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Pantheon Build Guide by spoonhead46

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spoonhead46

Dominion Pantheon: Achilles' Rage, Odysseus' skill.

spoonhead46 Last updated on September 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Spear Throw to the Nexus.

I made this build just as Dominion was released. I actually built this way off of sheer instinct, and realized it was really epic as a slayer/capturer. Over a long period of time (and a lot of input from the community) I have --in my opinion-- created one of the most successful dominion builds out there. If you're playing Pantheon you're awesome - and you should act like it. This build is for players who want maximum faceroll and have at least a little experience with pantheon in dominion or otherwise.

Any suggestions/winning techniques? COMMENT! Help make this build useful for all of us epic greek players out there.

I know there's really not that much out there for Dominion, and for Pantheon in general. Pantheon is considered to be not an awesome champion overall, but I disagree. Pantheon is awesome by looks, strength, and if you build him right, survivability. Pantheon is really the only AD carry I play. Since I think that Sword of the Occult is an underpowered item, I never build it on pantheon. Pantheon depends on that kind of "OH **** THIS GUY ACTUALLY DOES DAMAGE FML I CANT KILL HIM OMG SOMEONE STOP HIM WHY IS HE 15/0", and a lot of that comes from the shield and your E. He's an epic champion and my personal favorite.

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Update Log, and Special Thanks

9/22/11: Made build, several grammatical errors pointed out to me by my friend Frozensyzygy.

9/23/11: Spent the time to learn how to link items, spells. Added Update Log. Thanks to Omagma and Extremous Unusual for the tips!

9/24/11 Fixed some item linking, considering adding more items in terms of the parts of big items. I usually have enough gold to buy each at a time, since Dominion gives you an awesome amount of pocket money. Also had the wrong runes, sorry! Fixed that, don't really think magic resist per level with flat magic resist are smart to take on the Artisan :P Thanks to Carlo261097 for the suggestion about ghost.

9/30/11 Added the "Beginning of the Game" section, some minor changes to the Grand Skyfall explanation section. Changed the boots after playing and winning countless games with Boots of Mobility. I've seen people using my build on the other team :D it made me really happy. Then I realized they were just using exactly what the build said and didn't read it and I was conflicted. If you use the build and win, I would appreciate a comment or an up vote!

10/14/11 Seeing even more awesome Pantheons out there on the Crystal Scar. It always surprises me when i get beat by someone using my own build! xD This time, switched Flash for [ghost]], an improvement I'm sure a lot of you will have fun with. Thanks to Joshie Swims for the tip! I read ALL feedback so if you have anything to say, just comment!

5/21/12 Really great to see the community using my build, which still holds up after all of these patches. Pantheon continues to rip up the Crystal Scar, and I still love to see comments! Keep rocking, my Greek friends.

5/21/12 Still wrecking Dominion almost a year later. I've started using Sanguine Blade instead of Infinity Edge on occasion, and have updated the items to reflect that. Also changed the masteries to include veteran's scars.

9/24/12 Updated the items section for an update concerning a comment about AP crushing them.
I'm always happy to improve, and this build will permanently be a work in progress. Have any suggestions? Comment!

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So, just to explain:

From what I've seen (many, many wins as ONLY Pantheon on Crystal Scar) Tanky DPS is the king of Dominion. There's nothing better than survivability and damage in one package. Since Pantheon is so awesome early game on Summoner's Rift, and basically Dominion is just a big early game. So while your E totally dominates everyone at the same time, your Q last hits the kills getting you those kills. Even with the slight change in experience gain, Pantheon is still the boss of this game mode.

It's important to remember that Dominion isn't about the kills. While Deathmatch mode would be fun, it simply is not what the Crystal Scar is all about. Work with your team, join teamfights, only solo people that you KNOW you can kill and you KNOW won't have backup from the enemy team.

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Summoner Spells

For Pantheon the Blind Terror of the Seneschal Deathsinger, I use Ghost and Exhaust. This is because:

This one's another for killing and escaping. Getting chased by Ashe? Exhaust. Getting chased by Xin Xhao? Exhaust. Getting chased by Yi? Don't even think about using Exhaust, you stupid ****. Exhaust is great to use for when you're waiting for your W jump to cool down and need to keep up with your unlucky target. Unfortunately, while killing is fun and can be necessary for the win, Dominion is not about kills. That's why Ghost will help you be a better team asset.

