    Next to a Tower: Quite obvious, it makes extra defense if your tower is getting pushed
    Next to each other: If your turrets are next to each other they usually will hit the same target and do more damage
    Parallel to each other: I usually do this when the other team has a lot of AOE, position your turrets on both side of the lane, so they can both attack at the middle of the lane
    In the brush: this is excellent for surprise attacks. Lure them in, grenade them and then rockets and they should be dead.

You may find yourself running out of mana sometimes, that is probably because you are using your grenades too much. Early game, try to use them for escaping only. If you want to grenade spam, get the golem buff(you can probably get it easily at level 6 or 7) and you should be fine.

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Start with the Meki Pendant and 2 health potions, or a Doran's Ring. Then, I would recommend getting Tear of the Goddess as soon as you can, and dont go to the shop until you can do so. Then get the boots, and the rest of the items you will need to get are listed in order.

Most people are probably wondering... Why get Guardian Angel? Well I decided to just try it out one game and I really liked it and I still use it. It works very well as long as you dont get ganked by the whole team. Usually when Heimer dies, so do his turrets. With Guardian Angel, you get revived and your turrets stay where they are! And you might be saying... Who cares? Well, you should! If you die near your turrets, the enemy will take a large beating until you get revived and then you can just grenade them, get the kill and run away!

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Beginning of the Game

In the beginning you are going to want your turrets to do all the work, save your mana and just stand back and watch. If an enemy looks like they are going to go for your turret, walk up and auto attack them, most people run away xD

Mid Game

Mid game you should start using your both turrets and grenades(or rockets if you level up that first), and minions should go down VERY FAST.

End Game

By the end of the game, you should not be laying down turrets to get minion kills, only if there are a lot of minions piled up. Turrets will be mainly for ambushing, defending and pushing. Because now your grenade should 1 shot minions and turrets will only be needed for back-up.

Also, by this time you should have quite a bit of AP, enough to take a lot of non-tank champions. Remember, people usually are not worried about turrets and more worried about killing you and thats how you can kill them! Look above at the Using Turrets section for more explanation

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Creeping / Jungling

So this section is NOT for you to go Jungling, that would just be stupid, but if one of your teammates go jungling, someone has to be in a 2v1 lane. And that someone is Heimer!

When you are solo laning against 2 opponents:

    Play Defensive and do not harass too much!
    Conserve mana for your Grenade to escape
    After you get Tear of the Goddess try to stay in your lane until your teleport is up
    Whenever you leave your lane, place both of your turrets at the tower
    If you leave your lane, get back as soon as you can! Dont forget to teleport!

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Please try this out before you bash it and give it a bad review. I do very well with this build and I always have more kills than deaths!

Hope you all enjoy!

Please leave comments if you want anymore info and I will update this when needed!