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Sion Build Guide by Tenguste

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tenguste

(Duke) Nuke'em: Even he can't handle this AP-Sion!

Tenguste Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everybody!

I just finished my first guide for one of my favourite champs,

As I started playing him, I was looking for some good builds on Mobafire, and even the best rated one did not work for me. The guides of other sides like Solomid lead me to another, in my opnion a lot better way to build him. With this guide, i would like to show you how. It's my way to build and play him everytime and i always have a lot of success and fun with it!

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Who is Sion?

When was free to play and I tried him, I was very confused about him at first. Two abilities scale so well with ap, but his e-skill is an Ad-Boost and his ultimate an As-Lifesteal buff? How does this champ even work?

You can play Ad or Ap Sion. I found Ap Sion to be a lot more effective, however Ad-Sion is more versatile( you can play him as tanky-bruiser or pure carry), but also a lot easier to counter with stuns or cc. He is getting more and more viable, since many people discovered him as a tanky-bruiser in the jungle.

But nevertheless, this is an Ap-Sion Guide. For me, the best way to success with Sion is to play him as a nuker. Since his recent shield nerf he isn't able to carry teams as other ap-champions like , or . His shield will be dropped down too fast in the lategame, their ranged her***ment is very strong. But don't worry, once you play well and farmed youself well, you will nuke those squishie's ***es away! Trust me! Follow this guide and feel like terminator!

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-Lane dominance
-Outstanding her***ment/farming
-Huge nuking potential
-Tanky nuker
-Good roamer
-Aoe Damage


-Not the best champ for solo top
-Short range stun
-Looses damage if shield is broken
-Vulnerable to cc

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Runes are bonuses for your champ and help you in the early or lategame. Wether you want a strong early or a better lategame, or balancing both by your rune choice, well that's up to you.

My runes are pretty standard for almost every caster.

There is no real alternative for casters. The more magic resistance you penetrate, the more damage you do. Take these.

Greater Seal of Replenishment

I like these more than manareg per level, because I never see me having real mana issues later on, and flat runes, let me spam my harassing/farming abilities even more.

Mainly to add some ap to my lategame, and somehow to bridge the gap between Rabadon and

They add 15 ap to my early game. Together with the 2 i rush only on, i will MAX my early game dominance. Endless her***ment+farm!

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I use typical 9/0/21 utility masteries for caster. The best for ap-Sion, and in my opnion the best mastery tree of all 3. It provides you mana reg, longer buffs, lower cooldowns, lower summoner spell cooldowns, more movement speed. Just too good.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is just the best summoner ingame. You can escape by blinking away, blinking over walls, you can initiate out of nothing.(hidden in the brush before) You can save freekills for you team by catching up to running enemies and stunning them. Flash is just so good, and even better for Sion. A must-have!!!

Also a good summoner spell with a lot utility. Since i use Flash so often offensivly, I like to run ghost. It helps me to survive almost all early ganks, it allows me to catch up to enemies if flash is on cooldown. In lategame, i often just pop it to have more movement speed during a teamfight. It helps you to avoid focus. Otherwise, people drop your shield too fast.

Also a good choice for some extra burst in the laning-phase. If you attempt to play very agressivly, this skill will help you two force your opponent to risk his life or go back. Ignite is always viable in 1vs1 situations, make smart use of it.

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A reliable stun with short distance and one half of your nuke. Be sure to use it wise, stun fleeing opponents as soon as possible and drop it as much as possible on the lane to harass with Death's Car***. Later on, a stun always means focus. Stun the carries to disable their damage, and to show your teammates the right targets to focus. Stun also every melee opponents sticking to your carries. Your team will thank you.

Ah, this is what Sion is famous for. An Aoe nuke which can be dropped on the enemy after 4 seconds manually, or will explode after 10 seconds automatically. The other half of your nuke-combo and your main faming ability. Once it hits lvl 3 and you have your two it makes farming so easy. Be sure to use it very often, it also absorbs damage and has defensive use. In teamfights, you will deal the huge damage of this very well ap-scaling ability not just to one enemy. Be sure to hit as much opponents as possible in teamfights. And beware of focus! Once your shield is gone, your damage will be lost, and you have to wait for the cooldown.

Ad steroid. Although it seems to be useless for ap Sion, it has this nice passive which gives some nice hp adding to your generally high pool. Sions great farming ability will help, however this is no reason to max this ability faster than your other damage abilitys.

