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Evelynn Build Guide by BaconIsWoke

Jungle Eve Hyper Carry

Jungle Eve Hyper Carry

Updated on July 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaconIsWoke Build Guide By BaconIsWoke 5 1 11,405 Views 0 Comments
5 1 11,405 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaconIsWoke Evelynn Build Guide By BaconIsWoke Updated on July 18, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

Eve Hyper Carry

By BaconIsWoke
Who am I?
Randomly decided to pick up eve and got a 70% winrate all the way into plat elo with her and wanted to post what i learned about her and all the tricks i picked up along the way
Jg clear
I personally try to start on the same side as the enemy jg since eve's clear can be done extremely fast on both buffs. So if the enemy jg starts red then I will start blue and if he starts blue then I will start red. I try to counter gank one of their first ganks to get ahead.
If starting from red I go red, raptors, wolves, blue, try to contest scuttle or clear it fast before the other jg, then gank.
If starting from blue I go blue, gromp, wolves, red, raptors, scuttle then try to gank or i go to krugs.
Early game as eve
Your goal is to just get ganks where people are overextended and look to farm and maybe get objectives. Early game for eve sucks just try not to int and you will do fine. If you want to hyper carry you have to make sure you shut down the enemy jg with wards and stopping his ganks before they happen. Counter ganking is easy as eve because you can just walk behind them and combo one or two of them to kill them then let your lane do the rest.
Mid game as eve
15-25 mins just try to rack up stacks on mejais or dark dark seal and finish lich bane. This is where your first spike occurs. Try to get as far ahead rn as possible.
Late game as eve
Just try to catch anyone who isnt with the team. No matter how tanky someone is you should be able to kill them if they have no team close to help them. You should be able to also 1v2 some people on the team and just make the next team fight for your team easier.
Flash is up?
R is up?
15 or more stacks on mejais?
Not super far behind?
Try to charm then Q + flash + e + r and hope for the best.
If the adc or mid mage is alive after that then you have ****ing autism.
Team fighting
Get behind them and try to combo the squishies (your combo being w>q>e>r). If u get out then try to reset passive and go back in. Try not to initiate the fight since just a little bit of cc can **** you over then ruin the fight for you. But if you can combo fast enough and are confident to one shot 2 people and possibly get out then go for it. Team comps with almost no cc will get their ***es ****ed in by you. Do not underestimate how much chaos you can do to the back line and how much damage your e can do to tanks.
Ganking prelevel 6 is hard since you don't have the invis but it is do-able. Look for a lane where the enemies are past river and as soon as you get in w range use it. Do everything you can to pop your charm and hope for a follow up from your laners. All your ganks usually are prelevel 6 is you just trying to charm someone and let your laners kill them.
Ganking after level 6 is simple just try to walk behind the enemies while not being seem, put your charm on them and let them walk to you. They might turn to your laners the second they see you so that they won't get charmed but either way they are gonna get ****ed. If you have your dark seal or mejais at this point do everything you can to try and get the kill, if you can play evelynn then your the only important member on your team.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaconIsWoke
BaconIsWoke Evelynn Guide
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Eve Hyper Carry

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