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Elise Build Guide by Killjoy1239

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killjoy1239

Elise - Spiders Everywhere

Killjoy1239 Last updated on January 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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General Information

Elise is a high burst jungler with very fast clear speeds and also high mobility and the ability to turret dive very easily. She can be quite tanky but still pump out damage like its no bodys business. Remember to read the notes by the build and runes it will explain why there are so many items there. Enjoy the guide.

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    High Burst
    Fast Clear
    Great Ganks
    Easy Turret Dives
    Quick Barons/Drags
    Strong Sieger
    Scares people because is Spider

    Not strong level One
    Expected to Gank 24/7
    Only Escape Has a Long Cd
    Scares you because is spider

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Early Game

I like to start the game with a warding totem. I find this to provide the most benefit early on into the game, the free ward allows you to spend your gold else where without feeling like you are not contributing to the map awareness and vision game. Start at the blue buff camp, and try to have your team ward your red to make sure that it does not get stolen. You may choose to start at the enemies red buff if you know that you can steal it without getting caught. Smite your blue buff! Then do wolves and head straight to your red. Run through the camps until you are level 4 if possible that is where you become extremely strong. Open up the gank in human form allowing your lane to start the engage whenever possible. Use your e when they start to run away, be careful when turret diving but remember that you are Elise and turrets are not usually a problem.

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Mid Game

When you have your core items you will be quite tanky but still have your burst remember to push towers and gain control of the dragon. Time as many buffs as you can and remember to counter jungle. Help the lanes get towers they will win you the game.

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Late Game

Late game Elise is incredibly strong. You have two options when it comes to team fighting, you can either engage the fight or kill the squishies. The first option is better used when your team has more of the kills. If you are not the fed player move into the fight in human form landing and ewq combo then into spider form to combo a player and keep your protected. Try to peel off your squishies as much as you can but remember that you are and ap brusier and you can put out damage also. If you are the one killing the squishies then wait until your tank iniates the fight and then go in on the squishy with and ewq combo in human form then quickly switch to spider for a qw combo saving e for then they run away from the eight legged queen. After you have killed the squishiest target move on to the next, remember the adc must go down in your first 2 kills no matter how squishy someone else is.

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Match Ups

Vi - XX___ (2/5) - Pretty easy, you have a faster clear than her and stealing her camps is quite easy. Her ganks are similar to yours after she hits 6 try not to gank the same lanes as her, keep ganking lanes and stay ahead as much as possible.

Mundo - XXXX_ (4/5) - He is quite hard for Elise, he has high mobility like you, high speed like you, and is much tankier. You will have a hard time fighting him alone, try to gank and win lanes, mundo has bad ganks and will most likely farm as much as possible.

Shyvana - XXXXX (5/5) - She has one of the fastest clear speeds and can have high gank potential with ult and exhaust. She will out gank you most of the time, keep up in farm and gank to win lanes, try to control objectives and try try again.

J4 - X____ (1/5) - Easy to kill one vs one. Slow jungle easily invaded, don't even worry about J4 you will out jungle and out gank him all game. win lanes take objectives end it early before his team makes up for how useless he will be.

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Final Thoughts

Elise will out jungle almost everyone she goes up against if they are faster than you try to keep up in farm but push lanes as much as you can your global gold will have to win the game. Her high damage makes it easy to take kills but don't be worried about it a fed Elise can make up for most mistakes keep in mind your surroundings and remember that you can e to minions over walls. Don't use spider e too quickly in a chase because it is your only escape. Remember your combo and don't be scared to tower dive. I have quite a few great games with Elise and I know this build will work. Good luck in your Elise games!