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Ezreal Build Guide by Dawuri

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawuri

Ezreal the awesome carry - AP

Dawuri Last updated on September 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heimerdinger Pretty easy
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Hello! This is a quite simple guide how to get a very strong and fun ap carry from Ezreal, the prodigal explorer.

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For masteries, we take 21/0/9 which focus on two things: Damage and mana reg. This might look risky because we dont have any defensive help except flash and arcane shift, but it actually isn't if we just know where we have our opponents. :) (Which we does!)

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These items are great if you got the (especially mana regen) runes, but they will be good even if not.

Start off with Doran's Ring for that hp and mana reg sustain.

First turn back you buy Boots of speed and an Amplifying tome.

Second turn upgrade Boots of speed to Sorcerer's shoes and Amplifying tome to Mejai's soulstealer.

After that you wanna buy Morello's evil tome for mana regen, cdr and ap. (Cdr for our crazy ulti!)

Rabadon's deathcap.

Rylai's crystal scepter for more survivabillity. The reason i dont take Rod of Ages here is because we need the survivabilliy in teamfights more than sustain in lane from RoA passive.

And at last sell Dorans ring and buy Zhonya's hourglass/Lich Bane. Depending on how the enemy team is.
If they have a lot of aoe damage, stuns, a Karthus, then it might be best with Zhonya's hourglass. Otherwise buy Lich bane for the prock on Mystic shot.

If the enemy team has a nuke that is difficult to avoid in the midst of teamfights, for example a Lux, Malzahar, Syndra or Leblanc, get a Guardian Angel.

But why mejai's soulstealer? It is indeed another risky item that rely on kills without deaths and cautionus gameplay? Well quite but it does bring a very high amount of ap at almost no gold cost, + naturally with an ap ezreal it is your job to jump around in the background in a fight throwing in aoe spells in the middle of your opponents - if someone focus you you just combo; E + W + Q. This usually makes them stop following you due to the health loss on their side. If they however someone like Xin Zhao or Lee Sin follow you - consider flash cause they can jump, slow and burst you down.

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Skill Sequence

Mystic Shot is taken first to harras and last hit creeps without losing a lot of mana.

Essence Flux is the main damage output and usefull in lane because it passes through minions and in jungle becouse its wide enough to hit even if you are not aming straigh at them.

Arcane Flux are used to damage and position you right for essence flux and trueshot barrage. Also for kite enemies.

Trueshot Barrage will become your deadliest and funniest abillity. You can use it to finish champs in other lanes, finish recalling champs, do huge damage in teamfights + marking which is the squichiest in their team and the best to focus.

With Clairvoyance Trueshot barrage can be used to steal dragon or even baron. But it needs alot of practise since it's difficult to shoot in the exacly right moment. Its however easier the closer you are to the target.

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Summoner Spells

I have tried a lot of combinations here, and the best i have found is Clairvoyance with flash.
I know that Arcane shift is sort of a flash, but its also a damagedealer that is not to save for an escape. Flash is a great escape tool but it can also be used to position yourself for Essence flux.
Clairvoyance is another great advantage for ap Ezreal. To avoid traps, snipe recalling champs, steal baron or dragon with Trueshot barrage or track enemy junglers for a gank. Its great.

Other summoner spells

Ignite - Can be a good finishing tool, but you already got trueshot barrage (which is awesome and should be used with great ownage)

Clarity - if you feel that you really need it to not get oom so quick, and to spam spells, this might be a choice. But it should not really be needed.

Exhaust - You have good snowballs, but your best abillites cooldowns are almost as long as the exhaust making it useless at engage + you are a kiter and is not supposed to stand auto attacking the target as its a low damage output and risky to get killed.

Teleport - Could be an option but i never really got a hang of it, teleporting into the enemy team as an untanky carry. Since we are in mid lane we can simply run to our teammates aid.

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Use Q to last hit creeps and at higher level u can use Trueshot barrage due to its low cooldown and great damage. I recommend to not use Trueshot barrage to farm with until you are level 11 or more, because it will not kill the creeps making it a waste of mana and cooldown.

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If your top or bot lane is pushed and the enemy is attacking your tower, use your ult to scare them off and/or kill the minions that is tanking.

Place wards at the enemies blue buff camp can lend you a blue buff if you use trueshot barrage when the enemy jungler tries to give away blue to the enemy mid laner. Lending you a blue buff and makes your jungler able to take the one on your team.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great damage output
+ Insane nuke
+ Good survivabillity
+ Finishing champs in other lanes
+ Learns how and where people runs, recalls and how fast they react
+ Have the element of supprise

- Dies easilly
- Difficult to play if you have bad aiming

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This is my guide how to play a strong and fun champion - Ezreal.

Hope you will have fun with this.

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