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Draven Build Guide by Aletoria

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aletoria

Draven - Did Somebody Call For A Winner? [AD Carry Guide]

Aletoria Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Welcome to the start of the guide Draven - Who wants some Draven!?

First of, i would like to thank everyone for looking at this guide, which i assume
you did, if you're reading this now.
this is my first published guide, and i have never done anything like this before.

This guide will consists of the ascepts of Draven. how i play him, how i build him, and
what i do with him + some basic knowledge as well! doesn't that sound great?

Also check out my Youtube channel for more videos for Draven, and any other champion, as well as getting entertained at a daily basis. My Youtube Channel

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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons for playing Draven.

+ Good at chasing
+ Very high damage
+ Fun to play
+ Useful kit
+ Global Ultimate


- Costs 6300 ip
- Hard to catch axes
- Focused alot
- Hard to master
- Squishy

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Choosing the right summoner spells

You may be wondering "What spells should i use?", or "I'm unsure what goes well with what".
if so, fear not! i'll be explaining a bit about summoner spells in this section.

Very useful spells

- This spell, is my utmost prefered one. that's because of the incredible many escape opportunities it gives you, or it gives you just the right amount of distance, for you to get away from a skillshot, or get under your tower, and away from the chasing enemies.
it goes well with almost everything, and it's a matter of taste, and playstyle for choosing this over the summoner spell . i recommend almost always use this, though for champions like , and a few more, i wouldn't take flash, because they already have it built in their kit.

Another great spell! this spell is the one i use, if i know my playstyle will be very aggressive, and that i have some kind of escape options. i tend to get it with Cho GathCho Gath simply because of his rupture. you can choose to take it on Draven too, as it enchances the already exceptional good chasing opportunities that this champion has.

This spell is very used by most ad carries, even some solo tops and mid players. I myself don't prefer taking this spell, as the heal isn't that great, and i believe making sure you don't get in alot of sticky situations alone, and go with something like ignite or exhaust makes up for not having this heal.
though this spell also should be also be considered, since it is a very useful spell, and if you know, that you may get in sticky situations to being able to secure a kill, this might just be the right choice instead of ignite or exhaust.
though i recommend talking it over with the support going with you in your lane, about what summoner spells you two should be using, since the support might be able to heal, which makes the summoner spell Clairvoyance alot more viable, or a exhaust on her, and ignite on you. though if the support can't heal, it might be worth telling him/her to take heal.

one of my prefered spells for almost every role (except support). that's because of the DoT (Damage over time) effect it leaves on the affected enemy player. it's great for picking up kills that you might not have been able to get if you hadn't this spell.
though it's totally up to you, i don't like taking it on Draven as Draven's passive is a build in DoT (Damage over time) effect.

I use this spell, over ignite with flash. this is because of the kit Draven has, as Draven can already have almost a mini ignite from his passive Wicked Blades . combining that with the almost full time movement speed buff from Blood Rush the only thing he needs is a slow, which he has exhaust for. and on top of that he recieves less damage if they where to turn around and fight you! i really recommend using this + flash, though that's just my personal opinion.

This spell is also a very good and useful spell to run on Draven. it allows you to teleport to a ward, a minion or a turret. even Teemo's mushrooms! and can be used for fast unexpected ganks. i wouldn't recommend using it, as there is other more useful spells for Draven, and Ad carries in my opinion has to focus more on their lane, and shutting the enemy ad carry down. that is also what i choose summoner spells out from.

This spell is also a very good option to choose as a summoner spell for Draven. it does as the name suggests, it 'Cleanses' you from every summoner spell affecting you, and lowers the duration by 65% on any disables hitting you, in 3 seconds after use.
it could be a great option for you, but as i've said before with the other summoners spells, it totally depends on your choice of gamestyle. though i would recommend getting another summoner spell, and buying a Quicksilver Sash as it gives even greater 'cleanse' as it removes all debuffs, snares, slows, stuns immediately at use, and gives you magic resist. i like to call that an improvement of this summoner spell.

This spell could be useful, as it gives you 35% increased attack speed for 12 seconds. it also gives you some ability power, which is useless on Draven.
I don't recommend taking this spell, as Draven already have a reasonable amount of attack speed at mid game, laning phase to contest other ad carries, at least when using my build and guide. so i feel this spell is a waste of space for another more useful summoner spell. though this is just my opinion based on this guide as this guide describes how i like to play Draven.