This one's really good for capping those points, and running away if needed. This one's HUGE in dominion, but exhaust is better in my opinion. Ghost really is one of those spells that everyone loves in Dominon, and when Grand Skyfall is on CD, this one is where it's at. Ghost makes you really useful to your team by being that guy to cap top in the first minute, and you should definitely take this if you want to help sneaky cap all the time. With Boots of Mobility this spell is a kill, escape, and a VITAL capture tool.

Other viable but not recommended summoner spells:

Flash, the forgiver of all mistakes. Flash, with a killstreak taller than the Eiffel Tower. Flash, the ultimate escape mechanism. Flash, the early game saver and late game winner. Flash, you get the point. Although this is true (and really fun) in normal games, this really doesn't help your team as much as ghost. Ghost gets the caps, ghost gets away and ghost forgives *most* mistakes.

This is a pretty good team spell. If your team asks you to take it, don't hesitate to replace exhaust with this one. Make sure you know how to use it, and if you don't, then tell your team and have them teach you.

Really, those are the only smart spells for Dominion. I've tried others and seen that these tower above them.

Geddit? Tower? No? Okay. Moving on.

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How Does He Hold All Those Swords? (Items)

Well, Pantheon being the boss he is, he keeps them in his pockets. The mere sight of his bulging pockets send enemies sprawling in fear. Sometimes Atma's Impaler pokes holes in his pockets and items fall out. If you notice loss of items or gold during battle, it's not a bug.

Now onto what those pocketed items do for you in Dominion.
Easily one of my favorite items in the game. Not only is it awesome because of it's price (1337), but what it does for Pantheon is pretty awesome. Since you can get this right off the bat, it's like a level 3 Pantheon in lane with a BRUTALIZER. Your spear throws, your cones, they all do ridiculous damage, all while reducing cooldowns and penetrating armor. Awesome, or awesome?

Zoom around the map like you're mounted on a rocket. I favor this item over Boots of Swiftness because movement is key in dominion. The difference in fights really is not worth it, because in the Crystal Scar capturing towers is much more important than getting away from a gank (generally). This is most recommended. If you really like to zoom around and cap (be honest, who doesn't?) give these shoes a spin, see if you like 'em.


Pantheon likes to keep these shoes in his front lapel. If you're getting CC'd really hard, consider these little shoes. While you don't get around the map quite as fast, the tenacity just might save your life (and by just might I mean DEFINITELY WILL).


You would think Pantheon would wear these on his feet -- but you would be wrong. His sandals are too comfortable to replace with blue elf-shoes. These shoes fit well in his pocket, and sometimes he puts the Brutalizer in the shoes to conserve pocket-space. These boots are fine for general fighting and running around, but the Boots of Mobility shine when you're running around capping. Personally, I feel that [[Boots of Mobility] is a much better item for the job. Disagree? Comment! I love to hear from you guys. Get this one the first time you go back.

This one's for icing that spear and having the enemy lick the dirt. As soon as you have this it should be early-mid game, and you should have some kills. Pantheon sometimes duct tapes this to the end of his spear, but upside down, so he can wave his spear around like Darth Maul.

If you're being crushed by casters (which really should not happen in Dominion but sometimes does) consider building this item. You still scale up in terms of damage and also get some solid resist. Consider building only Hexdrinker if you think that it will be enough to deal with the offender. Pantheon uses this one as earrings, although you can't see it because of his helmet.

Pantheon ties this to his shield because he can't put it in his pocket. Why, you ask? Because it's a Ghostblade, and sometimes falls right through the Greek garments of the Artisan of War. This one's good for escaping, but mainly for finishing off any close battles.

