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Vayne Build Guide by AdelaideHL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdelaideHL

Dragonslayer Vayne

AdelaideHL Last updated on February 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well, i made another Vayne Guide before this one, but by that time i made it i wasn't that good using her, i'll be explaining you how to use her Abilities, some tips and tricks, how are you suppossed to play against diferent rivals etc etc. I hope you enjoy it and I hope too that you find it usefull, so let's get started :)

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Ability Explanation

Night Hunter (Passive): Vayne Gains 40 Movement Speed when moving toward nearby enemy champions, she only needs to see the enemy on the screen to gain this movement speed bonus
note: running backwards and enemy won't activate your passive

Tumble (Q): Vayne tumbles a short distance and her next basic attack within 6 seconds deals bonus physical damage (Calculated on a 40-60% of the total Attack Damage)

Silver Bolts (W): Vayne tips her bolts with a rare metal, toxic to evil things. The third consecutive attack or ability against the same target deals an additional flat ammount of damage plus 4-8% of the targets maximum health as TRUE DAMAGE, this is what makes Vayne shine Late Game, keep in mind if you're attacking a target that has 2 rings and you switch to another the stacks will reset.

Condemn (E): Vayne fires a huge bolt, dealing a flat ammount of physical damage and knocking the target back. if they collide with terrain they take additional physical damage and will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. note: Maxing this 1st won make the stun last longer, it will only increase the damage dealt

Final Hour (R): Readying herself for an epic confrontation, Vayne gainst increased attack damage, stealth during Tumble and the triple of bonus movement speed bonus from Night Hunter

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Skill Sequence

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Viable Summoner Spells: Flash Exhaust Heal Ghost Cleanse

Let's take a look at why taking this spells is good with Vayne:
- Flash: This for Vayne as for every other champions will help you to get closer to enemys to finish them as being used Offensively, can be used too to escape a gank or to dodge an incoming ability as being used Defensively, having Flash is a MUST on Vayne

- Exhaust: This in my opinion would be better used when facing 1v1 the enemy ADC or another champion role, it can be used offensive and defensive, it could help too to prevent an enemy to escape so easily

- Heal: Heal will give you more sustain in lane, specially if you dont have a support that can heal you ( Blitzcrank, Nunu)you can use it when you don't feel safe in your turret and ran out of HP pots, or can be used too as a Heal Bait, this consists on making the enemy think that they can easily dive you because you're low health and then use it to regain more hp and kill them with your turret help

- Ghost: Ghost can help you in 2 different ways: you can use it to chase an enemy, which combined with your passive Night Hunter will grant you the bonus movement speed to reach him easily, the other way to be used is to escape of course, if they're chasing you then you can use your Final Hour then Tumble to be untargetable for 1 second and along with your Ghost activated to escape faster

- Cleanse: Okay, this Summoner Spell is the one that i consider that having it is a MUST same as Flash, because it can set you free from every CC and reduces incoming CC by some %, example: You're going aggresive onto Sona and her adc, let's say Draven, if Sona uses Crescendo on you to escape you can just Cleanse her ult and keep chasing her, but you need to know when to use it, if you use it at a random Crescendo you should be careful because you wont have your Cleanse up for the next engage of teamfight, in conclusion it can definitely save your life or guarantee a kill.

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Pros / Cons

Let's talk about Pros / Cons now:

+ Insane Damage Late Game
+ Great Movility
+ Cool Champion =P
+ Fun to Play
+ Easy to Last Hit
+ Deals True Damage
+ Stealth while using your Ultimate

- Weak at Early Game
- Short Range
- Very Squishy
- Hard to Master
- High Expectation on Vayne Players
- Really important to position Correctly

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Team Work

Teamwork is really important specially at your laning phase, there would be a lot of times where your support will not support correctly because it wasn't the spot he wasn't which will end up engaging to a bot fight and losing it because of not knowing what exactly you should do, if you're feeding 0/3 - 0/4 don't worry about it, the solution is to keep farming and farming, after killing the minion waves you can go get the golems or your red buff, late game is where Vayne shines, even if you're 0/999 you will still be able to get kills, because of your increased damage from Final Hour and your true damage dealt by Silver Bolts

In Teamfights your main job is to kill their Tankys while your top lanner/jungler goes for their squishys, when you active your Final Hour hit whoever you can, try to attack the most time possible while you have it active doesn't matter who are you focusing.

