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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Hoodstomp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoodstomp


Hoodstomp Last updated on January 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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table of contents

1. introduction
a little about the author and the champion
2. pros and cons
the strengths and weaknesses of Miss Fortune
3. masteries
what masteries should I use?

4. runes
what runes should I use?
5. summoners
what summoner spells should I take?
6. abilities
how should I level up my abilities? what's best?

7. items
what should my items on Miss Fortune be?
8. matchups
what matchups will Miss Fortune win in?
9. supports
how well will Miss Fortune do with x support?

10. laning phase
what should my play style be early on?
11. team fights
where should I position in fights?

Hey everyone, I'm Hoodstomp. The newly named position of marksman/AD Carry is the role I enjoy playing. Because I enjoy playing as a marksman/AD Carry so much, I've also gained a lot of knowledge about the role of a marksman/AD Carry. My main account currently sits in Diamond 1, while I have a few smurfs, all in diamond elo.

Miss Fortune is another champion who has been out for a while. She's a lane bully, and you should utilize that to maximum effectiveness. She also has seen a fair share of play in the competetive scene. Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to know whenever I have a new guide out, or on the rare occasion I might be streaming!


+ Great teamfight presence with Bullet Time.
+ One of the strongest laners.
+ Doesn't need a lot of items to do well.
+ Great split pusher because of Strut.

Miss Fortune is a very strong champion in lane. Her auto-attack followed by Double Up is hard to avoid, and her Strut allows her to walk up easier without letting you trade back with her. She doesn't need more than three items ( The Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, and Berserker's Greaves) to excel in teamfights and deal tons of damage. Double Up scales well with extra AD, as well as Bullet Time. Because of Bullet Time, she has great presence in teamfights. It gives her a good AoE to hit lots of enemies with. Finally, because of her passive, Strut, she's a good split pusher. She can run away from enemies if she sees them in advance.


- No escape.
- If you don't get a good Bullet Time off in teamfights, your damage goes down significantly.
- Low mobility without Strut.
- Pretty promiscuous.
Miss Fortune, like some AD Carries, lack an innate escape, leaving them vulnerable to assassins. If she gets caught, there's most likely no way out unless you pull a tricky Flash out. If you get too impatient and use your Bullet Time early or you're too patient and use it too late, you'll lose out of a lot of damage loss. Bullet Time is what will help your team win the fight by shredding the enemy's HP. Also, without her passive, Strut, she has very low mobility, leaving her vulnerable. In teamfights, if an assassin gets on you, he'll most likely kill you because you don't have a way to get out.

// Fury is basic. It gives you extra attack speed, increasing your damage by maybe one auto-attack early on.
Butcher helps you last hit minions early on.
> Deadliness is standard. It gives you a little bit of extra damage at all levels.
Destruction is helpful when damaging towers by increasing your damage to towers by 5%.
// Weapon Expertise increases your damage by a good amount. All physical damage you deal ignores 8% of the target's armor. Very standard.
> Lethality gives you extra critical hit chance, which is helpful for trading if you ever get that lucky critical hit. It's useful late-game when you also start dealing lots of damage, especially on critical hits.
Brute Force gives you 2 more AD, mostly a point filler.
// Frenzy isn't too bad, giving you extra attack speed. Goes well with Lethality .
Sunder gives armor penetration which gives you some extra damage early.
> Executioner gives you more power by being able to inflict more damage to low health opponents.

> Summoner's Resolve is useful because most of the time, you'll be taking Barrier. It gives increased shield amount. It's also not bad when taking Cleanse.
Durability is scaling health throughout the game. This is useful simply because it's health.

// Summoner's Insight reduces the cooldown on your flash, which is very important in all stages of the game.
Meditation gives you some extra mana regeneration. You'll find this most useful during laning phase.


>>These attack damage marks are basic and necessary. It gives you extra attack damage, and Miss Fortune really benefits with extra AD because of her Double Up and Bullet Time scaling. Early on, it helps you last hit minions at tower and helps you trade easily. It also helps you deal more damage to towers, which is useful if you happen to be 2v1ing a lane and need that early tower.


>>These are, again, very standard. The armor seals help you take reduced damage from all physical damage, like minions, towers, and enemy laner auto-attacks. Basically, everyone runs armor seals, besides AP mids in certain matchups. It's very useful in lane and very early mid-game. It makes trading easier by taking less damage, to put it simply.


