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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Doubtfull

Jungle challenger

Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide

By Doubtfull | Updated on October 18, 2020
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Runes: My Preferred Keystone

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide

By Doubtfull

Hey everyone! I'm Doubtfull and I have been playing Rek'Sai since her release in 2014. I onetricked her for over 2 years, have over 2m+ mastery points across many accounts, hit challenger the last 3 years, and peaked top 10 in NA.

I love to play Rek'Sai because she feels like she has more agency in the game than any other champion. Unique gank routes, unique play style, and relevant at nearly every stage of the game.

Welcome to my guide! If you have any more questions the easiest way to contact me is to join my Discord community and ask there!

Alternatively, you can watch my play live at
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+ One of the strongest early duelists in the game
+One of the strongest early gankers in the game, due to high burst and mobility
+Tunnels allow for fast clearing, good objective control, and strong invade potential
+Can 100-0 carries at all points in the game
+Tremor sense grants you a lot of free *vision*. You never have to blind facecheck
-Can be kited easily when your flash is down
-Relatively poor scaling
-You have little utility in your kit, so if you fall behind and can't threaten the carries you are going to be relatively useless.
-You will be constantly misgendered.
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Hail of Blades

Both of these runes are viable for Rek'Sai though they are slightly different playstyles. Most high elo Rek'Sai players will tell you to go Conqueror and that includes myself. If Conqueror feels too slow to you, there is a good chance that you are doing the combo incorrectly

  • Conqueror: Rek'sai has one of, if not the, best AD scaling in the game. The free AD that this keystone provides along with the sustainability make it the best choice for Rek'sai. It also allows us to spec into the precision tree which is perfect for Rek'sai.
  • Triumph: -- This is the only real choice for rek'sai in this branch, but it is perfect. The healing is great for team fighting and diving, and the free gold is always nice too!

  • Legend: Alacrity: --Attack speed is an extremely under rated stat on rek'sai. This allows us to perform our combo even quicker, and increases our clear speed as well. I take this virtually every game, unless I need tenacity but can't build mercs in the game.
  • Coup de Grace: This is pretty much always going to be better than last stand for us, so we take it. Rek'sai plays very similar to an assassin and we get a lot of value out of this rune.

Nimbus Cloak
This rune is incredibly powerful on a champion like rek'sai who struggles to gapclose at times. You can flash onto a target with your knock up, and then with the nimbus speed reposition yourself to where they are going to flash to. It also allows for quick get aways when you find yourself in a bad spot.

Absolute Focus
Most people run water walking in this slot but I prefer absolute focus. As I mentioned earlier, rek'sai is played very similar to an assassin and you will usually have absolute focus up when you are full combo'ing. The extra AD can be the difference between getting a kill or not, and this rune also increases our clear speed.

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Stalker's Blade - Warrior
Build every single game. This is arguably Rek'Sai's strongest point in the game. Abuse it.

Black Cleaver
This has been the go-to second item for Rek'Sai for as long as I can remember. These days however, it has some competition with Edge of Night. Build Black Cleaver into comps where you think they might build armor, or fights could go on for a long time. Generally speaking, if the enemy team has a tank, I'm building Black Cleaver.

Edge of Night
This item is fantastic for Rek'Sai for a few reasons. As champion with heavy AD damage, the lethality empowers her quite a bit against squishy carries. Rek'Sai's job in team fights is to 1 shot the backline usually, so this is great for her. The passive on the item also enables this. Perhaps maybe favorite thing about this item though, is that it builds out of Serrated Dirk. This item is very strong and gives Rek'Sai an even greater early/mid game power spike. With Stalker's Blade - Warrior + Serrated Dirk your combo will one shot just about anyone. Build this item second into teams with a lot of squishy champions.

Guardian Angel
I'm surprised this item isn't more popular on Rek'Sai. It is the perfect item for diving the enemy backline. It gives you AD and some defensive stats, and allows you to 1 for 1 with the backline, buy time for your team to follow up, and keep fighting afterwards. Not to mention, Stopwatch is the strongest 650g item in the game, which Guardian Angel builds out of. This is a fantastic 3rd or 4th item for Rek'Sai into a comp with some AD and carries who you want to dive.

