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Sona Build Guide by tneshi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tneshi

Don't stop me now - ARAM Infinity Cast Sona

tneshi Last updated on February 15, 2015
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Sona Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi summoners!

Let me say this first: I'm not very good at LoL. I mainly play ARAM, because it's fun to me. However, there are a few champions with whom I win quite frequently. And Sona is one of them. She's pretty easy to play, as her first three abilities seek their own targets. Nonetheless, she brings a lot of utility to a game of ARAM. So if you get her, don't reroll.

I hope you have fun with this build.

-- tneshi

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Latest proof

Note that two of the three deaths were tower executions... One was caused by greed. :D

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Theme Music for Playing

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Play style

Keeping your team alive for as long as possible is your job. Of course that means healing whenever you can. Your mana regen and your pot allows you to also join the poking every now and then. Intimidate the enemy team early.

Please note that you will always heal yourself as much as the rest of your team combined, thus it makes sense to tank some damage every now and then.

Most of the time, not taking damage in the first place is more effective than healing it up afterwards. So try to manage your team in a way that they don't suicide.

You can cast forever, but a single target can be killed faster than you can heal. Your team should go in and out of battle in a smart way. As much as ARAM provides you with smart team mates... :-)

When the enemy team goes all-in, cast everything you have.

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Rationale for items

Your heal (Aria of Perseverence) only scales 20% with AP, but -- who would habe thought -- 100% with cooldown reduction.

At rank 5, it will heal you and one ally for 110 health up to every 10 seconds. So your output is 55 health per 5 seconds.
With 40% CDR you can cast it every 6 seconds, which gives you almost 92 health per 5 seconds.

To get this magnitude of improvement with AP, you would need 183 ability power.

Of course it's not either or, but both multipy. With the items above, you get an additional 424 AP, which brings 85 bonus heal per cast.

All combined, you net 162 heal per 5 sec on you and one of your allies.

I like to build tanky items because Sona is likely to get focussed when enemies get frustrated about your utility. Those additional 1000 health and the occasional Stasis and Mana Shield will help you a lot.

Of course for all this to be valid, you have to be able to cast endlessly. Tear and Chalice together will work wonders in this regard.

I would anticipate critics to maybe find this overcompensating. But people get hurt in ARAM all the time and with five heal targets and your maxed out CDR, you will cast a lot. And don't forget about your other songs; with heal and damage and mobility you'll be able to turn the tides.

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As long as you have 5% CDR, anything goes. I prefer having defences when playing Sona in ARAM.

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Start with mana regen, then max out your CDR, then go for a balance of AP and tankyness.

Try to poke and then regen your team, when possible.