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Elise Build Guide by FakeOutCaptain

AP Carry Elise The Spider Queen Patch 6.2

By FakeOutCaptain | Updated on February 8, 2016

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Hi guys! I'm FakeOut Captain a Gold 1 Jungle main in Season 5 and I am here to show you the ways of Elise Jungle one of the strongest picks in the jungle at this current time! Lets get Started!
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Pros / Cons

-Strong Preasure
-Fast Jungle Clear
-Great Early/Mid game
-Great duelist

-Easy to Counter Gank
-Only one escape
-Relies on Cocoon landing
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As far as Masteries for Elise you should be running 12/18/0 in my personal opinion this is because Thunderlord's Decree combos very well with Elise's kit because it is very easy to proc Thunderlord's.

In the Ferocity tree you should be taking 5 points in Sorcery. This is a great mastery to take on Elise because she is a caster and her main damage sources come from her spells. Next in the Ferocity tree you should be taking Double Edged Sword because this amplifies her damage in both human and spider form. After that your next 5 points should be in Natural Talent to help you scale a little bit and give you some bonus damage as you get into the later parts of the game. After you have finished that your next step is to take Oppressor this amplifies your damage to champions by 2.5% that are impaired (Slowed,Stunned,Taunted,etc.)

In the Cunning tree you will want to start off by taking 5 points in Savagery to help your insane amount of jungle clear. Followed up by Runic Affinity to make your buffs last for as long as possible. After this you will want to take 5 points in Merciless because it increases your damage by 5% to champions under 40% health and with Elise's spider Q it allows her to execute people easily. After you will want to take your next point in Dangerous Game, this allows you to gain a little bit of life back from champion kills or assists. After Dangerous Game you will want to pick up 5 points of Precision this gives Elise some free armor / Magic Penetration which with her kit and her build path synergies really well. And finally as I said at the beginning of this chapter Thunderlord's Decree is your Keystone that you will want to go with.
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Ability Orders and why to take it.

As far as Ability order I enjoy to start out my maxing Q Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite followed up by maxing my W second Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy. The reason that I opt to go with this ability order instead of maxing Cocoon / Rappel (E) second is the fact that after a few patches ago Elise's Cocoon no longer stuns the target for 2 seconds at all ranks and the cd was raised a little bit so I personally saw it more worth the while to max my W second for the most damage output possible.
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Elise and her kit scale pretty well and allow you to burst and assassinate targets that you catch with your Cocoon (E) this is because Elise scales really well with Magic Penetration items.

With this in mind and the items I have chosen above items such as Sorc pen boots Abyssal Sceptor and Liandry's Torment give Elise the power to one combo a single carry out of the immediate fight.

The Reason Elise takes Tracker's Knife instead of Stalker's Blade is the way you should be playing Elise is you should be playing the Pick game which means basically you use your Tracker's Knife to give you vision around corners or in bushes and you use your Orcale's lens to deny enemy vision allowing you to get a quick catch from the fog of war.

Some Situational items you could take on Elise if you get super far ahead and there isn't any AP burst is Void Staff. Another couple items you could consider taking is Banner of Command to give your team some extra Magic Resist and Deadman's Plate to give you some extra Armor and health. Keep in mind if you swap out one of your damage items for these two defensive items you wont be able to Single combo a carry out of the fight but it will allow you to survive for a longer period of time.
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Alright! As for runes that you should be taking on Elise you should be taking 9 Hybrid Pen Mark's to compliment the amount of Magic Pen from your Masteries and Build.

Next you will want 9 Armor Seals as this is just basic jungle runes so that the jungle creatures don't rough you up!

Followed up by that are our 9 Ability Power Glyph's to give Elise some early damage for ganks to pick up some quick kills!

Lastly you will want to take 3 Attack Speed Quint's to help with jungle clear and sustain from your W passive!
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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Path! Lets talk about it a little bit and see which routes are going to be your best friend for when you go about your Jungling way.

Blue Side
Krug's Camp Start (Smite)
Red Buff
Blue Buff (Smite)

Red Side
Gromp Camp Start (Smite)
Blue Buff
Red Buff (Smite)

These are very basic early clear jungle paths you can opt to take the Wolf camp and Raptor camps while you are on the way to the opposite buff but keep in mind this will slow you down a bit and make your first gank come a little bit later.
League of Legends Build Guide Author FakeOutCaptain
FakeOutCaptain Elise Guide

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Elise The Spider Queen Patch 6.2