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League of Legends Build Guide Author tajatysz


tajatysz Last updated on May 4, 2011
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First of all, welcome to my next build, this time it's Offtank AP Mordekaiser, in this build i get some Health Regen early to let me spam my skills, bunch of AP items to deal tons of damage and a Sunfire Cape, just to get tougher and have this additional 40 dmg per sec.

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Pros & Cons

+Great Farmer.
+VERY Useful and annoying passive, that makes him almost unkillable in 1v1, especially when there are minions around.
+Can have a pet.

-Can't save his allies.
-Uses HP to fuel his skills, making him quite useless VERY early.

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Summoner Spells

- Imo this is a MUST for Mordekaiser, this makes perfect combo with your ult.

- Good spell, it got nerfed and it's easily counterable by slows, but i really like it, it's my personal pick but just because it's one of my favourite spells and i just need a spell for transportation.

- Very good spell,slow wich may be used as a counter for Ghost(but it's shorter), and damage dealt reduction.

- Also very good spell, it's got pretty damn short range, but in some situations it's just better for escaping/chasing than Ghost.

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- Ol' good MPen boots, a must for almost every AP champs.

- Really good item, 16 AP for each kill, 8 for assist?Stacking up to 160?15% CDR At full stacks? Isn't it just awesome?Yes it is, but not if you're not killing much.

- Tanky item, some Magic Resist and a ton of Health Regen, gotta get it to spam skills more often.

- Single item giving HP, AP and a slow on each skill? Fantastic, isn't it?

- If it's the only AP item you've got it gives 202AP, and the more you've got, the more THAT SINGLE ITEM gives! A MUST for every AP build.

- Great tank item, some armor, some health, damage per second from Passive, really good item for tanks and offtanks.

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Optional Items

List of items you can get if you want to be even harder to kill:
Against team with much mages:

instead of

mercury treads instead of

Against team with much DPSes:

instead of

instead of

WARNING!: By swapping just to get tougher you will lose A LOT of AP, thus i prefer to swap only boots.

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Phase 1: Desolation is coming.

Start up with a to get some regen which will make spamming your skills easier and safer and spend the rest of money for , put your first skill point into and head to your lane.
Don't use your skills VERY often, because you may hurt yourself, but do it often enough to charge your shield. Later, when you'll have more regen and health, just keep harassing and farming with -> combo, you can also easily farm and charge your shield by using and running through minions. Try to not waste your Ignite, because it will become very important after you'll reach level 6, if your enemy is on about 20% HP just -> -> and he should be done.

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Phase 2: Time to shred.

Just keep harrasing and farming, if your enemies are really squishy or are dealing **** damage, you can push them hard, if they are squishy just use Siphon of Destruction and they will run the hell outta there, if they are doing **** damage, you can just ignore them, and farm minions with your Siphon of Destruction, having full shield all the time. If your lane partner is not a ******, you should easily dominate that lane, so just harass, harass, when an enemy is harassed hard enough, -> , and then just push the tower.

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Phase 3: Death would be too good, for the likes of you.

Yeah, i never said much about the late game, just remember your basic fight and farming combo ( -> -> ), keep killing, pushing, ganking etc...

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Yes! Mordekaiser is VERY good mid character, especially against squishies with low early game damage, like , or , when i went mid as for first time, i encountered , and it was so easy, she was trying to harass me, when she attacked me, i was using on her, after about 3rd time when she came too close, she ran back to turret, and she was killing minions ONLY if they were at her tower, or if i wasn't there, also when i reached lvl 6, she was harassed hard enough that + was enough to get a kill.
By shortNOTE: This comic up there is NOT created by me.

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Children of the Grave

There are few things you have to know about this ultimate.
#1 It also heals you for the damage done, so you can sometimes use it just to save your life.
#2 Stats of your pet depend on the stats of the one who was killed with your ult on, so it's best idea to use it on AD champs(because ghost doesn't use skills) or tanks.
#3 The ghost from your ult is about to die after 30 seconds of enslaving him, so why not make use of him and let him tank the tower?
#4 As i said before, ghost's stats depend on the victim stats, so if you enslaved someone who deals high damage the pet can be really useful in a team fight or a 1v1.