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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Kibble910

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kibble910

Dude, I'm so stoned

Kibble910 Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Hi, I'm kibble910

Hi, I'm Kibble910 and I love playing Cassiopeia
Some found her beautiful once but, I still find her beautiful. What's not to love? A DoT that does 1k damage late game or two teeth that just ruin every ones day? OH I KNOW WHAT IT IS!! It's the fact that if you look at me your existence is shattered by Petrifying Gaze.

In this guide I will be telling you how I love to play Cassiopeia and the reasons why I do.

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Up in the top of the guide you see the items that I like to use for my core build. I do eventually sell all of the Doran's Rings and my build is also adaptive. The items you see are as well my preference of items and in no way am I saying to use them indefinitely. This game is all about how you like to play your champion and this is how I choose to play mine. Bellow I'm giving details on the items you can use and why you would and how you would use them.

Doran's Ring- This is easily one of the most important things for Cassiopeia because the mana regen health and ap to start are great. The reason I get three of these bad boys is because the mana regen stacks and the ap and the health just as well.

Sorcerer's Shoes- Magic penetration really makes you hit like a truck so when I was toying around I noticed this was good for several reasons. The reason you will never get Ionian Boots is because there's only one cooldown you need to watch and it's your E. If you have the enemy poisoned and you E them the cooldown is nothing.

Rabadon's Deathcap- What lovely item that needs no explanation :)

Void Staff- more magic pen

Archangel's Staff- This item is the most important thing you will have later in the game. It's critical you get this before the Void Staff so the mana starts to build this allows your Q later in the game to hit near 1000.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter- Really nice for health. This also has a wonderful slow when you someone with an ability. This item is heavenly when used with your Noxious Blast because when you hit an enemy with Noxious Blast you gain a speed boost and that on top of a slow
is chase mania.

Zhonya's Hourglass- More survivability. Make sure to activate it though.


Deathfire Grasp I like this item for the fact that the percent health as an initial hit does an absurd amount of damage. Be careful though this item can temp you to mismanage your Noxious Blast and Twin Fang.

Will of the Ancients This item is really nice to use on Cassiopeia because of the spell vamp. The only reason I might not suggest using this is the fact that the healing comes very slowly due to your nature of using DoT spells on Cassiopeia.

Rod of Ages If you so choose the item route that I do with Archangel's Staff this might be better than a Rylai's Crystal Scepter not to mention the Catalyst the Protector is a nice addition to early game survivability.

Banshee's Veil I don't recommend making this a regular item of your build, but it is very useful if people like to focus you down.

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Skill Sequence

Noxious BlastQ> MiasmaW> Twin FangE> Twin FangE> Noxious BlastQ> Twin FangE> Twin FangE> MiasmaW> Noxious BlastQ Will be the normal skill sequence. The reason you use E twice is because that's the amount of activations you can have while poisoned with your Noxious Blast but it's all the safest to use so you don't accidentally miss the CDR on the ability.

In a team fight your absolute goal is to stun 3 OUT OF THE 5 people opposing you. It's so very important to stun the carries that are giving you hell or anyone giving you hell for that matter.

After a team fight you should be thinking to yourself "Oh my gosh, I'm such a boss." Because you ulti'd properly and you used your DoT's to their max potential. If you feel this way you did it right. If not, well then you need some practice.

Cassiopeia is that character where you sit there and think to yourself "God D***, Did I just get kited by that snake?". Well yes, you did just get kited by that snake. In 1v1 you thrive on moving around and making the enemy champion nervous.

While you should try to save your ultimate for team fights it is absolutely brilliant in 1v1; however, the problem is making them look at you ;) (see "How to lane and get kills" for more elaboration on this.).

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Summoner Spells

In League of Legends we all know that there are a varied number of summoner spells. The combinations of these spells are always used to bring your champion of choice to max potential and to allow you to play your very own style of play. I describe my thoughts on each of the viable spells and my opinion as to why or why not to use them on Cassiopeia.

Flash is a really wonderful summoner spell to use on Cassiopeia because if used properly it will allow you to get in front of your enemy and stun them with your Petrifying Gaze.

I love using Clarity on Cassiopeia. Some would disagree you wouldn't need Clarity and it's just a waste of a summoner. I cannot tell you how many times this spell has saved myself and our a teammate because I have given ourselves mana for abilities. You don't have to use it but it is my personal preference.

This is a nice spell to use as it will allow you to get rid of that ever so pesky Exhaust spell. I don't get Exhausted too often when I play Cassiopeia but if you find yourself being Exhausted a few games in a row just grab Cleanse and all will be fine.

If you can manage your mana well enough/better than I. I suggest taking ignite over any other summoner spell. It will allow you to maximize your DoT output at certain intervals within the game.

I haven't actually tried this but I have seen other Cassio users and it seems to work out fine. If you desire to use it I have no opposition.

Please don't use this it's not worth it. If you die just wait it out like a normal player. I think this is a waste of a summoner.

I haven't seen a Cassiopeia use this but I'd be interested to see how it went. If you use this please tell me and I will type in here how it went for you and give you credit for the information provided.

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How to lane harass and get kills.

Cassiopeia has a ridiculous lane presence. If played correctly.

