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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by Crowd Pleasa

AD Carry Ezreal, The One Man Army. A (nearly) Complete Guide to Ez

AD Carry Ezreal, The One Man Army. A (nearly) Complete Guide to Ez

Updated on February 7, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crowd Pleasa Build Guide By Crowd Pleasa 4 2 333,947 Views 11 Comments
4 2 333,947 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crowd Pleasa Ezreal Build Guide By Crowd Pleasa Updated on February 7, 2015
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This is my first guide, I am a diamond Ezreal and Vi main. I started playing league at the end of season 3, and I started playing Ez when I was level 10 and never stopped. I have 250 ranked games and at least 500 normal's on him. I have tried and tested every possible build, rune set up, and lane match up possible, extensively. This is the result. This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of league and Ezreal, so I wont go through the basics.

This guide is not yet complete, and I will be adding more tips and helpful information at least twice a week until it is.
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Things to remember

You do not need to follow this guide 100%. If they have a full magic damage team, you will obviously want to replace frozen mallet with a maw or banshee's. If the enemy team has a fed zed you will need a qss. Its all situational. If they have a health stacking team you might want to get botrk 2nd item over triforce. Knowing what to build and when to build it will help you improve as a player.
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Explanation behind runes

Most people will disagree with my rune and mastery set up. Remember this is just a suggestion and not required for the build. I have multiple reasons for running movespeed quints over attack damage or attack speed. Attack speed quints should never be run on ezreal, his passive is already an attack speed steroid, and your q scales 1.1 with ad, making it much more efficient to run attack damage over attack speed. It also aids in last hitting. I run movespeed over attack damage because it scales much harder into late game, the early movespeed makes it much easier to harass the enemy laners, and dodge crucial skill shots like thresh hook or blitz grab that could lose your lane for you. If you are playing ranked and know who you are going to be up against in lane you can customize your rune set up depending on the matchup. For example running movespeed would be highly beneficial against a thresh corki lane, because there are multiple skill shots to dodge, and you will never out damage a corki early game so your chance of the extra ad winning trades is small. If you were against say a vayne taric lane, there are no skillshots to dodge,you will never out run a vayne, and you can outdamage vaynes early game and win trades with ad quints.
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My build verses the standard builds

The other guides you may have encountered for ezreal will usually always be the standard triforce build or blue build ezreal. Mine is a mix between the two, and gets the best of both guides with less downsides. I will list the main pro's and cons of the other two builds and mine.

Standard Build Ezreal:
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper

Strong Damage Throughout Game

Auto attacks main source of damage
Low kiting potential
Easily killed by assassins and bruisers
Low mana sustain

Blue Build Ezreal:
Boots of Lucidity
Iceborn Gauntlet
Last Whisper
Essence Reaver

High Kiting Ability
Early Defensive stats from iceborn
High Mana sustain
Strong Poke

Low damage at all points in the game
Low Movespeed due to lack of triforce
No attack speed items until your build is completed

My Build:
Boots of Lucidity
Frozen Mallet
Last Whisper

High damage mid and late game
Very strong kiting due to triforce and slows on Auto's and mystic shot
Large amount of health
Strong Duelist
Mana sustain

Average damage early game
Slightly less damage than Standard build
Makes the game too ez
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Why I build and play ezreal this way.

I believe that the correct way to play Ezreal is with high utility, the ability to be out-putting consistent damage whether its through poking with Mystic Shot or through auto attacking, and being able to outplay multiple opponents and swing the momentum of a game single handedly without having to rely on team mates to set up kills or peel for you. There are better ad carries for dealing high damage, so there is not much point playing Ezreal if you are not going to utilize his ability to poke and kite. This IS the build for solo carrying an entire team no matter what elo you are in.
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Laning Phase

Ezreal has one of the weakest laning phase out of most of the popular ad carries, beating only the late game hyper carries, jinx trist twitch and vayne, and vayne can even be trouble if they are good enough to dodge all your skill shots.

Ezreal is one of those ad carries that has a really hard time controlling the lane against most bot lane match ups, unless there is a large skill gap or your against a weaker laning opponent(twitch). The way you lane with Ez will differ completely depending on the other 3 champs in that lane, and the more you play ezreal, and just bot lane in general, the more you will learn how to play the different match ups in the best way possible. But really there are 3 types of ad carry in relation to this. The lane dominaters, lucian caitlyn graves corki, and the late game hyper carries, tristana twitch vayne jinx. The other adc's are a mix of of both, and then theres draven. If there is a draven in a lane, you need to choose a different lane to be in.

Now down to some helpful info. It may seem obvious but your goal in lane is to poke with q, and farm as much as possible. You never ever want to use your arcane shift if you don't have to. Don't use it to poke or to get farm, only use it to re-position in a fight, or escape one, the mana cost is just way too high to spam it. The same goes for using your W. It has little damage, and its only real purpose in laning phase is to give you stacks on your passive and deal a little damage. Dont use it to poke as i see so many ezreals do ,its a waste of mana.

