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Ezreal Build Guide by PyroMantisEUW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PyroMantisEUW

Ezreal - Can't control the beast ****as!!

PyroMantisEUW Last updated on January 30, 2014
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Okay, so itemwise: Doran's Blade + Pots + Trinket. Nothing cheesy at the beginning. You wanna start with Tear of the Goddess and advance to Manamune. (If you get killed and sent home too early, get another Doran's Blade and a Boots of Speed!) Then you quickly wanna grab your Sheen, then your Iceborn ASAP. Then you'll have MORE THAN ENOUGH mana and armor to sustain and stay on lane as long as you please. So, after that, all you have to do is grab your Boots of Lucidity for some extra CDR, and your Hexdrinker, and then your Maw of Malmortius for extra damage and magic resist for an even better sustain. Then you wanna advance to getting a B.F. Sword to pack even more heat, and then a Mercurial Scimitar for even more firepower and magic resist + the unbelievably awesome Quicksilver active. Once you have these items. You will easily have a 300+ damage, about 160 armor and 140 magic resist + an almost undepleetable mana pool. Pretty crazy right? But wait, the best is yet to come. Read on!!

You see you mainly skill your Q and E, but it is strongly suggested to put 1 point in W at lvl 3 in case your jungler ganks so that you can pump up your jungler and support's attack speed. Trust me, it helps greatly!!

As far as Masteries are concerned, I used this build having 23 points in Utility (for the extra movement speed + other tweaky stuff), and 7 points in Offense and Defense (but I don't remember how the points were alligned.)

I had like 8 Armor Pen, 10 Damage, 12 Armor and some Magic Resist from runes. pretty much what you'd expect.

All in all, what this build enables you to do is jump into and out of combat whenever you want to thanks to your awesome CDR and amount of mana. With your Q + E combo, you're allowed to kite anybody anywhere at anytime compliments of the Spellblade passive of your Iceborn. The bonus armor and magic resist you get from these items allow you to stay alive for an incredibly long time, especially because you get a Quicksilver ability which among many things removes crazy*** ults like Mordekaiser ult or Vladimir ult from you which is awesome, but wait, the best part is yet to come. So you see, even if the enemy team has a badass Nidalee who throws her *****s at you all the time, the amazing Lifeline passive of Maw of Malmortius can save you by repelling most of the damage you would take from a spear even if it's a maximum range one.
I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking now! Where's the lifesteal? Well, here's the funny thing; with the amount of armor and magic resist you have, plus the item abilities you have, plus the kiting ability you have, plus all the nasty other stuff I forgot to mention that you have at your disposal, YOU DO NOT ****ING NEED ANY LIFESTEAL!! Like no ********, I'm dead serious!! :D :D
And last but not least, there is another thing to this build. You will use your Q like all the time triggering your Spellblade. You can damage multiple number of enemy champions with that especially in teamfights when they all focus and jump at your APC + with your Muramana, your base damage will reach 400+ and your Q damage will reach about 600-700 damage so, with the help of Last Whisper, you will sure be able to pack a wall up.

As extra information, I'd like to add, that even if you get focused, you will be able to stay alive like 2-3 secs longer with this sustain than you would with other stuff making your teammates able to clean up at least 2 enemy champs in turn, and 2 for 1 is always a good deal, ain't it? :P (However, trust me, if you know how to play Ezreal and how to position him for maximum efficiency, you will pretty much be able to get out of any situation, thus never die!!!)

Give this build a try folks and let me know what you think! Thank you.