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Evelynn Build Guide by HiroyukiC1296

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HiroyukiC1296

Evelynn Build Guide : The Unseen Gank Is The Deadliest

HiroyukiC1296 Last updated on September 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Zac Zac doesn't do anything besides tanking and cheese jumping out from dark places. However, that's about all he does. Just jumps and punches you a bit. You don't have to worry about him being able to out duel you. Heck, half the time you've probably already ganked more than he has. Only problem is he just gets tankier late game but again, that's none of your concern.
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Heyyy, you guys! Admin of League of Legends NA Facebook group here. I decided with the amount of knowledge I've gained over the years and watching competitive as well that I'd convert some of that knowledge into making guides. I'm a jungle main, been a jungle main for about 2 years now. I started playing League of Legends around Season 2-ish. This is my first official guide and I hope that you guys like it. I might make more guides in the future, but for now any feedback is appreciated. I'm still learning the game up until now and if I'm missing anything or if you want me to elaborate, feel free to comment. ^_^

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-Evelynn is perma stealthed and she can be anywhere on the map at any time.

-Forces you to change your play style when against her.

-Is a hybrid champ. Can be built ad or ap especially with the new item changes

-Can deal tons of burst and dps

-The unseen gank is definitely the deadliest

-Your enemies can only have 1 pink ward each at any given time. 5 pink wards out on the map at the same time is rare but impressive to see, nonetheless.

-They can't upgrade to Oracle's Lens until level 9

-Can't really be counter picked


-Is squishy early game

-Gets low in the early clears

-Unless she's fed and far gone she won't be able to assassinate carries

-Will get outscaled by most champions

-Team fighting is weak without her ultimate

-Stealth is useless in team fights since everyone can see you within a 700 range

-Stealth is useless within enemy turrets.

-Difficult to play well

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Quints: Standard AP Quints. It's required on all AP junglers. Nothing much to say about this one.

Glyphs: You definitely want Flat AP Glyphs because Eve wants to get snowballing early game, rather than scaling. You can definitely go for CDR Glyphs as well or MR depending on the comp you are vs.

Marks: You will be struggling to clear early so having that bit of AD while clearing the camps will help you greatly.

Seals: You can take either Flat or Scaling Armor Seals.

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As I stated, Evelynn doesn't have very good sustain from the early jungle clears and so having the proper mastery set makes her clears much more efficient. I typically prioritize Bladed Armor and Tough Skin under the Defense Tree on all junglers because you want to take less damage from neutral monsters, and it'd be nice to leave the jungle a little healthier and to power farm more instead of recalling often. You want to soak up as much experience as possible, because as a jungler if you don't keep stay even or ahead of the other jungler, you won't be able to make good impact on the team.

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Skill Sequence

Hate Spikes (Q): This is your main damage source while clearing and fighting. You want to start Q and max it first.

Dark Frenzy (W): Not an ability you should max second.

Ravage (E): This ability deals physical damage even though you built AP. It also procs on-hit effects and not spell effects. So items that use those will be useful with this ability. It is the second ability I recommend maxing.

Agony's Embrace (R): Max this of course whenever you can. Use this ability to catch multiple people. This is essentially the only real cc that Evelynn has so if you are team fighting or wish to quickly assassinate a target this ability ensures lockdown potential. It's not as effective as an Amumu stun, and it doesn't deal a whole lot of burst damage like an Annie Tibbers, but it definitely roots people long enough for your team to be able to follow up.

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Smite: You need smite, because you're jungling! What else are you here for? LOL

Flash: You don't have any other forms of escape and having Flash ensures that you can lockdown with your ult upon initiation or escape out of tricky situations, such as Jarvan's Cataclysm (R).

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Ranger's Trailblazer: Evelynn is a champion that has sustain issues in the early clears. Any early game invades can put Eve behind or even kill her if they find her low health while clearing camps. I prefer to run Ranger's Trailblazer so I can sustain while power farming through the jungle.

Stalker's Blade: I get Stalker's Blade when I am confident in my ganks and do not have to fear an invade such as from an enemy tank jungler or off meta jungler that will struggle more than Eve does. Plus, it gives me more cc on top of Eve's relatively ok aoe cc ultimate. But, until level 6, you don't really have any means of locking a target down so Stalker's Blade is the second best option.