This summoner spell is also great for staying in the lane longer. Things worth thinking over, is kinda like the summoner spell heal as it gives you something you would want to have while you're staying in your lane. though i wouldn't recommend using it on Draven, or any ad carry, as there are better choices to pick from, and if you feel like you definitely will use alot of mana, i recommend getting your support to get this, or run with mana regen masteries, and mana regen runes. though i wouldn't recommend going for using alot of mana as an ad carry, since your main damage output is from autoattacks, enchanced with damage from your spinning axe .

Less useful spells

The following spells is something i wouldn't recommend running on an Ad carry,
though i'll give a brief explaination for them.

This summoner spell can only be used in Dominion games. it might be fine to pick it up on Draven, though there are other more viable choices for Dominion games. though i can't tell you much about it, as i've got no experience in Dominion what so ever.

This spell isn't that useful, and should definitely not be used on Draven. it 'promotes' the minion you target, so it gets greater stats, and you'll earn the gold it gets for killing enemy minions. it's definitely not worth it on Draven, might not even be worth it on any role or champion, as you could easily farm the same amount just as fast + it will definitely push your lane, which you don't want to happen most of the time.

i mentioned this spell before when explaining one of the other summoner spells. it's a great summoner spell actually, just not fit for ad carries, or Draven, as it grants vision much like a ward, though this can be placed everywhere from the spot you are. many thinks of it, as a support summoner spell only, which i also strongly believes should only be used on, as they are the ones responsible for the most of the vision on the map for your team, though it's important you help out with warding too, and so is it for everyone else on your team each game!

This spell could be a great one, though it's not. it has far to high cooldown to be useful, and the only good thing about it, is that it revives you after making a stupid mistake, which is something we shouldn't do, and therefore shouldn't waste one of the two summoner spells for. you definitely rather wonna focus on the positive and believe you will dominate, instead of telling yourself beforehand "i'm gonna get so dominated by my enemies this game".

This is a fantastic Jungler summoner spell. this is because of the high damage it provides against minions, or monsters in the jungle. though i would definitely not recommend using it on an ad carry or Draven, since using it in lanes makes it have the same usefulness like summoner spell promote has.

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Item build + Situational items

In this section i'll explain the item build, and situations when you should customize the build.

- The Main Build -

The main build, is what i would call customized build, out from a standard ad carry build. the reason i call it a customized build, is cause of the general use of some of the items, on every Ad carry.
After playing several games, and trying different compositions out, i've found this to work great, with the different demands i have for playing Draven. The Berserker's Greaves is very good, for a good boost in your movement speed + it provides some of the necessary attack speed that you'll need.
The Inifity Edge is also a necessary item, as it provides a great damage boost, and goes well with auto attacks, which is why i tend to get it after Berserker's Greaves.
Now the Frozen Mallet is an item you could change with another, depending on the situation. the most of the time when i'm playing Draven, i tend to do well and dominate in laning phase, which results in alot of chasing, which this specific item helps you with. it's great for securing more kills when chasing. it also gives alot of health, which is always cool to get!
Around the time i get Phantom Dancer , is when the real important teamfights will happen, and where (depending on your team's standing in other lanes) can change the outcome from the game, even though you may seem to be losing.
Around the time where teamfights might take a longer time, or you might be needed to be able to survive a bit more on yourself, getting a Bloodthirster , as it gives you alot of lifesteal + a bit of damage + a very useful passive.
Last whisper is a very nice spell, with the enormous boost of armor penetration, and could be very good to get early, if the enemy team is going with alot of armor. though if they aren't i usually build this last, as it it's not incredibly important, though it might be what you'll need to win.

- Situational Items -

Black Cleaver is a nice item to get on an Ad carry, and not at least for Draven, as it boosts to chance for a killing blow in a teamfight, or in a chase. it also helps out your other teammates, by shredding the enemies armor!
i recommend using this against Tanky teams!
i recommend switching this with Frozen Mallet, Last whisper, Bloodthirster
This item, is a very useful item, that i regularly change out with Frozen mallet, Bloodthirster or a Last Whisper. this is because of the passive abilities it grants you, and the high amount of magic resistance.
i recommend using this against teams withAlot of Ability power damage
i recommend switching this item with Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper
This item, is a very useful item, because of the complete removal of any bad effects on you, such as stun, snare, slow. it also grants a decent amount of magic resist.
i recommend using this item against Heavy CC + Ability power teams.
i recommend switching this with Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper.
This item, is also a very useful spell, and could be an alternative for getting a Maw of Malmortius or Quicksilver Sash. i would get this depending on
the abilities of the enemy team, as this may prove to be more effective having, since it could
possibly take a deadly blow from Karthus's Ultimate!
i recommend using this against High ability damage teams, or against global ultimates which strength is raised with ability power.
i recommend switching this with Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper

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Early Game (Laning Phase)

In this section, i'll explain and go trough everything you will want to know, about in Early Game also known as Laning Phase.
Draven is a formidable early game, and you will have a high probability of dominating in your lane already early on. this is very neat, since the better early game you have, more you can affect mid game, and the start of late game.
there's some really important things you'll want to know.


