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Draven General Guide by TheBerserkHobo

AD Carry Draven does it all. Even Jungle.

AD Carry Draven does it all. Even Jungle.

Updated on June 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBerserkHobo Build Guide By TheBerserkHobo 46,092 Views 1 Comments
46,092 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBerserkHobo Draven Build Guide By TheBerserkHobo Updated on June 29, 2014
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Hello and welcome! This is a guide/build to jungle Draven. Now, I am by no means a pro player, but I've done my homework and I'd like to share the idea with everyone. Jungle Draven can work well, but it's all a matter of doing it right. Here, I share my way of "doing it right", but it isn't the only way.

I'll be leaving some of the basics about Draven out because I mean, come on, this shouldn't be the first time you play him. Also, since this is a guide about a position that most people wouldn't play, I'll be quick on runes, masteries, etc. This is my first guide, so please be nice! Thanks, and enjoy!
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Pros / Cons

+ Gives decent ganks
+ Decent clear speed
+ Good sustain once you have a Spirit Stone
+ He's like a second ADC on the team
+ Can carry
+ Lots of fun!
- Not best choice for a jungle
- Squishy
- Outdone by champions like Shyvana and Lee Sin
- Can be hard to pull off properly

Okay, so because Draven is most certainly not a meta jungler, he lacks what some have. Most are tanky, and bring a lot of distraction to team fights. Draven however, does not do that. BUT, he is a VERY high damage champion, who can very quickly turn into the person who carries your team to victory.
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Runes and Masteries

This section is short and sweet.
Take ordinary ADC runes, but throw in a Greater Quintessence of Life Steal and some Greater Glyph of Attack Speed runes. You can even take all 3 quints as Greater Quintessence of Life Steal runes.

For masteries, I run 21/9/0 for obvious reasons.
21 in offense gives the early damage you need to be the beast Draven is, and 9 in defense provides a bit of tough skin to Draven when he's farming the jungle.

Simple and easy.
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Run down of skills and their use

Here comes a very important part. Draven's skills play a tad bit of a different role in how he works once you're in the jungle. Mainly his W, but for the sake of clarity, I will include his other skils.

Q: Spinning Axe
Here it is. The ability that makes Draven all he is. Essentially, it's a basic attack steroid. When you AA, the axe will bounce back to a certain location. If it is caught, Draven can use Spinning Axe again. Further, he can have 2 at once.

W: Blood Rush
This plays a MUCH more important role when jungling as the Glorious Executioner. It gives Draven an attack speed AND movement speed buff. Great. What does that do for us? Well, it helps with clearing camps, moving from camp to camp, as well as coming in for a gank.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! When you catch a Spinning Axe, the cooldown of Blood Rush is refreshed.

This means, you can have it up virtually all the time when clearing camps. This will bring you up to about even with current-meta junglers and their clear speeds.

E: Stand Aside
A fairly simple ability, this provides with a means of ganking your teammates and peeling yourself or allies. Use it whenever you gank, or a team fight is started. It can stop skills like Nether Grasp or Death Lotus.

R: Whirling Death
Draven's ultimate. It sends two axes out across the map, damaging enemies they come into contact with. Their damage is reduced each enemy hit. However, once they reach their max range, or you press R again, they will come back to you, and the damage reduction will be reset.

Quite simply. use this to secure kills or assist in team fights when you're not close enough to actually be there.

Passive: League of Draven


Okay so Draven's passive gains one stack of adoration when he either:
A: Catches an axe
B: Kills a minion or neutral monster

When jungling, your first clear at the beginning of the game should get you around 100 stacks of adoration. When you kill a champion, you get 2 gold per stack of adoration, plus a flat 50. While doing jungle camps, catching axes is super easy, because you don't need to worry about an enemy harassing you all the time.

When you die, you lose half of your adoration stacks. So when you have high adoration, play carefully, and try to gank a lane and get a kill so you can cash in.


So, get adoration farming your jungle, go gank, get a kill, get paid.
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Jungle Path

Here is my jungle path for Draven.

Start at the ancient golem, and then head on to wolves. After, do the elder lizard, then wraiths. Here, you have one of three options. Continue the red path and gank mid lane, take the blue one and go bot, or follow the orange back to wolves, and then top. Any path is fine, but it really depends on what lanes need the most help.
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Over all, jungle Draven builds slightly differently then his more commonly known role as ADC. With jungle Draven, you need to focus on several things.
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Armor Penetration

You don't need to worry about getting attack damage.The items you buy with these stats will bring you up to a good 250-300 damage.

Why would I buy these items?

Attack speed increases your overall damage output, and is nice so you can get both Spinning Axes out as fast as possible.

Items with Armor Penetration help you to be a bit more threatening to super tanky champions who build armor like Malphite or Rammus. Blade of the Ruined King helps with this even more, as it does 8% of the targets max health as additional damage.

When testing jungle Draven, I realized how much critical strikes can enhance your damage output, especially early game.

With Draven, it's important to note that critical strikes work with the additional damage Spinning Axe adds to your auto attack. So milking this for as much as you possibly can is a good idea. Now, here is the controversial item.


I can already hear people saying "WHAT WHY WOULD YOU EVER BUY THAT IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY!"

Here's the kicker.

Thanks to League of Draven you can afford to buy this very easily, much faster then some champions would be able to anyways. But wait, how do we get then sheen to activate if we're always auto attacking?

Simple. Remember when I said the cooldown of Blood Rush is refreshed when you catch a Spinning Axe? When you are fighting, catching axes is very important. You can keep your damage very high, as well as your attack speed and movement speed thanks to Blood Rush.

And, you can have the trinity force proc for most of your auto attacks if you time it correctly.
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Final Words

This is a really short guide to jungle Draven. This isn't meant for people who are new to him, only those who have been playing him a while and understand how he works. I didn't go too in depth with things because there are better, much clearer guides to the basics of Draven.

I merely made this because I have seen some success with it in normals, and for those who like to try new things, this is certainly something to try.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Like, comment, and all that good stuff.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBerserkHobo
TheBerserkHobo Draven Guide
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Draven does it all. Even Jungle.

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