>>The magic resist is usual. You take less damage from supports such as Lulu and Sona. The mana regeneration is nice to have as Miss Fortune uses up quite a bit of mana early on. It'll reduce the burden on mana regeneration by a little bit. If you don't run mana regeneration, you'll probably be able to notice a slight difference.


>>None of these runes come as a surprise, and neither do these. The lifesteal quintessences are run by almost everyone. It helps you sustain in lane, and helps you hold your own after trades. You can run two lifesteal quints, or have all three be lifesteal quints. It's really personal preference, although I prefer the extra AD quint because it makes last hitting easier. It can also give you a bit of advantage in early trades.


>> Flash is very important on all ADCs, especially those ones without a built-in escape such as Miss Fortune. It's the escape she needs. You can flash over a wall to escape a pesky assassin. but it can also help you finish off an enemy. There are lots of uses for it, you just have to be willing to use it. If you know you're for certain dead, don't waste your Flash because you'll most likely be needing it later. Only use it if necessary. It has a long cooldown!


>> Barrier is best for Miss Fortune. It provides you a nice shield, blocking incoming damage for 2 seconds. It may not seem like long, but once you use it, you'll see how powerful it is. Barrier is really popular already because of how good of a summoner spell it is. You can Barrier-bait your enemies by waiting until you're low, then activating it to think they can win the fight, but really, end up losing because you have an extra shield.


>> Ignite is a possible summoner spell, but not as recommended. Sure, it adds to your burst. You won't find yourself in range for Ignite all that often though. Most of time, you'll be in the back, firing Bullet Time off in teamfights, because that's your job. It can be handy against a team of healers, such as Nidalee and Swain. However, you're very squishy and lack an escape, so you rely on Barrier to give you some extra survivability.


>>If you're against a team with lots of CC, definitely take Cleanse. It removes all forms of CC, and also reduces incoming CC by a bit. This can help you get out of Crescendo by Sona, or a Nami Aqua Prison. Most of time, you'll want to be cleansing a stun, not a slow, but there are a few cases where you might need to blow Cleanse on a slow to barely escape.

Ability Sequence
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> > >

Strut (Passive)

\\ Strut is a pretty interesting passive. It is definitely useful. Strut lets you move around lane really quickly and go in for trades without taking retaliation a lot of the time. The movement speed makes walking up for a Double Up easier. You can also chase down almost anyone, assuming that you'll be avoiding taking any damage. Strut can also help you get away from someone chasing you as well.

Double Up (Q)

\\ Double Up is your bread and butter skill. This ability is amazing because it's an auto-attack reset with bonus damage on it. It also synergizes well with your Impure Shots, letting you get bonus damage by stacking it up. Double Up can be a bit tricky to use though. Once you play her a few times, you'll get use to the bounce targetting. You can trade VERY effectively if you can get the initial hit on one champion and the bounce on another.

Impure Shots (W)

\\ Impure Shots is Miss Fortune's steroid. It adds bonus magic damage that stacks up, an attack speed when activated, and a healing debuff. This is very good for trading in lane because it does so much for you. Always activate it before you go in for a trade and in teamfights against champions like Vladimir or Swain to cut their healing in half.

Make it Rain (E)

\\ Make it Rain is a skill on Miss Fortune I don't really like very much. It costs way too much mana and gives you nothing at lower levels, really. I don't skill this at all until I max my 2 other skills. It can be nice late-game for wave clear, but that's about it in my opinion.

Bullet Time (R)

\\ Bullet Time is pretty much what makes Miss Fortune's entire kit. It does tons of damage at all points of the game. It is critical that you get a good Bullet Time off in a teamfight. If you do, the enemy team will most likely be obliterated. Don't jump the gun though -- wait for a bit to see how the team-fight plays out and don't Bullet Time until you can hit at least 3 or more champions, preferably them being priority targets!

A Doran's Blade is the usual start. It provides health, AD, and life-gain on hit. The overall stats are great for the early game as they all allow you to have an easier time trading in lane. After trades, you can combine the life-gain back from Doran's Blade with your lifesteal quintessences for an quick way to sustain back up. Before you know it, you'll be full health again and able to trade. Besides, you should be out trading your opponents anyways, so you shouldn't have to be lifestealing all that much.

  • The optimal first back would be to get a B. F. Sword. This increases your damage output by a lot. Your enemies won't be able to trade against you evenly after you go back.
  • You can also buy The Brutalizer on your first back. If you're ahead, this'll increase your damage by a lot. Still, buy The Bloodthirster first.
  • If you have to go back relatively early, you can go for a Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed.
  • If you're forced back super early, then opt for a Doran's Blade.

