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Kassadin Build Guide by Zuthilios

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zuthilios

Dominion: Kassadin's Playground

Zuthilios Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is a work in progress for the popular dominion champion Kassadin.

It will aim to give you an advanced run down of my choice of play style for the hero in dominion and also to help you achieve a more advanced (not basic) knowledge of a very fun and successful champion to play as.

I am appealing to you as an audience to be intelligent players and thus will not waste both my time and your own by writing up about basic or useless knowledge that can be easily found elsewhere or what you can learn within the first minute and twenty seconds of prep time.

This guide will not attempt to visit every nook and cranny of LoL, such as which hero's to avoid (there are other guides for that), what items never ever to get or fill you in on the champions lore and things they say when you tell them to move (yes I'm serious, there are guides kind enough to give you the lore on the champion) and nor will I explain my reasoning's behind my rune choices, skill sequence or masteries (or explore every single one in detail and talk about how AWESOME they are!) as I'm sure you're all clever enough to understand them for yourself.

Lastly I will try to read all the comments that you provide and take on seriously what you think this guide might need changing or adding (but if you tell me to add a part about the champions lore you can go stuff it).

And so, welcome to my first and possibly my last guide for you're hopefully soon to be champion of choice, Kassadin.

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Firstly start with your and . The reason you don't go for boots is because you have ghost, you should ask to cap mid and if you can get off your pokes without your team actually engaging a fight off the bat then you will only get off 5 spells without the mana (base mana at level 3 - 410, Q+E+Q+E+Q = 400 mana). Unless you know your team and they want to go straight in then take boots instead of crystal.

After the first fight top you may need to pool, if so work towards your Catalyst the Protector as it will give you the mana and hp regeneration that you need to keep active and back as little as possible. After that get your and then turn in your gold for my controversial item, the . Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, there isn't enough time for all stacks to take effect. For one, there is easily enough time and secondly the growth bonuses aren't all that special anyway, the flat Health, Mana and Ability Power you get is reason enough to buy it, not to mention turning it into an will loose you that sweet little regeneration bonus.

You all know what comes next, yada yada yada, moving on.

Last item is your as it will help you to make use of your W whilst you hit those last few levels.

'What, that's it?' Yep, no more items its Dominion, the games are fast Kassadin doesn't farm creeps well until after his deathcap and you should be spending your time killing more important things. Having said that, if all is clear then don't hesitate to Q a big creep as they're worth just over half a hero kill in gold. In which case if you DO manage to farm more than that, go with your gut feeling on what you need but I haven't come to that predicament in a looooong time.

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Summoner Spells

'But Kassadin can riftwalk you fool.' And how much mana does it cost to riftwalk to top point from the pool? Mid game you're going to have about 1k mana and it will take you 3 riftwalks to get to the top point. With that costing you 600mana alone you're going to have around 400mana left to walk up, silence and pulse the enemy and then not have enough mana to get away as they chow down on your chewy butt.

The best of the best, save it for those high damaging hero's or save it for someone when they get the stormshield or the hero with that annoying ult just to really get at their nerves.

Other possibilities are and for obvious reasons.

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Now this is where Kassadin turns that intense, grinding, scary and violent battlefield into his own little play area. Everything can be riftwakled over! If you're running away down a lane on you're last sliver of health, take the extra two hits it might take you to line up a rift over any wall and vuala, instant escape.

I might as well have just shown you a red circle.

Never stack rifts when you're traveling unless you're in a really clutch point to protect that point, since most of the gold is going into AP for this build to nuke those enemies down as easily as possible you need to save it to be stacking rifts when you're actually fighing and have mana left over for when the next guy shows up.

Whilst ganking enemies, always approach through the shadows as well. If you head straight down a lane the enemy is going to spot you a mile away and you're more than likely going to have to pool after you chase them. The most common example of this is ganking the enemy that's capturing bottom point. Instead of walking up to the point and riftwalking just out of range of him when he see's you, rift over the wall from your pool into the bush, get behind them, and then there's no escape.

You sneaky void troll thing.

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Your main objective is to assassinate the enemies squishies, move quickly to points where defense is needed, and above all make life hell for the opposing team (without verbal trolling thank you).

Attacking: Depending on who you are attacking and your surroundings you should always think before you leap right in thinking you can rift back out. If you dive on a Rammus you're going to do nothing, he taunts you, one of the many stealthed hero's pops out of nowhere and you're dead. In which case you should Q+E and focus more on minions waiting for help to arrive or until you've poked them down hard enough.
A lone caster should be ambushed, always. Think not only about what you're going to cast but what they've casted, if you wait behind a wall until that brand blows off his on some units you can pretty much just rift in there and knock him down with your for 10 seconds.
Unless you're chasing a hero with an annoying escape mechanism (I know, the irony) then don't be afraid to stack your rifts up for damage purposes.

Like I've said, always try to ambush rather than openly assault them.
And lastly just to torment them, if you see them running towards a health relic make sure to save you're rift to get both it and them as they close in on it.

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Argument, Case and Point

A few other guides will tell you to stack defence, Odyn's veil, Defence Masteries and all the likes. The fact is, dominion is a fast paced, nuke them down asap style of map. If you take defence items and OPENLY hold that top point cause you're so tanky, instead of the enemy taking the point on their own leaving them open to a gank, they're going to wait for help, gang up and smash your face in no matter how much health your %4 reduced damage saves.

They're also going to tell you that their guides Kassadin can kick all the others ***es, the fact is it doesn't matter about the build its the Kassadin that makes the first move and riftwalks from out of the brush that's going to win. Its just going to take the defense one longer to do it when he could be on his way to capture the next point had he be facing any other hero.

This also goes for the guides that tell you which champions are easy fodder and which ones are going to teabag you till your forehead goes red. They're all playing against other hero's that they are equally good and bad against and if they know how to play and have fed off those hero's you're still going to have difficulty even against a brand.

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In conclusion, do not openly defend points (hide in the bushes/behind the wall because I'm sure you would rather come 3rd and win rather than come 1st and loose), spend your time killing stuff and focusing your attention where it is needed. You have one of the most mobile hero's created for dominion so you should have the right mindset.

Dive squishies, poke tanks, steal their health runes and turn it into a mind game, dominion is a playground after all.

And on one last final note, I know this guide may seem cocky and lacking in detail, but I know my build works, I know my play style works and most importantly I know its going to help you have fun as you kick *** in dominion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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Bonus's: The trick to winning first top and Results

Poke poke poke poke poke. The first champion to dive in gets munched on, the teams moral is crushed and they all get slaughtered. Unfortunately however this does require communication, an aspect lacking in most games amidst all the trash talk.

Unless they have a with or a in which case you might be screwed.

The Kill/Death/Assist ratio of these games in order is: