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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tristana Build Guide by Auro Zod

Dominion Tristana - EVIL

Dominion Tristana - EVIL

Updated on October 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Auro Zod Build Guide By Auro Zod 22,788 Views 3 Comments
22,788 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Auro Zod Tristana Build Guide By Auro Zod Updated on October 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Ok, well this is the first Tristy guide for dominion and my first guide ever. I've only played LoL for about 5 months now, but I'm lovin this stuff. Gimme comments on whether I've done well or bad or whatever you think. Please don't hesitate to correct me on anything. I'm still learning myself.

Enough about me, back to the guide. I personally love Trist. Shes a ranged AD (attack damage) and even with base stats and no runes she packs a quick hard punch. I've basically based all her masteries and runes and items to enhance her natural evil. I've played her over and over on dominion and I'd like to think I've figured out a decently painful build. It helps to know there are a few ways to build Tristana. This is just personally my favorite way right now.

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Pros and Cons!

[h2Look at the other Trist build I have on here if you want a little more rounded ability involved build. This build is for a diesel autoattack. ][/h2]


-Very fast
-High Crit rate
-High damage
-Quick on her feet
-Great escape abilities
-Great kiting abilities
-Good team battler


-Squishy (I mean really,
it's hard to get out alive
if you're stunned at all.)
-Vulnerable to CC (crowd control)
-This build is based on autoattack so her abilities aren't to be relied on for damage.
(Check other build for a more rounded approach.)
-Easy to misfire abilities
(Which leads to death or teammate death)
-Hard to solo
(Typically need a distraction)
-Long cooldown times (when you're out, you're out)
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Greater Mark of Desolation
Amazing for any AD champion.
It simply makes your attacks ignore a part of the victims armor.
Less armor more damage.

Nessicary because Trist is squishy.
Since everything else is based on making her destroy, this helps balance her out a little. She needs some early game buffer from death. She is a carry after all, that first few minutes not being dead really helps.
Also, in my opinion, there isn't much better in the Glyphs.
If you want to get the weaker attack speed or armor pen (for glyphs and seals)
or whatever else just because of the fact that she is really squishy.
I would just suggest that you should stick to
attack speed, armor pen or maybe movement speed,
beside that I think this is a decent combination with the masteries.

Same philosophy as the Greater Seal of Armor.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
More armor penetration, more damage; always a plus.
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Basically, I maxed everything that has to do with AD in the offense tree.
She is an AD champ and uses critical hits, attack speed and damage.

Cripple and Haste are great for Exhaust and Ghost if you end up using them. If you don't end up using Exhaust and Ghost, one or neither, I would suggest putting points into Perseverence , which I'm always a fan of for any champion.

Hardiness and Resistance help boost the rune choices.
Runes and masteries alone give about a 19 magic resist boost and a 18 armor boost.
the way I look at that, is with 19armor/18magicresist you are starting with a decent tank item right out the gate. Early game survivability is CRUCIAL!

Note: I have no idea if Archaic Knowledge works with her abilities.
They are influenced by AP, but I have no idea personally if they are considered magic spells.

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The reason that a dominion build is needed for Trist is because the items are crucial in the beginning. This is where i feel like I've unlocked the secret. I almost don't want to tell you guys but then again, you could be my teammate one day....

Since you start off at level 3 and with 1375 gold to bust out the gates with, its imperative that you become as strong as possible as soon as possible.

This is what you'll start with.
Speed is needed because you need to get to the victim and destroy, then run away before they target your squishy ***.
The Pickaxe allows you to boost your damage out the gate and with your speed boost from Rapid Fire you are basically a skimpy version of what this build will turn you into.

After this, basically stay out and get enough gold until you can get the B.F. sword and eventually the Infinity Edge because having an IE at the beginning of the game like this give you an outrageous amount of AD and with Rapid Fire you will be blasting them into the ground.

Sword of the Divine is next because you will have that 60% extra attack speed on top of your Rapid Fire.

This is about the point in the game where I'm done with my build, but if it's dragging on, I'll get the Sanguine Blade for the extra survivability and damage.

Then all you can do is get a Phantom Dancer to make your movement speed and critical percentage out the roof.

If the game still isn't over by then, I suggest a black cleaver, if its been on this long, all the tanks have alot of armor and health. The mages have alot of Ap and can kill you fast. So the only thing to do is get more AS and AD and Armor Penetration. So, Black Cleaver is your bestfriend. You might actually want to put Black Cleaver into the build earlier because its a great item for Trist in general. I used to start with it, but the crit and damage from IE is just insane.
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Skill Sequence and Play Style...!

Dominion starts with 3 skills available, I put 1 into each. then not long into the game (about 25 seconds) you get another level, then soon after another.

In this beginning part I focus on Rapid Fire(q) and Rocket Jump(w).
This is how I do it.
Initiate with [Explosive shot](e), then hit q and attack until they either:
Run away: which is when I Rocket Jump onto them and possibly Exhaustq them. and continue to autoattack until they're dead or out of range.
Come at you: which is when I Exhaust them then Rocket Jump away to get more distance and hopefully either scare them off kill them or set them up to get taken out by a teammate.

When you reach level 6, then is when you get Buster Shot and can make that sequence of events way more interesting. With [[Buster Shot] you can knock them back, quite a ways, and do a chunk of damage.
So you have the choice to use Buster Shot to knock them back as they approach you to gain more autoattacking room then continue with the Rocket Jump to either chase or run away.

Your main way of damage is using Rapid Fire to speed up your heavy damaging autoattack, this is where she's a double killer. Its easy to get overlooked in the middle of a team fight because she's so small. So, if you simply plant your *** down and prey on the enemy champion with the lowest health you can easily take them out before they get out of range. With Rocket Jump is easy to shoot across the team fight and get that last hit on a runaway also.

I suggest using Buster Shot to save your teammates also, I cant tell you how many times I've kept a friendly champ just out of range from a meanie.

Then again there is also the turret hugging strategy. Which always helps me when its 1v2. Simply Rocket Jump behind of the victims and use buster shot to shoot them into the turret while you autodestroy them while they run away.

Also, Rocket Jump refreshes if you get an assist or kill on an enemy champ that you've used it on. This is useful when you Rocket Jump for that last hit on an enemy champ in the middle of their team then turn around and rocket your *** right back out.

Another tip, be aware of your surroundings to use her skills to keep her from getting touched. Once you start getting wacked you will usually die, but if you don't have all of your skills in cool-down its usually pretty easy to get away.

Of course there is always another way to do things. If you feel like switching it up its your game do whatevs.
I wait to max Explosive Shot because its a damage over time ability, it helps with runaways and the like but I have definitely been converted to using rapid shot more. It's way more DPS and your main attack anyways....
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Summoner Spells

For her Summoner Spells, I like to use Exhaust and Ghost because they can both be used to either chase down a victim or run away from a predator. With Cripple and Haste , you turn Exhaust into a debuff along with a slow, and make Ghost alot more of an asset, due to the extended time and boost in actual speed.

I always think that Summoner Spells are based on how each person prefers to play. I see alot of people with Heal. Personally I think Heal is good if you've already got distance between you and the chaser so that you can make sure you get away without them Flashing and finishing you off. Also if you've just pushed a turret with a couple others and taken damage on the way. Heal is good to boost everyone enough to be able to handle the next wave.

Flash is great but I always misfire it or Flash away just to have them Flash up to me and kill me anyways. This is what I use Rocket Jump for because it clears that distance then you use Ghost to run off.

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Basically, AD and AS (attack speed).
Check out the other build of her on here for a different approach. I've been thinkin about how to tweek her and if I did anything I'm thinking of on here I would have to change everything!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Auro Zod
Auro Zod Tristana Guide
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Dominion Tristana - EVIL

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