The Bloodthirster is great on Miss Fortune. She already has a nice attack speed steroid with Impure Shots. By the time you'll start grouping up, you should have Impure Shots nearly maxed. That, combined with The Bloodthirster once it's fully stacked, should equal a lot of damage being put out by you. Double Up and Bullet Time also both scale with AD, and The Bloodthirster should help out a lot. The lifesteal also goes well with her innate attack speed steroid.

A Last Whisper compliments The Bloodthirster well. It gives you armor penetration. Because you already have your lifesteal and AD from The Bloodthirster and attack speed from Impure Shots, armor penetration will make your damage skyrocket. You get Last Whisper second because it gives the most damage to your Bullet Time. Your goal in the game is pretty much to land an amazing Bullet Time. Be sure to group, especially after you get Last Whisper.

These are fairly self explanatory. Berserker's Greaves are the standard boots that you build on basically every AD Carry to exist. They give you extra attack speed, and what AD Carry wouldn't want that?

A Phantom Dancer is nice. It gives you extra movement speed on top of Strut and ignores unit collision, allowing you to run through minions. The attack speed and critical hit chance also does go nice with Impure Shots, but you won't be needing a Phantom Dancer until after you finish your Last Whisper. The extra burst attack speed from Impure Shots should be good enough for mid-game.

It's often worth it to buy another The Bloodthirster because you scale so hard off of bonus AD. Most of the time, you probably won't be getting two The Bloodthirsters, but on the rare occasion you do, you'll find yourself lifestealing for huge amounts, especially on critical hits. You'll be able to duel basically anyone.

The Black Cleaver is a great offensive choice on Miss Fortune because it shreds armor. The armor shred applies on Bullet Time, so aside from The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper, this item gives you the most amount of damage for Bullet Time. Since you are pretty much a Bullet Time bot, it makes The Black Cleaver an essential item.

An Infinity Edge is standard on all AD Carries. It increases your critical hit damage by a lot, and also adds critical hit chance. Infinity Edge also gives you a lot of AD, so it'll help increase all of your damage by a lot. Be sure to pick it up during late-game, or else you'll be missing out on damage compared to the enemy carry.

A Banshee's Veil is nice if you're up against a double AP composition, such as Ahri and Vladimir. It provides a good amount of MR, and also gives you shield that blocks the next ability used on you. It was recently changed to also give health regeneration for 10 seconds after you take damage, so that's also very nice.

A Guardian Angel is also another good choice. You get an opportunity to die, but then come back without much loss. You should be able to lifesteal back up quickly after you revive, assuming no burst mage is going to be standing around and waiting for you in the middle of a teamfight. It's good if you think you're the biggest threat on your team.

Finally, a Mercurial Scimitar is the last defensive option for items. The unique active is a cleanse, but in item form. This is useful if you're getting CC used on you a lot. If you're also being targeted by long range AoE stuns such as Leona's Solar Flare, Mercurial Scimitar, it'll save your life by allowing you to run away in time.

Enchantment: Distortion is the best enchantment for most AD Carries without a built in escape. Miss Fortune benefits a lot from a reduced cooldown on Flash. It gives her a faster escape mechanism, which can help her survive after a fight, or escape from an AD assassin.

Enchantment: Furor is another choice for AD Carries. It's helpful, giving you an easier time kiting around enemies or chasing them, but a shorter cooldown on Flash will most likely come more in handy than some extra movement speed for a short while.

Enchantment: Homeguard is only good if your base is getting pushed in and you need to defend your base. If not, get Enchantment: Distortion most of the time. Enchantment: Homeguard doesn't give you any stats during a team fight, although it can help you get there faster.

AD Carries
Difficulty Scale: 5/5

Ashe Difficulty: 2/5

Ashe is a pretty easy matchup for Miss Fortune. Ashe just doesn't have the early lane power to be able to trade with you at all, really. Just walk up to her and trade. There's nothing she can do about it because you're pretty much a bully in this lane. She might be able to farm decently with her long range and Volley, but she will definitely not be getting CS for free. Careful about the Volley though. It knocks off your Strut passive, making it harder for you to maneuver in lane. As always, it's very easy to die at 6 from her Enchanted Crystal Arrow and a jungler gank, so be careful or run Cleanse.

