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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Tornspirit

Evelynn Dominion Guide: That's just the wind...

Evelynn Dominion Guide: That's just the wind...

Updated on January 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tornspirit Build Guide By Tornspirit 14,657 Views 2 Comments
14,657 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tornspirit Evelynn Build Guide By Tornspirit Updated on January 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Garrison



Hello and welcome to my Evelynn Dominion guide, which also happens to be my first guide on this site. Constructive feedback is welcome, etc, you get the idea.

Evelynn is borderline useless on SR as of right now, but it's a completely different story in the Crystal Scar. Not only does her stealth help her easily kill off enemies who wander off by themselves, the lack of a permanent oracles means that the enemy will either have to;
  • Continue enduring these attacks, which will eventually mean that their team is dying all of the time.
  • Buy Oracles Extract, 250 gold per purchase for 4 minutes, lost on death; you can still easily kill them due to Oracle's short range unless it's someone such as Akali.
  • Go around the map as a group; this leaves most of their capture points UNDEFENDED, and instead of killing enemies, you can simply run around capturing points easily to secure a win.
And on that note, Eve works great as both a slayer (Which this guide will mainly be focusing on) and as a capturer, all in one.

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Pros / Cons


Amazing 1v1, most enemies will die to you if you're careful around where and how you kill them.
Disrupts enemy team easily if you have good map awareness
Very unpredictable for enemies, more paranoia than Nocturne's Paranoia can set in
Extremely good for picking off single targets, and helping within larger fights
Can capture points stealthily and easily


Slightly squishy (Though you should still outdamage your opponents)
Oracles can hurt Eve (Though not bad enough so she can't kill)
If not played properly, you will be absolutely utterly useless in any fights that pop up
Towers can see past Eve's stealth (more on that later)
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Skills / Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Determined Killer

Not much you can really say about this passive, it's pretty weak to be honest, especially considering that most things in dominion are centred around champions. Definitely the weakest part of Eve's skillset.

Hate Spike

This is why trinity is so ridiculously good on Eve. With an EXTREMELY low cd even without any masteries, you can spam this all day and watch the procs roll in. Though building AP would make this skill do more damage, this guide focuses on AD. More on why later. We max this last since at level 1, it's still enough to proc sheen/trinity as soon as it's available, and the damage output isn't that impressive compared to your auto-attacks and ravage.

Shadow Walk

Eve's stealth. Unfortunately, the stun has been nerfed down to a slow, but stealth is stealth, the slow is simply the icing on the cake. We put a second point in at level 4 to increase the duration to 20 seconds, which should be enough in most cases, then max this second due to longer stealth definitely being more helpful for sneaking across the map stealthed.


Large single target damage, and shreds enemy defenses. High damage even without investing into AP. We max this first due to the large damage potential this skill has, as well as the armor and resistance shredding to increase overall damage.

Malice and Spite

I love this ulti. So much.

Not only does this give a massive speed boost and a massive attack speed boost for 10 whole seconds, the cd resets each time you're involved in an enemy death. If you're playing correctly, you should be able to activate this as soon as you need it, and it should NEVER be on cooldown unless you're in the process of mauling someone to death or running away from your own death if you find yourself outnumbered.

The health boost is also welcome; I've gotten away multiple times with less health than the health boost. It has saved my life multiple times, and allows you to go for that tiny bit extra, allowing you to just withstand that ignite, poison, whatever. Add points as soon as available, as with all ulti's.
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Core build

I suppose you can't really call this a core build, but these are the items that you should always get on eve in dominion no matter what.

Mobility Boots are extremely useful for map navigation, as well as capturing points, and getting places where you are needed. The other boots simply don't offer enough utility for the loss in speed to be useful over the boots of mobility, and the decrease from enhanced movement 3 to 2 isn't significant enough to warrant boots of swiftness.

Trinity Force is the main source of your damage. Not only does it provide nice overall stats, it gives a chance to slow enemies, always useful, but the most important part is the proc, giving 1.5x your base damage in extra magic damage. Combined with constant Q spamming, you should always have this bonus up as soon as it's available while attacking other champions, increasing damage by heaps.

Situational Items

For the complete damage obsessed. It works well for me if I'm having a great game. The extra attack damage helps with your overall damage output, and the extra critical chance should have you critting about half of the time. A great item for faster killing.

To be honest, I wouldn't get this item. Sure, the stats help Eve, and it's extremely easy to keep stacks up during a fight, but the bonus stats don't help her as much as raw attack damage and critical. Agony's Embrace already gives her an attack speed steroid, and while the extra AP is nice, this build focuses on AD which means that the gold could have been spent better elsewhere.

Good for sustaining yourself within a fight, and the extra damage doesn't hurt at all. You may want to grab a Vampiric Scepter early on in the game to keep yourself out for longer, and to help against champions who also lifesteal away from you.

Gives decent damage, and allows you to slow enemies at will. A certainly viable choice, but it is expensive. I personally haven't used this item much, but if others have with success, info would be appreciated.

I suppose that it COULD work, but you already get attack speed from Agony's Embrace, and simply building AD and Crit appear to work better in my experience. Might be a good choice against tanky teams though.

Attack speed, movement speed, Critical Chance. Good when you have the damage to back it up.

