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Fiddlesticks General Guide by AlchemistGato

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlchemistGato

Do you even Fiddle? :3 A Fiddlesticks support guide~

AlchemistGato Last updated on October 16, 2013
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Hi thar!

I am a Gold elo support main, and I'm gonna try to teach you how I run Fiddlesticks in the bot lane. I understand that I am not perfect and I definitely WILL be making some mistakes, but I've heard that the best way to learn is to teach.
I understand that Fiddlesticks isn't the same as many support champions, but he does have quite a bit of utility in his kit. I really enjoy playing Fiddle support, however you can't just hop into the rift and Q everything you see.
Let's begin, summoner!

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Runes and Masteries

These are the runes that I use. You don't need to have these exact runes, you can swap out some of the armor or magic resist for GP10.

For masteries, I just use a simple 1/13/16 page. You might want to put a point in enhanced recall but make sure you keep the 50 starting gold mastery.

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Look at the item build above.
Starting items: I provided 2 examples. I highly recommend using the second build since it provides a lot of utility, but the first build provides you with something that builds into your philosophers stone.
Core: Rush sightstone and philo stone. If you have the GP10 runes you want to get the sightstone first (gives you HP and free wards) but if you are in desperate need of the philo stone then get that first. Get 1st tier boots afterwards. Upgrade your boots after getting Ruby sightstone.
Later: Get some items and finish off your boots. Fiddlesticks is a very squishy champion so a bit of armor/magic resist won't hurt, unless you want to get some AP support items.
Many of the items I posted in the "Everything Else" section are rarely used. Here are some situationial item uses:
Aegis of the Legion/Locket of the Iron Solari: someone on your team needs to get this, if your jungler or tank doesn't it get it then you should. Remember to use the active ability on Locket.
Shurelya's Reverie: Start building this after you have Sightstone and Philo stone almost every game. It has a great active and gives you health + cooldown reduction (it also handily builds out of your philo stone :) however you will lose the gp5, but you have gold runes anyway so it isn't that big of a loss for an item that is worth more).
Zeke's Herald: I don't think I've ever gotten this item before, but I'm starting to reconsider. The CDR bonus will max out the CDR you have already and it grants 20 AD and 10% lifesteal for your teammates. If you have a heavy AD team this item will probably help out quite a bit.
Oracle's Elixir: At some point in the game you will most likely end up buying this for vision control. If the enemy support is doing too good of a job warding up your jungle you need to clean it out for the safety of your team. This item will also almost guarantee dominance over baron since you are not allowing any wards near the baron pit. Just be careful- wandering off alone in areas with enemy wards is not safe! (Unless da 3n3miez r st00pid)
Mikael's Crucable: Buy this if you or someone else is continuously being crowd controlled to death. It also grants a little magical heal :3
Zhonya's Hourglass: If you are starting to get fed/strong get this. The AP, armor, and active will make your Ultimate a whole lot scarier.
Ohmwrecker: The only usefulness I see in this item is the AP and the active (which isn't that great unless things are gonna be going ham under a tower for a while). I think other items are better than this but if you think it will prove to be useful then go ahead.
Will of the Ancients: This item is the almost same as Zeke's Herald except it is for AP champions and has spellvamp instead of lifesteal. I think this is a good item buy since it helps you out and any AP/spellvamp champs on your team.
Twin Shadows: Another good buy. The AP will make you stronger and the active is fantastic if you want to ward somewhere safely or chase someone down.
Shard of True Ice: The stats with this item are good but the active is pretty bad. If you got a Kage's Lucky Pick or a Mana Manipulator earlier in the game you should build it into this.
Morellonom: If you are gonna kill peeps then this is the item you want. I wouldn't buy this item because there are much better AP items out there, but this is an option that works.
Frozen Heart: If you want some tankiness in your build get this. Randuins Omen is also an option if you want more HP.

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Skill Sequence

    -Your Q is your priority-max ability. At maximum rank it lasts for 3 seconds, but the range isn't huge.
    -At level 1 start with your E since it provides a short silence + poke. Max E after Q and put some points in drain if you need it. Your W (drain) uses the most mana so I don't use it a whole lot in lane anyway. Always remember that your E will bounce to minions, possibly messing up the creep line. Try to use your E at appropriate times.
    -W can be maxed second if you want, depending on your lane match up (if you take a lot of damage).
    -W is useful in lane if you use it on the cannon minion when you have some health missing.
    -Put points into your ultimate whenever you get the chance.
IMPORTANT! The hardest thing about Fiddlesticks is learning how to use his ultimate! The worst thing you can do is ult out in the open where everyone can see you. Here are reasons why:
    1. Enemies will see you channeling and run away
    2. Your ult could be interrupted
    3. You will most likely miss your ult and then it will be a waste

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You always need Flash, hands down.
Exhaust and ignite are the most viable options for Fiddle because he sets up bot lane as a poke/kill lane with his Q and E.

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Pros / Cons


    -Can sustain himself with W
    -Q can easily set up kills
    -E provides easy low-mana cost poke
    -Ultimate pressure forces enemy support to ward lane bushes
    -Ultimate is AOE and very useful in teamfights

    -Q takes a while to get to its full use
    -E can mess up minion wave
    -W is very mana heavy
    -Ultimate is channeled and can be interrupted
    -Vulnerable to high CC champs

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TL;DR: Well you'd better read it if you want to know something about Fiddlesticks, bubby.

I think that Fiddlesticks is a very viable support since he can set up kills easily, he can sustain himself with his W, he has a silence, and his ultimate provides lane pressure.

The only reason I got to gold (I believe) was because I spammed Fiddlesticks in SoloQ. He is a champion I really enjoy playing, I think more people should play him bot lane.

Good luck summoners, and have fun in ranked!


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This is my first guide. If I change something important I will post it here.

10/12/2013: Guide created
10/12/2013: Fixed some spelling errors and updated skill sequence chapter and items page

10/16/2013: Updated Items chapter and changed the full item build example


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