Caitlyn Difficulty: 4/5

Caitlyn is always a pretty tough laning opponent, seeing as her whole kit is pretty much to control and dominate in lane phase. Miss Fortune can sort of deal with this, if you play correctly. Since you have Strut, even though she has massive range, you can run towards her at the right time. You can get an auto-attack plus Double Up off with your Impure Shots and force a nice trade with her. Play aggressive and don't be afraid! Never let Caitlyn push you into the tower! If she is, you can ask for your jungler to gank.

Ezreal Difficulty: 2/5

Ezreal is a really easy lane for Miss Fortune to fight. There is no way he can beat you in a straight up trade because of Impure Shots. It is also very easy to dodge his Mystic Shots because of your Strut passive. Just bully him and dodge skillshots! At 6, be careful if he hits you with a Trueshot Barrage head on. He might actually be able to all-in you if you carelessly play in this lane.

Graves Difficulty: 3/5

Graves does fairly well against you. Your trades are pretty much equal, but maybe a little bit in favor of Miss Fortune. You just really want to make sure he can't push you into tower. If he is spamming Buckshot on the wave, make sure you are always auto-attacking creeps to even out the lane. At 6, be very careful. His all-in with Collateral Damage is definitely stronger than yours. He can also Quickdraw out of your Bullet Time!

Kog'Maw Difficulty: 2/5

Kog'Maw is a pretty simple lane for you to fight against as Miss Fortune. He has very low range with no Bio-Arcane Barrage active and will barely be able to farm against you if you pressure him correctly. Whenever he is trying to CS. run up and auto-attack and hit Double Up on him. If he activates his Bio-Arcane Barrage, simply run away until it's off. Rinse and repeat. This is an easy lane for you! At 6, be careful he gets a HUGE power spike with his Living Artillery. If he softens you up with a few of them, he can probably land a kill.

Varus Difficulty: 4/5

This is definitely the hardest lane for Miss Fortune to fight against. You are pretty vulnerable to poke as Miss Fortune, and that's pretty much all he does to you in lane. He can easily knock off Strut with a Hail of Arrows or Piercing Arrow and get free auto-attacks on you because of his superior range. Just be careful about taking poke in this lane. If you can get in his face though, you can definitely out damage him!

Vayne Difficulty: 1/5

So, this lane is pretty much a joke. Vayne literally can't do anything to Miss Fortune in lane. All you have to do is hit her anytime she is in range of you. With Impure Shots active, there is actually nothing she can do to win the trade, aside from maybe Condemning you into a wall. Bully her and zone her to the point where she won't be a threat at 6. She is a great duelist at 6, but you should have her behind to the point where it doesn't matter. Make sure to save your Bullet Time for after she Tumbles!

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  • Miss Fortune is an extremely strong laning champion. In fact, this is pretty much what she is known for.
  • It is unbelievably hard to trade with her because of Impure Shots and the fact that she has an auto attack reset.
  • You want to be a bully in lane for the most part. This is easy because you have increased movement speed from Strut, allowing you to run around CSing or harassing as much as you want and in general, being annoying.
  • Be careful about your mana costs though. If you spam your Impure Shots while running up and don't actually get a trade off, you can run out of mana quite quickly in lane.
  • Be very wary of getting poked down. That is pretty much the downfall to this Miss Fortune. Once it starts, it only gets worse because without Strut active, you are very vulnerable to follow-up.
  • You are extremely strong in lane and teamfights. If you are laning with someone like Sona, you can literally double kill 2 champions from 100% hp with a nice Crescendo and Bullet Time combo.

Team fighting as Miss Fortune is pretty easy, actually. Your main goal is to get off a VERY GOOD Bullet Time. If you get off a good Bullet Time, you have already done 90% of your job in the entire team fight. You have to be patient though. A lot of players don't wait for the stars to align and they end up hitting Bullet Time on one person, or getting their Bullet Time interrupted immediately after casting it. It should play out like this: either your team initiates and locks people down somehow with, let's say, an Orianna Command: Shockwave, and you can just Bullet Time on top of that to follow up and it'll be great. But let's say your team gets dove and you have to kite back to avoid getting CCed and taking damage. Auto-attack for a while, and once you get at a safe distance and see 3 or more people grouped up, THAT'S when you let your Bullet Time rip.

If you do these things you will most likely come out ahead in the fight. That's how big of a deal it is. After you get a good Bullet Time off, there will probably be a few stragglers running around at low health. These people are easy for you to clean up because of your Strut, so have fun chasing down your free kills!