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Ezreal Build Guide by tomtemoz West

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tomtemoz West

Ezreal.. simply pwn

tomtemoz West Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello :). my name on LOL is tomtemoz, i play on the server EU West. I have played about 2500-3000 games and ezreal is definently one of my favorites. so now i have decided to make a guide for him hope you enjoy it.

please rate the guide and leave a comment but keep in mind that this is my first guide ever so it may not be the best guide on the site :D.

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Runes are most usefull in the early game, thats why i only have flat runes and no per level.

here are the runes i use on ezreal:

Marks: Well as an ad carry you need armor pen. i take the armor pen Marks beacuse they are the ones that gives you the most armor pen of all runes eccept for the quintessences

seals: : There is acually not many choises when it comes to seals imo. so i take the ones that gives attack speed beacuse the item build does not give you any attack speed in the early game eccept for the boots.

glymphs: glymphs are not made for ad carrys but since we want to get something out of them i think that more as in the early game will be just fine.

quintessences: its ovbius that you need damage as an ad carry, i use the ad quintessences beacuse they are the ones that gives you the most.

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As Ezreal you need to focus a lot on the farm just like with any other ad carry. try just to take the final blow on the minions so that you don´t push your lane up to far. meny playesr have problems getting the last hits while the tower is attacking the minions.
your Mystic Shot is great when it comes to farimng as long as you keep an eye on your mana.

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Counter picks.

Every champion has counterpicks, thats why im showing you who Ezreal is good and who Ezreal is bad against.

please note that it´s impossible to tell eccactly who counters who.


Miss Fortune

WEAK VS Ezreal


like i said before, theese things change all the time and its hard to hnow eccactly who couners who.

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Pros/ Cons


Long range

good harras
strong early game
low cooldowns
good at receving ganks


gets weaker late game
Needs items fast to be eccective

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So, what do you build and why...

First you pick Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. this gives you the ability to trade some damage and then get most of it back through the health potions while if you would have started with dorians ring you would proparbly be forced out of the lane pretty fast if the enemy team decides to harras you. another thing that is good with boots is that if you get ganked or recives a gank you will thanks to the boots be able to escape more effectly aswell as you can hunt down kills easier.

When you firts go back you make sure that you can get atleast 2 dorians blade or 1 dorians blade and level 2 boots. if you stack 2 or 3 dorians blade you will have a much easier time to farm and fight in the early game.

Of to mid game...

Your first really big item should be The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge The Bloodthirster gives you a lot of damage and lifesteal and it´s good if you start stacking it early and Infinity Edge gives you a lot of damage aswell and the uniqe passive is great on all ad carries. the one that you don´t choose to start with you simply place i bit back in the build.

Sheen is very usefull on ezreal. it stacks with your Mystic Shot and since ezreal cast spells all the time you will be getting the passive a few times in every team fight. later you build this into Trinity Force

The Black Cleaver or Last Whisper is very important to have. you only need one of them tho. presonally i prefer The Black Cleaver since it gives you both ad and as.

Infinity Edge is definently the most important item you can buy on a ad carry. just get the item if you want to win.

Trinity Force is often called the most importand item on ezreal. i can´t say that i agree on that but i totaly think you should buy it. it will give a lot of things, attack speed, slow chans on basic attacks, health,damage,sheen passive and a lot of other things. you don´t need to get this item to early tho as long as you have the seen it will do the job for early game.

Phantom Dancer is optional if you think that you have to low attack speed but there are other choises here aswell. you could get madred´s bloodrazor or if you need a defencive item you could go for either Guardian Angel, banshee´s veil or Quicksilver Sash

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Items 2.

So why do i build theese items on ezreal? thats what im going to show you here.


I think you should have theese boots on every ad carry. it gives you attack speed witch you need as a carry and they are pretty cheap so you will be able to get them fast if farminf well.

dorians blade

stack 2-3 dorians blades on ezreal beacuse they give you great sustain in early game since you ge both health and some lifesteal.


I´ts a great item that gives you both dmg and lifesteal. Just keep in mind that you need to stack it.


This item gives you alot of damage on ezreal. since it stacks with your mystical shot and gives you mana this will be a great way to spam Mystic Shot all the time without losing to much mana and still do a large amount of damage. late game i build this into Trinity Force for a larger amount of damage and and many other effects that scales great on ezreal.

Infinity Edge

This item is very important on ezreal. it gives you attack damage, cirtial chanse and a great unique passive that gives you 250% dmg when you cirt. you need this item to be eccective in late game

The Black Cleaver

every ad carry should be going for some kind of armor pen as the enemy team will get hard to kill without it. here you have the choise between Last Whisper and The Black Cleaver. I prefer going black leaver bacuse it gives you attackspeed aswell as a large amount of damage and armor pen while Last Whisper gives you only the last 2.

Phantom Dancer

you need some sort of attack speed aswell. i prefer going phantomdancer beacuse it stacks great with Infinity Edge


If you need some kind of defencve item you can go for either Guardian Angel or banshee´s veil- Guardian Angel will reset 750 health if you die and it also gives armor and magic ressistance, tho the revive effect only appears every 5 minutes witch is a very long time. banshee´s veil- gives you health and mana but also a unique passive that will block the next incoming spell on your champion. this effect comes on a much lower cooldown.

madred´s bloodrazer This item is optional to use insted of either Phantom Dancer or The Black Cleaver.- replace the The Black Cleaver if the oponents are bulding a lot of health but not to much armor and replace phantomdancer if the enemy team is building a lot of armor and health beacus you need to keep the The Black Cleaver if they do.

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Skill Sequence

This is the order i select my spells.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

first i max my Mystic Shot as it is the one spell that is dealing a lot of damage eccept for the ultimate.

at level 2 i take a point in Arcane Shift this is great spell but since it is not a spell that is ment to deal any real damage i max it last.

after i have maxed my Mystic Shot i max my Essence Flux. i don´t do that for the damage but for the bonus attack speed it gives to the allies you hit and the same effect on enemies only lowering insted of increaing :).

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Thats all i have for now tho i will be checking the guid out now and then and update it...

please rate the guide and leave a comment of what you think of it. but please don´t be to fast do downvote if you havent tryed it out yet.