Skirmisher's Sabre: I rarely get Skirmisher's Sabre on any jungler, but this item is efficient only if you are looking to 1v1 and pick off people in fights.

Runeglaive: Warrior has always been a standard item, but ever since Runeglaive replaced Magus this made power farming through the jungle much more efficient. And with Eve's constant dps and burst, running Runeglaive is a much better choice than any other enchantment.

Cinderhulk: Not a bad item for any jungler building more defense. Less risk. If you are going more tanky it definitely doesn't seem like a bad choice.

Luden's Echo: I like to rush Luden's after I get Runeglaive. Although it doesn't proc on champions anymore, I like it for the extra clearing power so I can stay even in levels while both farming and ganking. Combine this with your Hate Spikes and you will deal so much burst dps than ever before.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I would recommend you build this item the most in any AP build (even on tank Eve). Pair this with your Ravage (E) that procs on-hit effects, this adds more slows to your abilities. If you combo with your Q and E you will be practically perma slowing. It slows 20% of your target's movement speed for every ability that is lower than a 3 second cooldown. This item is too good to pass up for Eve.

Hextech Gunblade: I like this item in a build that's more AP oriented while giving you that bit of AD that Eve also thrives on. Spellvamp isn't a bad idea for split pushing and small skirmishes.

Liandry's Torment: Does burn damage and coupled with your dps it isn't a bad buy, but not one I'd want to prioritize.

Mobility Boots: Very stable on Eve since you will be focusing on ganking more often in the early game. After that its stats become null and you may want to switch boots out.

Mercury's Treads: Tenacity and magic resist isn't a bad buy on Eve especially when you have Dark Frenzy (W) to escape so you can't be slowed or stunned as long.

Sorcerer's Shoes: I would get this in a full AP Eve build where I'm ahead and snowballing.

Defensive items: Pretty self-explanatory. If you are planning on building some defense items on Eve, Frozen Heart, Locket of the Iron Solari, Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, among others are recommended.

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Laning Phase: This is usually the point in time when Eve shines the brightest. Just the threat of her of being anywhere on the map at any time is already powerful enough. And by the time she sees you with your back turned you are already seconds away from burning a flash or dying to her. Jungle pathing I recommend starting at the bottom side of the jungle so you can mirror the pathway of the enemy jungler while simultaneously trying to get one step ahead of him, if you're blue side, start Krugs/Red/Raptors, and then recall, buy your jungle item, vice versa on red.

Mid Game: This is usually the point in the game where you are starting to group up and take objectives. Right now you're at the point where if you snowballed hard enough continually through the laning phase, you will be strong enough to where you can pick off and assassinate the carries with strategic flanks. You should be looking for opportunities to use your aoe ult on multiple targets so your team can follow up. It can be sort of difficult to follow your engage if your team doesn't have means of hard engaging or doesn't have cc to compliment yours.

Late Game: Plain and simple, your time to shine has come to an end. You're really just there to flank and find opportunities to use your ult. By this time, you will have definitely been out scaled by the enemy jungler and you may find you can no longer duel him and you can't really assassinate anyone as efficiently as before. You can try split pushing to draw pressure away from your team onto you, however, Eve's not that great at sieging and enemy structures will see you much sooner than the enemy will so you better have an escape plan ready if they come to collapse. But, this isn't why we pick Eve for her impressive late game. You pick her to close out the games as quickly as possible.

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Basically, Evelynn is a champ that is hard to catch and predict early because of her perma stealth. You mostly want to pick her for pick compositions and to snowball your team early. For both solo queue and competitive she is altogether a solid pick. You can build her a variety of ways and many will not know how to counter her. Picking her alone forces the enemy team to change their play styles because there's always that threat of you being there and if they overextend, they will get ganked without question. Although her late game isn't strong, you're not trying to get to that point. You want to end the game as quickly as possible with her. She isn't a champion that's easy to play well. You really need to be comfortable on her, and know her strengths and weaknesses, and once you do get better with her, she can single-handedly carry games just with her pressure and presence alone.