My Personal Build

Starting off with a Sheen gives you a good damage boost in the beginning. Less mobility of course, but you don't want to be caught up at the start of the teamfight at top, you want to bide your time until you know you can make a difference. Alternatively, you don't want to go to the top at all. See the gameplay section later for details.

After the starting fights have broken off, continue until you either die (you shouldn't be dying), get low on health after killing an enemy, or have an excess of gold, around 2000-3000. At that time, go back and get Boots, followed by Zeal], an optional Vampiric Sceptre, then finish off the boots into a Mobility Boots. Afterwards, you'll want to complete your Trinity Force as soon as possible. Follow this up with a B.F. Sword, or an Infinity Edge if you have the money. By now, the game should be ending, but if you have the gold, finish it all off with the Sanguine Blade.
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Greater Mark of Desolation
Self explanatory; armor pen is useful for getting through your opponents armor, and combined with Ravage, only a small part of your damage doesn't go through. This is my personal choice.

If you want more attack speed, this is a viable choice, but Agony's Embrace should be able to provide all the attack speed you need.

Attack damage is attack damage, and you level up at an accelerated rate in Dominion, so you pass the flat AD marks fairly quickly using this.

Combined with the Trinity Forceand Infinity Edge, 9 of these will give around 50% crit chance.


Armor helps you survive against the heavy physical damage seen in Dominion. Due to the removal of dodge seals... well, lets just say this is a good choice.

Greater Seal of Defense
You reach level 10 fairly quickly, which is the break even point between this and flat armor, so these work as well. Flat seals are more common, but it doesn't exactly matter too much.


Magic resist, it's good for you in general, plus you don't benefit too much from the other glyphs.

Again, you break even at level 10. Personal preferences.

Er... I suppose you could use some CDR? You shouldn't need it, but I didn't want to just leave with two choice with glyphs. I guess having Ravage up 10% earlier could help you during a fight, but you should be killing them quickly enough anyway.


Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Armor pen, do you really still need an explanation?

Helps to get around the map, but boots of mobility should already cover this quite nicely.

Flat AD. Again, nothing to say, personally I think that the armor pen makes more of a difference.

AD/level. If you're going with AD, this breaks even at level 10, yet again. What a surprise.
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Summoner Spells

My Personal Spells

Exhaust is good for ensuring that kill, and ensuring that heavy dps on the other team don't fight back to their fullest. Also good for stopping them from trying to kill you if you realise they have the upper hand.

Garrison may feel like an odd choice, but I find it more useful than what other alternatives are given to me. There is one main giant use for Garrison; tower diving. Enemies often hug towers while they've lost health to make sure they don't die while defending their tower. This spell makes the tower basically useless, and you can go in for an easy kill. It also works against full health enemies if you can take them on.

Other Choices

Metagame in SR, but not as useful in the Crystal Scar. You can use this to escape, and that's about it to be honest. You already have two inbuilt escape mechanisms though, so...

Extra speed. Good for getting across the map, though you'll be hitting the soft cap with Mobility Boots.

If the enemy team has heavy CC, you might want to consider this spell. Otherwise, leave it alone.

Now this is interesting. Gives 40% attack speed and some AP. I'll have to test this out and come back to it later.
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The Starting Rush

The most common starting point in Dominion is 4 top, 1 stopping to cap mid while 1 person caps bot. Following my build, you start off with no mobility. I'd reccomend that you cap mid then follow to top to help in the teamfight while everyone is at around half health.

Alternatively (Something that I've done to great success with a team that listened), have four people cap mid and one person cap bot, then fake a rush to the top while in reality all your team is going to the other bot. Not only does it take the other team by surprise, you can simply rush back up to the top as soon as you've capped bot, and destroy the other team.

General Tips

There isn't a set-in stone rule for going around playing in dominion, as it all depends on what the other team does and what your own teammates do, as well as quests. Here are a few general tips to help you play Eve.
  • You are meant to be an assassin, as well as stealthily capturing points for your own team. Find targets alone and kill them off, your damage is high enough to do this easily
  • If your teammates back you up, you can go for a group of enemies. Let your teammates initiate, then once the enemies are occupied, kill the largest threat within the team. Note that largest threat is completely dependent on the situation. A full health Sona and a full health Xin, for example, would be handled better if you killed the Sona ASAP so she can't get off crescendo, even though Xin does a lot more damage.
  • Remember that your stealth doesn't fool towers, and if you hang around one, the enemy team can see you.
  • Dealing with Oracles, catch them ALONE, or let your teammates deal with them.
  • Quests are a high priority, but it doesn't matter if the quest is going back and forth and the top points are being left undefended. Capitalise on what gives the largest advantage to your team, not whether or not you get the quest. I'd much prefer to capture and secure four points and let the other team take the quest point than that happening to us.
  • Pushing minions waves can help if the enemy is being particularly stubborn in defending
  • The Lightbringer and the Hextech Sweeper can severely hinder your ability to go around your business. Make sure that you check whether or not the enemy team has these items, and adjust accordingly. Don't Shadow Walk away from these enemies without expecting to get murdered, use Agony's Embrace to gain a movespeed advantage.
  • If you see an undefended point, check where the enemies are, as well as respawn timers before jumping in.
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I hope this guide helps you all to play Evelynn in Dominion (And stomp, huehuehue). Again, constructive criticism would be welcome, and I would really, really appreciate it if you left comments on how I could improve on this guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tornspirit
Tornspirit Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn Dominion Guide: That's just the wind...

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