You may already know, that lasthitting means. if you don't i'll explain it. Lasthitting is a concept, that means, only hitting minions, if you kill them in one hit. that's why it's called last hitting.
Lasthitting is very important for you, as it is a major factor, in how much you will be able to get ahead of the enemy ad carry and team, and use that advantage to dominate.
When you're trying to last hit, be sure to attack so you'll kill the minions, but be aware of the enemy team in your lane, they will surely try to harass you, and disrupt your lasthitting.
this takes you to the next thing.

To better give you an understanding, i've created a video, to show it inside the game, and explain it a bit also.


This is also another very major factor, in how you'll be able to dominate in your lane, and also raises the chance for a kill, or successful gank!
if you're not quite sure about the meaning of harassing/harassmentor just haven't heard of it before, i'll briefly explain it. the concept Harassing, means that you do a little by little damage to your enemies.
It's something that is very useful for you to be able to do. it might take a little training to practice when to harass the enemy, and when to not to do so.

I've created this video, to show it in game, and to explain it a little more simple.

How to play Early Game (Laning Phase

Playing as Draven is quite fun, even in early game. but it is hard. this is because you have to catch the axe which you activated with . But in some situations you shouldn't catch the axe. if it for example it's gonna land in a spot which would put you in a position, where you possibly could get harassed, or jumped on by the enemy you should just let it drop down. if you catch it most of the time, you won't waste alot of mana, as you'll regenerate it.
As Draven, you will want to focus on last hitting with your axe most of the time, and lead it away from your enemy. i recommend activating a second spinning axe if you're going to engage in a fight and also use Bloodrush for even an even greater damage output. you should only use one spinning axe to harass with.
Besides dominating your lane, and getting alot of last hits, you will want to look at your map, to see how many of the other enemies are shown, and where, to prevent yourself from being ganked, and also to be able to call for an early dragon , or be able to follow up on a call for it.

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Mid Game

In this section, i'll explain and go trough everything you want to know, about Mid game.

In mid game you will most of the time begin to shine bright, as a bright star!
Around this point, you will have gotten Berserkers Greaves , 2 Doran's blades ,1 Zeal ,1 B.F Sword B.F Sword, and you're might even starting to build a Inifity Edge Inifity Edge.
When entering mid lane, you already have made sure of getting some of expensive items, such as Zeal and B.F Sword B.F Sword, which you will start to upgrade to Infinity Edge , and Phantom Dancer . by getting these two as fast as you can, in mid game can mean the matter of win or loss for your team. in mid game alot of teamfights will start to happen, and you'll want to be able to do as much damage as possible.
Try to focus on staying behind your teammates, and see if you can find a opening for a bit of harassment when your and the enemy team line up for a team fight.
most of the team, you and the enemy will fire skillshots, or what ever they can hit with a little while before initiating into a fight. that's why you will want to be harassing as well around this point, but when the teamfight starts, see if you can sneak trough the enemy lines, and shut down their AD Carry, or AP Carry. after both of them are dead, you will want to mainly focus on killing the remaining enemy team. Also remember to help your teammates, if they're in a tough situation, and you are the only one who can save them, do so.

Besides what i've just talked about, i'll give you a little list, with things you should be generally focusing on, besides coming for teamfights, and be active in them.
Farm the jungle, or lanes as much as possible. Just because the laning phase is over, doesn't mean you can farm in the lanes. and by doing this, you'll both get more gold for items, and get a advantage of experience.

2. Look at the map. if you think this to yourself, after looking at the map "Oh someone is totally out of position, and i can kill them", you should immediately head over there, and kill them. though be careful and on alert when doing so, the enemy players will most likely notice you, and most of the time will head over there immediately also. so Do it fast, do it the right way.

3. The bigger advantage you can get, the better your team gets. Use every possible situation, and get yourself more ahead of the enemy team. this will help your team ALOT

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Late Game

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Notes for readers!

This guide is not finished, and there is more sections planned.
i'm sorry for not publishing this guide in a finished state, though this is the first guide i've ever made, and i'm interested in any guidance, tips, and advice for how to improve what i already have, or suggestions for new sections.

Thanks beforehand