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Ekko Build Guide by LevenIce

Jungle Ekko Jungle

By LevenIce | Updated on December 23, 2018
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Runes: Runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #28 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Ekko Jungle

By LevenIce
This guide was created to help you out with Ekko in the jungle. A new and fun adventure.
About me: I am an Ekko main, mostly in the jungle. I've got about 110K champion points with him and a decent winrate in ranked with him.
Ekko in my opinion is really fun! He is able to kill ad carries really easy but suffers when faced with hard cc, preventing him from using his ult to get away.

Playing Ekko in the jungle is a risky move as he fits a lot better on the midlane but playing him jungle is in my opinion a lot more fun! Over 99% of my games of Ekko are in the jungle
Pros and cons Back to Top


Aoe stun

Decent early dmg

A lot of CC

Forgiving after a mistake
to engage

High scalings


Can get punished really hard if played wrong before lvl 6/without ult.

Teamfights can be really hard if it's the enemy team who engages and not you.

His jungle clears are not too good early game and you will get executed if you try to advance even further than 5/6 camps without recalling.

High mana costs
Spells Back to Top
Ekko's kit is pretty easy to understand but medium to hard to use correctly.

Ekko's passive Z-Drive Resonance Adds a stack onto a enemy unit after dealing damage to them. Every basic attack, your Q, your E, ult etc. Upon reaching 3 stacks on a unit the stacks gets consumed, the unit will get slowed, giving you movementspeed and dealing tons of magical damage. After consuming the three stacks, you wont be able to add any more stacks for a few seconds

His Q Timewinder makes ekko throw out a disc that deals damage to all units hit on the way away from him, slowing everyone who remain inside of it. Then it returns, dealing even more damage on the way back.


Ekko's W Parallel Convergence Is a long range ability that summons a circle at chosen place after about 2 seconds. When it is fully summoned it remains there, slowing enemies who stand inside of it. If ekko however steps inside of the circle it stuns all enemy units inside of Parallel Convergence and gives ekko a shield.

This ability also passively makes your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage when the enemy falls below 30% health. This damage is equal to 3% of the enemy health. For every 100 Ap this is increased by 3 percental points.

Ekko's E Phase Dive makes ekko dash in chosen direction. This is your main mobility ability. When the dash is completed a circle appears around him for a few seconds. If any enemy unit within this circle is pointed to attack at, you're going to blink to it and deal damage. This ability can be used over walls which makes it a great escape.
Your R Chronobreak passively summons a hologram that shows your movements four seconds ago. When the ability is activated you become invincible and swap position with the hologram, dealing aoe damage and heals you for a small amount of health + a percentage of all damage taken within the last 4 seconds. Use this ability after being bursted down to make it most effective.

This ability can also save you after getting hooked by blitzcrank etc.
Creeping / Jungling Back to Top
Always ask for a leash on the botlane to get extra much help (from two persons instead of one) As ekko is really weak in the jungle he needs the most help he can get.

Try avoid smiting the first camp. You will have a much better use for smite on the next ones.
Ganking Back to Top
Summoner spells Back to Top
Flash and Ghost combined with smite are the choices that are the best in my opinion.

Flash Might be the best and most common one though. If you are getting chased by someone, just use Flash and then Phase Dive By then you might be so far away from them that they'll never catch up.

Cleanse Can be used instead of flash in some cases if they have a lot of CC.
Ghost can be used to chase someone, helping you to hit your basic attacks and getting your passive stacks. When you get them in you'll get even faster as a bonus and then they won't be able to run away from you. Can also be used when you're chased.
Teamfights. Back to Top
Teamfights with Ekko often tend to turns out better if you or someone in your team engages. Engage with your W Parallel Convergence and try to hit as many as possible, use the same technique as when you gank. Make sure that your team goes in just when you land Parallel Convergence and stun them.
(Warding) Back to Top
Those are all the spots that your team should have vision over most of the time. Not the support not the jungler. Everyone should be placing them.

Explanation of placements:
Yellow= Protecting buffs and preventing invades.
Blue= Protection against ganks
Red= Vision over dragon and Baron. Small protection against ganks,

Use of diffirent wards:
Farsight Alteration is what I highly recommend because of the infinite amount of wards, place them everywhere. Warding Totem, use these like you normally would at the right places, use the map above. Use Oracle Lens when there's a Teemo, Rengar or Shaco on the enemy team. Use it before ganking against Teemo and Shaco. Wait until Rengar ults to escape before using it.
Explanation of hard words for new players Back to Top
Mobility= A champion with either high movementspeed or some kind of dash or blink.
Engage = "Go on" "Attack"
Leash = A laner or two who helps you with the first jungle camp, they will go to their lane when the camp has about 800-450 hp left
CC = Crowd control. Stuns, slows, fears, roots. Anything that effects the enemy movement negatively.
Summary Back to Top

This guide was so much fun to write and made the time fly away. This was my first guide ever so feedback is appriciated.
Hope you enjoyed and leave a like if you did learn something!
Also, don't dislike without telling me in the comments why you thought it was bad and what I could've improved.

~Keep calm~
And love ekko
Combos Back to Top
1: E Q AA Passive

2: W E Q Passive
Walk into a bush to prevent your hologram from showing that you are going to use W.

3: Q E Passive

4: (advanced) If you have both your W and Ult available while being chased use this one.
Walk into a bush and calculate where both your enemy will be in about 2 seconds. W this spot from the bush and then run away.

When the W lands and the enemies are slowed. Use your ult that is positioned inside the W to proc the stun and deal a large amount of damage.