This one's tricky. When not poking holes in Pantheon's pockets, it's poking him in the junk. Just like that arrow that Pandarus shot at Menelaus after being provoked by that goddess. This one's good for that extra survivability push for late game. Resist, critical strike chance, and some damage? that's a nice bundle, even if it does mean losing some items out of your pockets.

or If you really get here, you've probably won the game pretty much. If you are really racking up score already and feel like going for more pure damage, grab Infinity Edge. If you're not quite doing as great and feel like you're ending up autoattacking more than usual, Sanguine Blade can be a good grab. Both of these add a lot of damage and by this point you'll be racking up kills and captures like nobody's business.

By this point you will be eating the other team alive, have almost 3000 health, and your team will all be on their knees sacrificing pigs to Zeus and Hera for granting them with such an epic summoner on their team.

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So for runes, I took Greater Quintessence of Desolation and Greater Mark of Desolation with some Defensive Runes. Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist give you a balance of armor and magic resist that you enemies will no doubt be pissed off by. I find this to be really effective with preventing death early on and at the same time getting a LOT of kills. I have yet to play a dominion game where I go negative as Pantheon, even if I've lost in 15 minutes. The runes give you a only a small added bonus, but it definitely is a noticeable advantage when you have them.

Armor Penetration is awesome in general. It's like extra damage that ignores armor. I like to imagine that clutch spear throw going through their helmet, crushing their armor in and cracking it. Like that one scene in the Iliad, where Diomedes throws the spear right into that dude's head. But I digress.

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The Very Beginning of the Game.

What I do while I'm waiting for the gates to the Crystal Scar to retract is spam Heartseeker Strike. There's no mana cost because it regens because you're in the spawn area. This gets your block up which really does help a lot.

You should tell your team you're going to the first point, not the one all the way at top. Make sure everyone (especially pugs) knows that you are the only one to stop there. This is crucial because you don't get boots first. Make sure that first point is right-clicked from 1:19 till it's captured.

As soon as this is done, run top as fast as you can. Jump as soon as you can, and make sure you hit that Heartseeker Strike. Get the kill shot with a correctly timed Spear Shot, and laugh as you start to roll their entire team (optional /laugh if you're really in the trolling mood). I usually am able to make it there right as my team is dealing damage, and can clean up a couple kills. Getting top is crucial. That Blocked! is bound to piss a couple people off, you'll thank me later.

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Dat Ult: Not Useless.

The first couple games I tried to play Pantheon without using his ultimate whatsoever. I thought that I could get around the map fine with my Boots of Swiftness. I thought Grand Skyfall was more useless on Dominion than it was on Summoner's Rift.

I was wrong.

What I've come to learn is that Pantheon's ult can get you double or triple kills in the Crystal Scar. When you see two low-ish enemies capping a point, R in on them. Chances are they'll stay and stay and try to cap the point through your ult. Well, they're in for a surprise.

Your ultimate will do several things.

A) Stop the capture by doing damage to the capturers.
B) Slow them, making it harder for them to get away.
C) Get you behind them, making it easier for you to clean up.
D) The confusion of what to do (capturing or fleeing) will generally having them running in a little circle for a second.
E) Get you around the map quickly so you can Sneaky Cap.

I cannot stress enough how awesome your Ult is for Sneaky capping. They're at your bot? Go for the top, or their top left/right. It's awesome to ulti to the edge of a point and just start instantly capping as soon as you land. The other team will split, leaving your team an easier time to clean up and change games.

And it is really, really funny when they don't see your Grand Skyfall Circle or accidentally walk right in the middle and take that massive damage from the very center.

In conclusion, Pantheon's Ult is a utility. It is useful, and shouldn't be skipped over. Use it wisely and you may just have a little fun.

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The Kills: Cone of Death.

Your E, which you max even in Summoner's Rift, is a REALLY, REALLY epic move in Dominion. Since there are so many team fights, and people are usually close together, your Cone will deal tons of damage to all of them, probably earning you a double or triple.

Your skill order should be:

Keep up; maybe with Flash, use anything available (except Heartseeker Strike if you'll fall behind)

That Q will win you kill after kill.

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Thanks For Reading!


Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork!

Good luck, and have fun! Comment and leave your experiences or thoughts on Pantheon in Dominion! Don't overuse exclamation marks!