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Teemo Build Guide by NotThatProGamer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NotThatProGamer

Fast Teemo with a mix of AP

NotThatProGamer Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Hey guys, it's me NotThatProGamer and I am giving you a Teemo guide. This is going to be my first guide and to be honest, I am hoping it's a good one. So, if you like what you saw keep reading while I put it into more detail. Oh, and credit to Ferrovial (here's a link to his build ), if it wasn't for him I would never had played Teemo. I used his Teemo guide and it rocked, but I like to put my own little tweak to things.

What to expect in this build:
The why's for each Rune, Mastery, and Item.
A Pro/Con for Teemo
Working well with teammates
A proper guide to midding.

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Teemo is a very good midder, if you like to mid he's your man.
He's got shrooms which act like sight wards that blow up on contact.
He can blind opponents making all their attacks miss for a duration.
His passive allows you turn invisible giving you element of suprise which increases ATTACK SPEED by 40%

    He is very squishy and easy to kill.
    Not very good until later game.
    His shrooms were nerfed and do low amount of damage.

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The reason I chose these masteries is because they increase ATTACK SPEED, ABILITY POWER, MAGIC PENETRATION, ARMOR PENETRATION, DAMAGE and COOLDOWN REDUCTION. I will go into explanation of why you need all of these specific bonuses.

I don't really think I need to go into detail on why you need ATTACK SPEED, the whole build is around it! It is very important when playing as a Teemo because Attack Speed is the only thing that will get you ANYWHERE as a Teemo. There is only one mastery that actually gives you ATTACK SPEED, but it is important.

ABILITY POWER is another important tool for a Teemo though many people like to think otherwise. AP is very important for Teemo, it increases damage for his shrooms, currently the damage is horrible. It also increases damage for Blinding Dart making it an even more powerful nuke than it already is. I cannot even stress how important this is for Teemo, it is about just as important as ATTACK SPEED is.

This is also important for Teemo as it allows the poison from Toxic Shot to deal more damage. This is one of your most important skills as it deals damage over time just from auto-attacking. Very Helpful.

ARMOR PENETRATION is important too as it allows you to deal more damage to an enemy by getting more damage around their defense. It is pretty much self-explanatory.

Do I even need to explain this? This increases the amount of points you knock off your opponent's health. VERY basic, much needed.

This is very self-explanatory too. It reduces the cooldown on your abilities. Good for being able to use Blinding Dart and Move Quick multiple times.

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Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

I pretty much only use these runes for the attack speed bonus. Very helpful for Teemo but if you want to run with different runes I will explain which runes you would want to use.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

This is also a good combo, giving you added ABILITY POWER and COOLDOWN REDUCTION. I prefer to use my original, all runes of Alacrity but if that doesn't suit you, this might.

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Dagger - This is a good early game item as it gives you 15% ATTACK SPEED. Buy two of these early game and you will be at a good start for early farming.

Malady - Once you have enough money this will take over for Dagger and Amplifying Tome (you will not be using Amplifying Tome). Gives you 25 ABILITY POWER and 50% ATTACK SPEED.

Recurve Bow - This is a good item too as it gives you 40% ATTACK SPEED.

Ionic Spark - This is one of my more favorite items. Yhis gives you 50% ATTACK SPEED +250 Health, and after every 4 basic attacks it shoots a large chain of lightning. The chain of lightning shoots through any minion or champion in the area.

Madred's Razors - This item is really only used to get Madred's Bloodrazors It gives 23 Armor and 15 Attack Damage.

Wit's End - This will take the place of Recurve Bow. It gives 40% ATTACK SPEED and 30 Magic Resistance. Your attacks also deal 42 bonus magic damage and you gain 5 magic resistance for 5 seconds which stacks up to 4 times.

Madred's Bloodrazors - This will take the place of Madred's Razors and gives you some good bonuses including: 25 Armor 40 Attack Damage and 40% ATTACK SPEED. Don't get this if you already have max ATTACK SPEED, unless you are looking for that bonus 25 Armor.

Trinity Force - Now this, this is really good. It gives 30 ABILITY POWER, 30 Attack Damge, 30 ATTACK SPEED, 15 Crit Chance, 250 Health, 250 Mana, and 12 Movement Speed Multiplier. I REALLY like having this for the ABILITY POWER, ATTACK SPEED, 15 Crit Chance, and the Movement Speed Multiplier.

Lich Bane - This is, IMO, a little spinoff of Trinity Force. It gives 80 ABILITY POWER, 30 Magic Resistance, 350 Mana, and 7 Movement Speed Multiplier.