Death's Dance
Another item that is weirdly not as popular on Rek'Sai as I think it should be. This items passive and stats can help keep you alive to deal your damage, against a tankier/bruiser team the sustain can keep you alive and in the fight for a long time. While expensive, this item is a fantastic 3rd or 4th buy for Rek'Sai

Sterak's Gage
This is an item that is more popular than it should be on Rek'Sai these days. Not a terrible "offensive but defensive" item, but I would never buy this before building Guardian Angel or Death's Dance first. The build path for this item is rough and doesn't offer much too.

Titanic Hydra
I never build this item on Rek'Sai anymore. It isn't BAD by any means, but it is expensive and there are just stronger options for Rek'Sai at the moment.

Mortal Reminder
You should only ever buy this item if you are REALLY ahead in the game, and you are against healers. If you aren't ahead, you're just going to get deleted as this item provides no survivability (which you need in the late game).

Dead man's Plate
This item can be decent when you are behind. It gives you great stats into an AD heavy comp, the move speed can help you get onto a carry trying to kite you, or escape from a dicey situation. Not to mention that it also gives you some damage and a slow when you do get on top of someone! This is a great option if you think you need to be tankier in a fight.

Randuin's Omen
This is a great defensive item into team's with multiple sources of Crit heavy champions. Example: Yasuo, Yone, Tryndamere, any ADC building crit. It reduces a significant amount of damage, and even offers a slow which can help you escape, or stop people from escaping. A great niche item for Rek'Sai

Knight's Vow
Sometimes you unfortunately don't hit the peak apex predator dream of Rek'Sai, and your job is to just sit back and get carried. I build this when I'm behind in a game and one of my carries is doing exceptionally well (and my support isn't building it). The passive is great for keeping your carry alive, and the item is very cheap. It also gives CDR, which lets you do more Rek'Sai things. Another solid niche item!

I rarely if ever build this item. If you REALLY need anti heal, buying an Executioner's Calling is pretty much always better.

Spirit Visage
I don't find myself building this item too often these days, but if you don't think you need the offensive stats, and you have another source of healing on your team ( Soraka, Sona, Ocean Soul) then this can be a great MR option.

Adaptive Helm
This item is great for Rek'Sai into team comps with mages who like to spam the same spells. Cassiopeia, Karthus, Syndra, etc.

This is a solid defensive option when you are against multiple AP threats (usually an AP jungler) but you don't want to build a straight up defensive item. You probably shouldn't upgrade to a Maw of Malmortius until later in the game.
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What items should I start with?
Hunter's Machete - You don't need the mana or sustain from Hunter's Talisman, and Hunter's Machete gives you the best DPS.

Refillable Potion - You buy this on virtually every single jungler in the game. Rek'Sai is no different.

What should I buy on my first back?
Ideally on your first back, you are buying Chilling Smite + 1 or 2 Long Sword and a Control Ward. This makes the ideal first back numbers 1k or 1.35k. If you can afford a Control Ward as well that would be ideal. Chilling Smite enables your ganks and allows you to clear raptors / krugs more efficiently. Long Sword enhance your 1v1 potential.

If you don't have at least 1k gold on your base (because you died, usually), then you can either go Chilling Smite and look for gank opportunities, or 2 x Long Sword and look to 1v1 the jungler. I tend to go Chilling Smite but it depends on the match up.

When should I sell my Refillable Potion?
To give yourself a better back timer or anytime after Stalker's Blade - Warrior to buy a Control Ward. By give yourself a better back timer, I mean you're 50g away from your item and you could walk over to your raptors and do them, or you could base now and sell Refillable Potion for your item instead and be on the map faster.

Should I buy a Tiamat?
Tiamat delays your Stalker's Blade - Warrior power spike, arguably Rek'Sai's strongest point in the game. Titanic Hydra isn't a bad item on Rek'Sai, but I personally never purchase it.

Should I take Red or Blue smite?
Red smite allows you to duel better, blue smite makes your gank potential stronger. Personally, I virtually always take blue smite every game, as I feel like Rek'Sai doesn't need the extra damage or durability from red smite, while she does need help with getting kited. You can also proc your ult with blue smite, which can be extremely important.

Should I go Black Cleaver or Edge of Night?
If you are against squishy champions its probably a good idea to build Edge of Night. If you're against tanky/bruiser champions you should probably go Black Cleaver. Edge of Night (lethality in general) is a great power spike, but the lack of CDR kills Conqueror Rek'Sai in the mid game team fights. You can build both items if you are really ahead and confident you aren't going to die. I generally don't recommend this, but it is very powerful.