You will lose all in trades against most ad carries at the same skill level as you so only do it against weak laning adc's, or if you or your support gets a good catch(they screw up). If neither of these are the case, all you can do is poke down the enemy, and then all in when you have a considerable health and mana advantage.

Your first power spike will be at level 6. Many people underestimate the damage coming out of ezreal's ult, but at level 1 it will be around 375 damage to the first target. If your support lands a hard cc ability on the enemy ad carry, use your e to re-position so they are the first target you will hit with ult, then ult w and q them. If done correctly, they will lose nearly 75% of their hp bar, and depending on your support you could 100 to zero them. Some other tips for ezreal ult, is if its possible, position your self so you hit as many targets(including minions and monsters) with the ult, this will give you 50% attack speed instantly which will often decide the outcome of a fight.
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Transitioning into mid game

Transitioning into mid game as ezreal is probably the most important part of the game, because its when he is at his strongest, and is stronger than most other ad carries. In 99% of games, bot lane will be the deciders on when mid game starts. Usually it will happen after the stronger lane pushes the bot tower, then either takes dragon and pushes mid, or just pushes mid. As ezreal, you want to leave bot once you have your triforce, boots and at least 500 stacks on a manamune. You also need to look at the enemy ad carry, there champion and how strong they are will play a big role in whether or not you win or lose mid game. If for example it is a corki, who has the same amount of item as you, then it is wise to not go mid, and instead try and keep them bot, because early corki will out damage and out poke you. But if for example its a vayne with the same amount of items, she has yet to hit her late game power spike, and you dont want her just farming up in bot lane. You need to force her to follow you to mid, especially if you are ahead.
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Mid Game

Mid game is when bot lane has moved to mid lane to push towers, and top may or may not join. Small team fights will often occur in mid lane and around the dragon area. Ezreal team fight mid game is very strong if done correctly, so this is when you want your team to be initiating as many fights as possible, assuming you and your team are not really far behind. Time management is crucial in mid game. You need to use your time as efficiently as possible to either hold and increase the lead you already have, or catch up if you are behind. This relates not only to ad carries, but to all positions. Things you don't want to do: Waste time mid against high wave clear champs that are capable of defending a tower with less defenders than offenders. For example, you are ahead, you have a zed mid,vi jungle, leona support and you are the ezreal adc. They have a xerath mid, lee jungle, morgana support and vayne adc. If your team (not including top) were to group mid, their xerath morg and lee could comfortably hold mid by themselves while vayne farms and pushes bot. This is a quick way to lose your lead. There are multiple things you can do to prevent this. Dragon, jungle camps, pushing against the other adc, roaming top and taking that tower, and others that will pertain to each game.
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Late Game

Late Game will usually be when all outer towers and a few inners have been pushed. The players are around their 5th item, and dragon has been taken at least a few times. The death timers are long and one misplay can result in a loss of important objectives or even the game. This is where positioning is crucial by the adc in determining the out come of a team fight. As the adc, your job is to deal as much damage as possible in a team fight, without dying. It doesnt matter who you are dealing the damage to, just attack whomever is easiest to get at without dying. Sometimes you need to stay far away at the start of a team fight due to assassins and the like. This means you wont be able to auto attack and lose alot of potential damage you could deal. But this is where ezreal steps up. Even when far away, he can poke with his q for a large amount of damage. He can use his arcane shift to re-position quickly, getting out of team fights when an assasin is near, or jumping back into a team fight once the assassin is dead or has used their ult.

Remember to use terrain to your advantage. When fighting in the jungle, jump over walls out of reach of the enemy, and attack from afar. Landing a good ezreal ult can win a team fight, especially when your other team mates have aoe cc and damage, such as amumu or jarvan. If used correctly, a level 3 trueshot barrage can deal upwards of 3000 magic damage in a team fight, as well as fully stacking your passive. And remember, do not in any situation, use your arcane shift to jump into the middle of a time fights, its the quickest way to die and lose the fight.
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Miscelanious tips and tricks for ezreal.

Rushing last whisper is not a huge concern for ezreal, because of the large amount of magic damage his kit has.

You can easily steal baron and dragon with a perfectly timed ult q over the wall.

Make sure you keep your muramana off when you are not attacking enemy champions, and on when you are.

Ezreal's blink is not instantaneous, this means to need to jump before an ability hits you or the damage and or cc will still go through. I.e. irelia stun.

The projectile fired when using arcane shift will target stealthed units.It will also apply the damage of the muramana toggle.

You can use your essence flux on yourself, which will also proc a stack of your passive. Remember to use this when pushing towers, and when it is 100% safe to waste your e
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