This ability also seems to be useless. Attack speed and lifesteal? On a caster? Wtf?
The key word is .
The truth is, in lategame, where you nuke down targets with your q+w+lich bane auto attack combo, the proc of lich bane will heal your for so much life while having your ultimate on, it's just crazy. Dropped down to low hp? Use a stun on an enemy, swing your chopper, and half of your hp is restored. Amazing.

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Item choices


My starting combo. Boots give me movement speed, which is good for almost everything. For me it's very important to have as much movement speed as possible from beginning on. 3 health Potions let me restore my life to work against hard her***ment.

Stacking 2 or maybe even 3 Doran's items is always a nice choice. 30 ability power, 200 health, and this very good manareg will lead you to HUGE dominance on every lane. Make sure you take some potions and wards with you, these will complete your save lane setup.

Mainly to have the complete lane domincance and for having it right after your Ap, mana and the hit effect make your laning even better.

Standard caster shoes with more magic penetration. More magicpen, more dmg, Grab these.

Huge ap boost, the biggest ingame. If you have it , you really begin to rape. Stun, bomb the shield into their face, auto attack, rape. Based on the fact that you rush it, you just deal crazy dmg midgame. you should roam a bit now, help your team, and get yourself real fed. Have fun!

Why i purchase Lich Bane? It's easy to answer, this item is just great. It adds another dmg source to your combo of madness, its gives you ability power, movement speed(!!) and even some magic resist. It synergizes so well with your ult, the effect is ready so often in teamfights, in my opinion you must not leave this huge source of dmg out!


The items above are your core. Here are some further suggestions, depending on your, the enemy's and the whole game's situation. Choose wisely:

Lack survivability? Grab this. The passive is great, the MR and the life/mana also. Nothing wrong with it.

You are raping hard? Take this and dominate completly. Also if they stack MR.

Good choice overall, good ap boost. Make sure to use the passive, its helps you so many times!

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Early Game

I would rather pick Sion for solo top than for mid, since the mid champs you will face are a problem to your farming most times. Besides that, you are no carry, you are a nuker. On solo top, Sion can deal with almost every champion. I did not have any huge problems with any champ.

Be sure to play not too agressivly first. If you have your 2 and a few levels, you can start real farming and her***ment. Try to zone your enemy out. Let your shield charge, than try to stun him. Let him run away, but be sure not too chase him too much, since he will turn around as soon as your shield is down. Be sure to have your lane warded.

Farm. I don't know how much I can stress this. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Farm. Try to get as many of this little ****ing minions as you can. It's the most important thing in this game.

Can't her*** enemy? Farm.
Zoning him out? Be sure to get your minions. Farm.
Is he back? Farm. Push. Punish him for everytime he goes roaming or leaves his lane.

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Mid Game

If you have your ready, you can start roaming. However, just leave your lane if your team really needs you or if you pushed too much. Besides little fights around dragon, there is not much happening around mid game, so take your chance and farm your and other lanes whenether possible.

I see so many players waiting in mid when there are a few opponents attempting to push your mid tower. This is the BIGGEST mistake. If the enemies are in mid, take your chance and push the sidelanes, you will force them to stop you nevertheless. Waiting for a teamfight in mid or on any other lane won't give you exp, it won't give you gold. Try fo farm as much(!!) as much as possible, gank and kill when possible and save dragon.

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Late Game

If you have done well, you will be able to do a lot of damage in teamfights. Be sure you aren't an initiator. in the beginning of the fight, try to stay back. Once the teamclash starts and the Aoe/cc effects are mostly gone activate your shield, stun the carries of the team and try to take those squishies out. Use Ghost, try to hit Lich Bane as much as possible and spam your spells everytime they are ready. That's almost everything you can do. Be sure not to get focused, if you get, try to get away and/or heal yourself with Lich Bane. Your tankyness will help you hopefully to survive the clashes if you play smart enough. Good luck.

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Final Words

Ok guys, thanks for tuning in to my guide. I hope I could you show my way of playing Sion, please try it out before you give me a vote, a comment and criticism are welcome. Maybe I gave you some ideads for finding the ideal build and playstyle for yourself.

If you read everything, a big: Thanks :)

PS: I will add some further fnformation, tipps, and suggestions you mention.