Since you're squishy your team should protect your from the enemy team because if you get focused you will die instantly without managing to even react, always position behind of them and keep your distance on the nearest enemy, one thing that HELPS A LOT is something named kiting, it consists on attacking the nearest enemy and moving almost at the same time to deal him as much damage as possible before he reachs you, doing this correctly will make them back off most of the times because they will end up losing a lot of hp due to your auto attacks which will end up most of the times winning a team fight

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Lanning Phase

Vayne is one of the weakest AD Carrys at early game because of the low health and slow attack speed, you shouldnt be trading damage with anyone at early levels unless it's a 1v1 and you have your Exhaust or Heal up, but the most of the times it won't be like that.

At Lanning Phase is Extemely Important to have your lane bushes warded, it will make you feel more safety and will be easier to last hit because you will be able to get closer to the minions and kill them due to your short range, if you're being pushed a lot then ask your jungler for a gank, because you wont be able to last hit which will end up being so underfarmed and outleveled by the enemy ADCarry.

Plus having the bushes warded in case you're going aggresive it will help you a lot to see your enemys when you Condemn them to the wall, this will save you a lot of time by auto attacking from outside the bush instead of having to walk into them to see the enemy, if your support isn't warding then buy wards for both bushes, it's only 150 gold and it would probably help you to get more gold than that when killing them because of those wards

If you get feed in the Lanning Phase it's practically a GG, because Vayne's weakest point is on early game, if you make it out of the 1st 20 min of the game feed your team will win without having problems (of course if you keep playing like that, and of course if they're not feeding them)

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Facing Opponents

As Vayne you should NEVER risk things by trading damage with Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Draven, Graves and corky because they could end killing you, basically the only ones you can trade some damage with is Ezreal and Sivir, facing Ezreal it's just about keep moving always to dodge his Mystic Shot and Essence Flux which will make him to not raise the Attack Speed stacks of his passive

You gotta be really careful when facing their ADC with a Taric as support, his constant stuns will make you lose a lot of health and in case you try to poke his ADC a bit he can still heal him which will make it to be you the only one taking damage

When facing Miss Fortune in case of going aggresive against her save your Condemn to knock her back when she uses her Bullet Time, without that she won't have enough damage to take you down, when facing Draven you should only play defensive, go aggresive if your jungler is ganking constantly but you should never face him in a 2v2 at bot lane, he can busrt you down so hard

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Tips & Tricks

I'll make this as a List so everyone reading this Guide won't get lazy to read all the text together

+ After you use an auto attack against a minion/enemy you can quickly Tumble without clicking anywhere else and your Tumble shot will hit the enemy/minion you were focusing before that increasing your DPS and allowing you to last hit easier

+ Your Tumble can pass through Jarvan's Cataclysm wall, through Anivia's Crystallize wall and through Trundle's Pillar of Filth

+ Kiting your enemys will reduce your damage taken by a good 50% ammount and dealing the same damage to them as you were standing still auto attacking

+ At Lanning Phase always try to position in the middle of the lane, most of the times support's are always in the bushes, make sure to have them warded so you can position perfectly to Condemn them to the wall and with the help of your support you will kill him or at least will make him burn out his flash, if you're facing a Sona consider her dead, this will make her lose exp, and his ADC will be exposed while the support is dead/on the way to lane making him to retreat a bit and lose the gold and exp from the minions

+ if you're getting chased by the enemy you can go into a bush and instantly use Final Hour and Tumble to juke them as they go into the bush, will make you keep more distance between both as your team goes to help you

+ using Condemn on your enemys will apply them a Silver Bolts ring, you can hit them with one basic attack to apply one ring, then use Condemn to knock them back and reseting your auto attack timer to instantly auto attack again blowing up the third mark dealing even more damage

+ if youre chasing someone but can't reach him you can Flash into his side to apply your condemn at any wall depending on which side of the map you are

+ as you know Condemn will only stun the enemy hit if it collides with solid things, some people doesn't know this includes turrets or already destroyed turrets, same to inhibitors and the nexus, and of course the walls, so if you're chasing the enemy ADC when his bot turret is already down you can Tumble to get closer and Condemn to the destoyed turret and it will be a stun

+ Everytime you stun someone if you're behind him don't stay there auto attacking, try to move to where he is in case he has an escape method you can still chase him and get a kill

+ when playing against an Alistar you can knock him back with your Condemn when he tries to headbutt you, you need to time that perfectly to success