Should I go Elixir of Iron or Elixir of Wrath?
You're virtually always going to be building Elixir of Iron, as in the late game Rek'Sai's biggest issue is surviving long enough in team fights to do your damage.
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Rek'Sai only has one combo to learn (with a few small variations), but it is very important that it is done correctly. Each piece of the combo gives Rek'Sai 25 Fury which is critical to using your max fury Furious Bite as soon as possible. When done correctly, you can do this before the enemy can Flash away after being knocked up.

Standard Combo:
Q(burrowed), W, AA, Q(aa reset), E

Flash Combo:
Q(b), F, W, AA, Q, E

Ult Combo:
Q(b), W, AA, Q, E, R (use R when it will kill them. You may need to auto a few times before they're in range.)

This is pretty much the only thing you need to know when it comes to mechanically playing the basics of Rek'Sai.

Protip: You can click the cog wheel on the youtube video to set the playback speed to .5 to watch the combos in slow motion.

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Pathing can vary based on win condition and lane states, but the standard start that most high elo Rek'Sai players follow is Red , Krugs , Raptors . You should finish this clear with full HP, or close to it. If you struggle to do this I suggest watching the youtube video linked at the start of this guide. You aren't threatening to anyone if you're walking around the jungle with 50% Hp.

This leaves you in the middle of the map and gives you several options from here.

If there are obvious ganks available in any lane, you can look for them (though beware possible counter ganks depending on where the enemy jungler started)

Often times if there isn't anything obvious available, I will simply continue to farm my wolves , Blue , and then be at Scuttle Crab at 3:15.

If you are against a weak early game jungler ( Hecarim, Zac, Amumu, etc) it might be better to be less efficient with your pathing and try to find them in their jungle once you are level 3.

Try not to base before 1k+ gold, as its bad to leave base without Chilling Smite and a Long Sword.

Beyond this point, play for your win condition. Secure neutral objectives if you can, be efficient with your time, and look out for opportunities to surprise people with your Tunnels/tremor sense.
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Rek'Sai is infamous for having a poor late game, but I don't believe it is nearly as bad as most people make it out to be.

As Rek'Sai your job is to assassinate the backline in teamfights. You must find ways to Unburrow/ Flash onto the enemy carry’s. This usually involves letting someone else, on either team, engage the fight first. Then in the chaos of the teamfight, you Unburrow/ Flash onto an unsuspecting carry and 100-0 them with your combo. If you can distract the enemy team, assassinate a carry, and even get away, then you are doing your job.

Try to keep track of enemy CD’s, Zhonya's Hourglass, Flash etc and when the timing is right, you go in. It will take a lot of practice to get good at playing Rek'Sai in teamfights, but with a lot of practice you can convert your early game advantages into wins in the late game.
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After clearing a camp, set up a Tunnel over the wall to the next camp. This will allow you to clear faster on your next camp rotation.

If you press W to Unburrow, it will knock up the closest target and deal damage/push back the remaining targets. If you right click to auto attack while Burrowed, it will knock up the target you selected. Use this to make sure you knock up the right target in a gank, or to clear camps as fast as possible (knock up the small wolves first, and the big one last to deal triple Unburrow damage to the big one).

You can extend the range of your knock up by pressing Unburrow instead of right clicking. This does however run this risk of you missing your Unburrow due to the target flashing, using an invulnerability move ( Vladimir Sanguine Pool, Fizz Playful / Trickster), or you misjudging the range of the ability. To guarantee the knock up, just right click.

Combine your True damage Furious Bite with your Smite for the best execute on neutral objectives.

You can use your Void Rush to gap close and chase down enemies. After landing a burrowed Q Prey Seeker, Unburrow yourself before Void Rushing. This allows your Burrow ability to immediately go on CD, so that when you land from your Void Rush you can immediately go back underground and knock the target up.

You can use your Tunnels to ‘cancel’ certain types of stuns. For example, if you are about to be hit by a Twisted Fate gold card or an Annie stun, cast your Tunnel right before you are hit and your tunnel will still go through, while you are waiting out the CC duration. This does not work on abilities with displacement effects such as Syndra Scatter the Weak or Sejuani Arctic Assault.
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Doubtfull Rek'Sai Guide
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide
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