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Renekton Build Guide by LoLChris

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLChris

Face Roll Renekton

LoLChris Last updated on March 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, I'm a Silver Renekton main. I've learned so much over the time I've been playing and I honestly fell in love with Renekton. Even tho I'm not diamond or challenger I feel as if i can help a lot of other lower elo players who would like to learn and master Renekton. This is basically a guide on my general item build and runes and masteries. Hope you guys learn from my guide and it will hopefully make you guys a better Renekton player.
Also if you'd like to play some games with me just shoot me a friend request my summoner name is HeimerdingerXD

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AD marks are usually your best bet for Renekton. They make your already great early game even better. Basically they maximize your damage at early levels. Another option is Armor Pen marks, they make you sacrifice some of your early game damage but make up for it in the mid game. Basically past lvl 6 is where you'll see those shine for you.

Armor seals are what your gonna want. They're the best for AD laning opponents and AD junglers. You can go flath health seals if your facing an AP top and an AP jungle.

Glyphs Flat MR glyphs are normally what you'll want vs AP or hybrid Dmg laners. Taking something like MR per level will help you scale better into mid/late game if your facing an Ad top and AD jungler. Also another good option if your facing a straight Attack Damage team or maybe a team with weak AP is Cool Down Reduction glyphs, since Renekton is an AD caster it'll hep his skills come back up much quicker after use.

You normally go AD Quints or also you can go Armor Pen for the same reason a our Marks.

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Okay so normally your gonna wanna take flash and ignite for your summoner spells. I've also used ghost and ignite a few times but I highly recommend flash over ghost. All in all flash is much better on Renekton tho. You can also opt for Teleport over ignite but you do lose a decent amount of kill potential in lane. Also in my opinion ignite scales better for team fights.

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Maximizing Your Damage

So Renekton's combo is very simple, You SLICE AND DICE in then use CULL THE MEEK then RUTHLESS PREDATOR and finally SLICE AND DICE BACK OUT. Now if you wanna maximize your damage output your gonna have weave auto attacks(AAs) in with each ability. So basically your gonna wanna do this. SICLE AND DICE>>(AA)>>CULL THE MEEK>>(AA)>>RUTHLESS PREDATOR>>(AA)>>SLICE AND DICE. This lets you get the maximum damage out and they won't be able to trade back, the combo with Autos weaved in takes around 4 seconds to do. Learning to weave autos in is a HUGE thing for Renekton so make sure you learn how to do it. Also before I forget Renekton's ultimate (Dominus) gives him so many stats it's amazing, It does huge AOE and gives him full rage and a lot of health back, your gonna have pop this right as you SLICE AND DICE in which will give you great damage and help you build your rage up so you can get extra damage from your fury bonus.

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Pushing Your Lead

If played correctly not many if any champs can outlane Renekton. Once your ahead and normally you should be, your gonna wanna use the fact that your ahead to benefit the whole team. You can go about this a few different ways:
So you've taken your tower now what do you do? You push out your lane and go gank usually mid, This will help you get some pressure off your mid laner and maybe even a kill and a tower. Pushing objectives and pressuring other lanes after you've bested your lane is key.

Objective Control
Since you've already pushed down your tower and your wave is also pushing you can do things like go down and help get dragon. Helping your team get the global gold is key to a win. Also you can get deep ward coverage in the enemy jungle and that in return will hep you get control of enemy buffs which is another objective. If your taking the enemy junglers buff your making it harder for them to get gold and levels and it's also getting your team even more global gold.

Split Pushing
So lets say your lanes are having trouble, and your unable to gank. You can keep pushing top and applying pressure top lane, this in return will bring the enemy jungler and mid laner top to try and stop you. This will relieve pressure off your lanes when they see the enemy jungler on the map and they no longer have to worry about him at the moment.

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Team Fights

Okay so now you've gotten to the team fight stage of the game. Mid game a Renekton that's ahead with this build will have a good amount of damage and the enemy team probably won't have a lot of their items. Renekton is amazing in team fights with this AOE, his ult(Dominus) does a good amount of AOE magic damage. Mid game you should be able to target a squishy champ and delete them such as the4 enemy ADC or Mid laner. Your normally gonna have enough damage mid game to blow up a weaker target. Late game is a little different tho, Mostly late game depending on the enemy team comp you'll be peeling for your adc and apc. You do have a decent stun so if you can get a stun on a good target then your team should be able to blow them up other than that your a huge AOE meat shield.

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Tiamat/Hydra Tricks

For me and it honestly looks like most pro players as well Hydra is a must have item on the croc. They're a few tricks you can do with the Hydra and Tiamat component. You can activate your tiamat right as you use CULL THE MEEK and it'll give this big burst of AOE damage which will hit your opponent like a truck. It's very good for clearing a big wave of minions as well. Also so using RUTHLESS PREDATOR not only stuns your opponent but it puts Renekton in kind of a CC himself he's stuck doing the animation. However if you activate your tiamat/hydra as you use RUTHLESS PREDATOR it removes the self CC and lets your get your combo off a lot faster which lets you get more burst damage off. These are a couple neat tricks that I've learned and it seems most people know these but I thought I'd throw these in just in case.

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Final Thoughts/Comments

Honestly, Renekton at this point is a little to powerful and if your looking for a champ that will help you gain Elo I recommend him. He's such a dominate laner it's crazy. He offers a lot of outplay potential so practice him get his mechanics down and you should be able to snow ball your lane easily. Renekton is the best top laner at this moment in the meta, he's basically a tanky AD assassin with crazy base damage, if you learn him there's no way you won't gain Elo. However most other top laners in the meta such as Nasus, Shyvana, and Mundo will out scale him so your gonna have punish your laner as much as possible and never give them a chance to recover. Your goal as Renekton isn't to go even in lane it's to beat them so badly that they'll ban Renekton in champ select the next time. Once you learn each match up top lane you should do well in all of them. The worst thing to do is throw your lead or get behind in lane because your not someone who's gonna scale into a monster, push your lead, rotate, help your team snow ball and win games.