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Skill Sequence

The reasoning for maxing Toxic Shot is because it is one of your most important skills. You will always have this active which will give your basic attacks bonus damage and leaves a damage over time. Your primary killing machine.

I decided that I would split Blinding Dart around between Toxic Shot and Move Quick because you really don't need it maxed, just high enough to have it be decent at the right levels. So, I split it up on the levels I thought you would really need the next level.

Move Quick is being maxed last because you aren't really going to need it until later game. You won't be able to kill much until mid/late game so it isn't much use until then. The only reasons you would use it before then is so you can lane faster and so you can get away faster.

I have actually been very disappointed lately with Noxious Trap. This shrooms do such low damage even with maxed. Because of how low the damage is you are going to want ABILITY POWER. That's why I added it into the build. A good thing about these mushrooms is that they act like damaging sight wards. they light up a small area of the map so you can see whats going on in that area. Very nice to put around Baron, or Dragon.

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Since you are most likely going to mid as Teemo I decided I would put in a guide to proper midding.

If you don't know what midding is here is an explanation. Midding is laning solo in the mid lane, the most direct path to the enemy's base. Your job is very important as you will most likely be the highest level of the game.

Pros/Cons of midding:

    You will most likely be hitting a higher level than anyone else in the game.
    You will only have to focus on one target
    You get all the minions to yourself (alot of gold!)

    You are an easy gank considering you are in the middle of the map.
    If you need help, your teammates generally aren't there to help you.
    Laning will be hard unless you have either Ghost,Teleport, or Flash

When midding you will definitely want to last-hit. This will be very easy considering you have the lane to yourself. This will give you much gold allowing you to build up your items quickly. You will also want to harass your opponent alot. By harassing, I mean you will want to make sure to attack your opponent a couple times so they are forced to either move back or attack you. This denies your opponent exp from not killing opponents ultimately denying them levels.

Denying your opponent levels is a big thing to do when midding. You shouldn't ever let your opponent just free-farm. Every so attacks you make, remember to attack your opponent so they stop farming. Try to kill them if you get the chance. As a Teemo that should be easy if you do enough damage because your poison will do the rest.

Since you are midding you will probably be buying items fast. Remember to keep looking for ATTACK SPEED as that will allow you to kill your opponents faster, kill the enemy minions faster, and destroy the turrets faster.

If you decide to recall, be reasonable with it. Don't recall smack down in the middle, right between your turrets. This gives your opponent less range to have to push to your turret. Make sure to push to their turret and recall once the next wave of minions come in. This should give you the reasonable time-bubble to recall, buy something if you need to, and get to back to the lane before your turret recieves too much damage.

When being ganked, always run. Run to your turret. Most people will figure that they can kill you before getting to much damage from the turret. This allows you to turn around and kill them. While running, try to turn around a couple times and dish a little poison out. Remember to blind one of the opponents, preferrably the opponent that will dish out the most damage. This will allow you to take hits but not damage as they will miss when blinded.

Also, as the midder you will be leading lots of ganks too. Remember to gank when they are by some opening that isn't in range of the tower, this will most likely be the river but other places could work. After you kill the other midder, watch out for retaliations by other champs. You and your gank partner should then proceed to push up on the turret and ultimately destroy it. After that is done your gank partner can leave and you just keep laning like normal.

If the enemy team decides to put two people in mid, just target one person, and keep harassing them. that way atleast one person is underleveled in your lane. Mid game that will result in great feeds. Try to play on defensive. Don't rush in for a kill even if you know you can take it. They will both attempt to gank you. Most midders will have some way to stun you, snare you, or do anything of that sort that allows them to pwn you. Just play defensively.

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The most important tip I can give you: Be nice. Your team starts to un-focus if someone is constantly yelling at them. Think whatever you want but be nice in-game, it will help you out.

A good way to help out your team in teamfights is to shoot your opponents with Blinding Dart this blinds your opponent and makes all their attacks miss for a duration. This allows your teammates to attack their opponents while recieving no damage. You should also be auto attacking your opponents which puts a poison that deals DOT (Damage over Time).

When ganking, again blind your opponent, if they get away use Move Quick to speed up and move in for the kill.

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Summoner Spells

are what I usually use.

I recommend those because they are the most useful IMO. Ghost can be used to get into lane quicker, get away from somebody, or catch up to somebody. Flash can be used for the same thing. You just flash in, or you can flash out.

- This can be used in place of Flash if you don't have it.

- If you feel like you want to deal in a little more damage for a kill, use this!
- This is a useful spell too when playing as Teemo, it allows you to slow your opponent down letting you come in with a quick kill.