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Sona Build Guide by baginthecup

Support fat cash cow sona

By baginthecup | Updated on February 14, 2019

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Runes: Normal Build

1 2
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 55%
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Champion Build Guide

fat cash cow sona

By baginthecup
About me
Hello, its ya boy bag in the cup from 69you clan. This is my guide on Kleptomancy Sona support. I peaked d5 0lp in s8 abusing Lulu and Rakan.

As far as Sona I have a total of 7 games on her and am currently 3-5 on her. I am 0-5 with Aery and 3-0 with Klepto.

Thanks for reading.
Summoner Spells Back to Top
Go Ignite + Flash 99.99% of the time. Flash is self-explanatory for every champion but you also need it to make those Flash Crescendo plays.

Ignite you take for lane pressure. Even if you don't necessarily win a lane, you should take ignite anyway to have more pressure in 2v2, 3v3 situations.

You could take Flash + Barrier if the enemy team has a heavy dive assassin comp. You give up lane pressure for it though so make sure you don't think you can win lane before you even think about this.

Example enemy comp you would take this against:
Build Back to Top
Sona is a champion that excels at AOE buffs. For this reason she has huge synergy with multiplicative heal/shield power.

On first back, look to upgrade Frostfang, grab Refillable Potion and a Control Ward or two. Later, you want to back on 900~ gold to get another Control Ward + Aether Wisp towards your Ardent Censer. If lane is hard vs AP you can go Chalice of Harmony -> Athene's Unholy Grail instead. If you back on low amounts of gold, Faerie Charms and Dark Seal are good options as well.

Your first item should pretty much always be Ardent Censer. If you are in an extremely difficult lane without a traditional adc ( Jhin/ Ezreal), you can sometimes take Athene's Unholy Grail first item. This item has a lot less synergy with Sona but the early Chalice of Harmony component helps you survive laning phase.

For boots you have a lot of options. Generally just default to Sorcerer's Shoes unless you are in an extremely hard lane like Draven or Lucian and need the Ninja Tabi.

After Eye of the Watchers + Ardent/Athene's, you generally want to build Redemption. This item is ridiculously good for so many reasons. You can use it in the middle of a teamfight. You can use it after a teamfight. You can use it half-way across map to help your team! It's so good, just do it!

Afterwards, you can make the choice between Mikael's Crucible or Locket of the Iron Solari. Crucible is generally the better choice even if there isn't a cleansable ability because the 20% shield/heal power is so damn good. Locket is a good choice as well especially if you are getting focused in teamfights and need some extra defensive items without being as selfish as Zhonya's Hourglass.

Situational items:

Tear of the Goddess: this is super greedy. Sona doesn't have mana problems at all after her first back. Take this once you've finished ardent if your team is worthless enough to not build Redemption for and your AD doesn't need Mikael's Crucible.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Take this if the enemy team has a Rengar, Zed or Talon that is really trying to make your life hell.

Other than that just make sure to stock up on Control Wards!
Runes Back to Top
Make fat stacks with Kleptomancy build. Sona's laning generally plays around getting maximum value from her Hymn of Valor and Power Chord. Outside of this, she has no real ability combos or the like so weaving in auto attacks is easy.

Magical Footwear is the generic best option in row 2. Sona doesn't really have an extremely useful boots upgrade so she can either go Boots of Mobility like the generic support or she can just sit on a free boots upgrade until she has completed her first item. Perfect Timing is a good alternative as well but Sona's game is usually decided before minute ten anyway.

Biscuit Delivery is easily the best option in 3rd row. Future's Market is quite useless as enchanter supports don't really have great component spikes. Minion Dematerializer would tilt the **** out of your adc more than you stealing cs with q accidentally already does.

Cosmic Insight is another obvious one. Approach Velocity is useless for obvious reasons. Time Warp Tonic is an option but you should be topping yourself off on Sona anyway since she is so squishy and has a heal in her kit.

Sorcery second is the obvious choice. Sona has mana problems so Manaflow Band is a must. The 2nd one is a bit of preference as all of Absolute Focus, Scorch and Gathering Storm are fine plays. Transcendence is generally a bad play because Sona doesn't really rely on ability rotation so cdr is not really that useful. Furthermore supports don't hit level 10 until very very late so Transcendence might come into play for like 5% of the total game time. Abs focus is a bit of a bad play imo. Sona is primarily a trade champion so she usually stays at about 60-80% health in lane trying to get max value out of her heals. This means that Absolute Focus is generally not activated. Scorch is meh for the same reason. It's best used on high uptime poke supports like Soraka but Sona's poke is rather *** and so I take gathering storm most games for higher value mid-late game.