To start you should always be using your Noxious BlastQ to poke the enemy. Make him hate your guts for all he's worth. Once level 2 look for the kill. With your Noxious BlastQ & Twin Fang combination you are the most annoying level 2 lane anyone will know. Lead them on with the Noxious Blast when they look like they are coming to harass put the Noxious BlastQ a little ahead of them in the direction you think they will retreat to. This will blast them and quickly make them realize you are not to be trifled with. Once the Noxious BlastQ has landed quickly follow up with your Twin FangE. Try for the Twin FangE to land 2 times but if this can't be done that's quite alright. The second they notice you are landing your Noxious BlastQ's and Twin FangE's in succession they(enemy in lane) are very likely to call for a gank from the jungler and or one of the Bottom or Top laners. This is where it gets tough.

Cassiopeia is very susceptible to being ganked due to the nature that she is very squishy (and a snake, and NO ONE likes snakes). When you predict a gank is imminent and or someone has called the ever so famous phrase "M.I.A". You need to pull bank a considerable amount. Look at your mini map often. Every time you notice someone is gone and not present in the lane you have got to be very very careful. If you do get ganked and just by chance you're already lvl 6 just have a little fun with your ultimate ability(Petrifying Gaze).

Wait for them to both be facing you. Then let'r rip. This is another interesting part about Cassiopeia. Oh just because people get turned into a rock means you have a free kill, right? WRONG!. You have to be fast and quick like a freaking cheetah (Only you're a snake). The second you land a stun with more than one person throw out your MiasmaW first. Then Noxious BlastQ right in between them. As soon as these two critical things are done you will proceed to Twin FangE ever so repetitiously the squishiest champion. As soon as he/she is dead I'm sure you can already figure out that I'm going to say murder the next one? Haha, then you'd be correct. BUT, only if you can. Again you need to check the mini map.

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How to farm

Well it's obvious just auto attack when the creep is low? Yes you could do that, or, you could use your Q and W to do the bidding. When Cassiopeia is laning her passive is a gift sent from the Riot Corporation. Your spells cost less the more you cast them. FUN STUFF RIGHT?!
I will typically use Noxious Blast and Miasma on the mage minions and last hit with my basic on the melee fighters seeing as how they are closer. You should be farming constantly and you want to have at least 100 minion farm before the first team fight.

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To start, Cassiopeia needs mid. She can duo lane but you don't have as much potential in the late game. I have come to the conclusion that I hate several champions in the middle lane whilst I'm playing Cassiopeia. They are as follows.

KarthusKarthus- first off no one likes this prick. His ult in my opinion is broken. His Q out ranges your own and when he gets next to you all he does his hit E and DERP HERP YOU'RE DEAD. Try to out poke him. If he's a good Karthus then you will have your money cut out for you.*Note* always move. Never stand still with this one.

Ashe Ashe- I have no idea what it is about facing this frozen arrowed wonder. But her magic resistance early game is enough to make me feel like I chose the wrong runes prior to the game. Just poke constantly and you shouldn't have a problem.*Note* when you hit lvl 6 she's much easier to deal with it.

AkaliAkali- Very aggressive champion. Most Akali's think they are the Just poke this one over and over. Make her mad and she will bust a nut and when said nut is busted just work it over with a nice dose of poison and fang.

LeBlancLeblanc- Oh how I loathe you. Is it your 2 ability combination that drives such a hatred or do you just look funny to me? Leblanc can be a beotch. Poke consistently as always and when the time is right show her who is boss. When Leblanc's passive activates just look for the clone with the poison over its head.

Kog'Maw- So squishy. Just love poking this one down to oblivion. All you should watch for is his ult when he hits 6. When he achieves level 6 just move a lot.

Brand He's not too terrible to deal with. All you need to do is kite him around and avoid his pillar of fire and try not to get hit with his fireball while you're ignited by his passive.

Corki He's very squishy but an aggressive Corki is in no way your friend. His Phosphorous Bomb can do quite a number on you.

I will continue to add champions as I see them and or remember them being annoying.

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My Thanks

Thanks to all who have commented on my build and have given me criticism and what I could do to improve. They are as followed and I thank them kindly.


Consider combining Rod of Ages and Archangel. Instead of Rylais and Archangels

My friend used to play with Cass. We played Twisted Treeline (I still like it more than Summoners Rift, except I play with Rammie - another story) and he was in 4/5 games pain in enemy team IF he managed to get some early kills. In case he didnt get those kills, he was soo bad and actualy our pain. :-D

But thats not what I wanted to said. Your guide is pretty good, but still I have few notes:

1) We call "SS" :-P

2) Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives HP - yes. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT IS SLOW!

3) I miss some chapter about Runes choices, why these runes?

4) Good guide name!

5) Some optional items?

I keep my vote so far, just in case you want to improve your guide.

Few things:

-Flat AP seals and glyphs are wrong in my opinion, per lvl ones outclass them at lvl 6.
-If you go for Archangel's Staff then get Tear of Goddess sooner
-If you go for Archangel why Clairity, that point can be spent better.

Everything else seems fine, although I think if you work more on your mana management using your passive and Doran's Rings you won't need Clar or Archangel's Staff at all and will be able to spend these into better DMG investments.

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If you would all be so kind as to actually try the build before you judge it. Negativity isn't really appreciated anywhere. Please give me constructive criticism It would be much appreciated as this is my first build to have written.