As we all know, Sona's base defensive stats are rather lacking so we take armor and health to try to make up for that instead of taking more adaptive offense when Sona already has mediocre scaling ratios. Armor of course can be exchanged for MR depending on the match-up.

Other build:

Take this build when you are against a difficult match-up where you cannot really get auto attacks off easily such as Xerath, Brand, Leona, etc...

Aery is self-explanatorily the best keystone for enchanter supports. Manaflow Band was explained in the previous build. We take Absolute Focus this time as Sona's focus is on safe laning meaning she will stay topped off on health more consistently. Scorch or Gathering Storm in this situation is optional. I take Scorch in this build because we are already in a poor match-up and having the extra oomph on poke helps make life a bit easier.

Resolve is the obvious second choice. Revitalize has huge synergy with Sona. The other options are rather personal preference as well. I take Conditioning to help Sona's weak mid-game defense. Bone Plating is also a good option as well as Demolish but both are rather situational use whereas Conditioning is flat consistent benefit after 10 minutes.
Laning Back to Top
Before you head into lane, you want to charge up your Power Chord. Get the stacks to 2 or 3 (doesn't really matter because you want to Hymn of Valor->Auto as a trade anyway to proc Kleptomancy). If you are leashing, don't be afraid to use your power chord on the buff to help your jungler because there is time between walking to lane that you can charge it without losing too much mana.

In lane, walk up and get the Hymn of Valor->auto trade which is basically unbeatable. You can look to get the 2nd Kleptomancy auto attack but this is in general greedy as you have stepped up and don't want to take extra minion damage or get counter-traded.

With this initial won trade, you and your ADC should be to get the wave pushing. Help your ADC push the wave by auto attacking minions but be careful not to steal any or make it difficult for them to CS.

Though you push for level 2 to get lane pressure, Sona's level 2 is quite weak as her Aria of Perseverance doesn't really change much about her power so continue looking for Q->auto attack trades. Once you have the heal you can look to try to get double Kleptomancy procs since you can sustain a bad trade up.

If you weren't able to get the lane pushing either because you messed up the initial trade or something else went wrong, look to get high value trades from Power Chord or double [Hymn of Valor hits to maximize gold gain from Spellthief's Edge.

Don't be afraid to get low HP on Sona. Everytime you take a trade, remember that you are probably winning the trade either through Klepto gold or through Spellthief's Edge gold. You can be very liberal with pot usage early game for this reason. You also have Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation coming in later into the lane to help you sustain.

This is where you want to ward generally.

At level 3, if the lane is passive, take Song of Celerity in the event that a jungler ganks and you need the escape speed.

Otherwise, if you are controlling the lane and are somewhat low on mana (<50%), take Hymn of Valor level 3 and Aria of Perseverance level 4 to prevent wasting mana through Song of Celerity casts.

Once you get past these initial levels, in general Sona becomes weaker and weaker as the laning phase extends. Once it seems like you aren't able to control the lane anymore, play a bit safer and look to get higher value trades instead of greeding for Kleptomancy procs.

At 6, Sona is briefly quite strong depending on her ADC and can look to burst people with Power Chord + Hymn of Valor+ Ignite + Crescendo. Don't be afraid to commit ultimate and Ignite early as you can usually blow Flashes or Heals which have longer cool downs than your abilities.
Power Chord Usage Back to Top
Hymn of Valor: Self explanatory. This is your bread and butter deal damage skill.

Aria of Perseverance: Reduces targeted enemy damage output by 25% for 3 seconds. This is an extremely important ability. Use this when your ADC or mid gets dove by a bruiser, fighter or assassin. I cannot stress how important this is.

Song of Celerity : Slows target by 40%. This is helpful for running down targets who are trying to escape.

How do I consistently keep track of which one is my 3rd Power Chord? In general you should keep a counter in your head of which power chord stack you are on. If you lose track, the counter is found in your buffs/debuffs bar above your health.

Personally, I try to keep track of the 0 counter state and just rotate my spells such that the desired power chord is on my 3rd spell cast.

Song of Celerity is in general used to cycle Power Chords as it is often the least useful chord early game. Mid-late game, this is still true but Hymn of Valor's chord also becomes less useful. So while early game you can get away with spamming damage [power chord], you should try to use your later Power Chords more intelligently.
League of Legends Build Guide Author baginthecup
baginthecup Sona Guide

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