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Akali General Guide by FatEssGuy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatEssGuy

FatEssGuy's Guide To Bronze 1 With Akali Only for Baddies

FatEssGuy Last updated on March 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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OK, just found this out, rushing gunblade still sucks.

11/26/2013: New masteries just made Akali's mid game alot stronger! Updated with new 30/0/0 Masteries. Such damages!

12/10/2035: Added video on how to proc Q for noobies

1/7/2914 : Added how to lane vs Renekton

1/21/2014: NOT TESTED IN SEASON 4!!

2/18/2014: Tested in S4, still good.

3/18/2014: LICH BANE NERF OH NOES WAT DO? Still build it.

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Suck at this game? Want easy wins? Then this is the guide for you. Just follow this guide's exact build order, play with some courage and not like a complete dumbass, then you will win every game!

Trust me, I am not a good player by any means. But with this Akali build, I was able to win games vs higher skilled players. As can be seen here, almost all the games played are Akali games.

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The purpose of these runes are to get you the most early damage, while still keeping your burst output even if the enemy build Armor and Magic Resist. With OP hybrid armor and magic penn runes combined with AP, you will be able to kill any tanks getting in your way. You will be able to kill ADC in 1.5 seconds. Even if the enemy AP grabs a negatron cloak early game, you'll still be able to go through his HP like he didn't buy that 740 gold item.

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With OP 30/0/3 manmode masteries, you will be able to instakill anything in your way (except fed Rammus). Even if u see tanks, kill them(except fed Rammus). These masteries will keep your damage high throughout the game, even if the enemy build armor and MR. Armor penn and Magic penn are the focus of these masteries. Not only does it help in keep your damage high, it also helps with last hits.

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NEVER RUSH GUNBLADE. Since our runes and masteries are too manmode, do not rush gunblade, or else you'll be squishy as fack. Instead, rush rylais so you appear to be tanky because you have so much HP!! No one will even focus you because they will think you're a tank. Once your Rylais is completed, which should be around 15 minutes into the game, you can roam anywhere and get kills because of the Rylai's slow. With the extra HP, you can even tower dive bot lane if you have flash to get out safely.

Situational: When the enemy have Malzahar, Rammus, Fiddlestick, Warwick, or Skarner, you must replace Zhonya's Hourglass with a QSS.

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Ranked Play

This guide is good for ranked. Just kill everything with OP items. Once you complete lichbane, if the carry is hard to get to, you can use a combo or two on the enemy tank/offtank. Try to stay out of enemy vision when your team is grouped or pushing towers, you don't contribute much in a push anyways. Hide somewhere near, or behind your team until an initiation happens. If the enemy sees you before a fight broke out, they're more prepared to use their CC on you.

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How2Proc Double Marks

OK, to do any real damage with Akali, you have to use Q, and detonate it with an auto attack or E. If you can't even mark Q on an enemy and detonate it, then please use another champion, like Karthus. Here's a video on how to do it in most situations for the noobs who dono waterIamTalkingAbout.

VS. Skillshot champs, stay in the shroud as much as possible so it's hard for them to land their skills.

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Using Shroud Defensively

Shroud can be used to save your ess if you have a brane and not a moran. Even if you're retar enough to get caught in the first place.

Try to shroud around corners when you're caught. It gives you 2 ways out.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Can't lose with this build.
Cons: Might lose with this build.

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Kill minions, run around the map after level 6 and cause trouble. Try to force objectives like dragon at around 15 minutes because that's when you're the strongest relative to your enemy. No one can 1v1 you at this point.

Akali's damage on minions: Before your first buy you can kill melee minions after it has taken 2 hits from the tower with 1 auto attack. For ranged minions, you will need to use E on them first, then you can kill it after it has taken 1 hit from the turret with 1 auto attack.

After you have a revolver, you can kill ranged minions after it has taken 1 turret hit with 1 auto attack without the help of E.

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Creeping / Jungling

Getting CS pre-6 in lane is hard, but not impossible. Just use your Q to get last hits and shroud to walk in to get last hits or harass the enemy. When you see one of your minion is about to die, throw a shroud down in front of it, so that you can walk in and land a combo on the enemy. He have the choice to take one of your combo to the face, or lose that CS. What I see some people do with Akali is, they throw a shroud down where they stand, then walks forward to harass the enemy. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT DO?? It makes you stealth in an area where you're safe, and then you step out of it, revealing yourself to harass, only to take a punch to the face. Don't be a noob, don't shroud like this. Be a mon, shroud ON, or BEHIND the enemy!

Never let the enemy free-farm, because he will become confident and harass you. Try not to take harass from the enemy, because if you can lane long enough to get level 6 and 1200 gold before your first trip home, you can return to lane after the first buy with your hextex revolver and 2-3 charges of your R.

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Team Work

If the enemy have offtanks like Jax or Udyr who dives straight for your ADC, try to put down some DPS for your ADC so he can kill it faster. Never let the enemy know where you are before a teamfight. Check the enemy's inventory before a teamfight to see who have pink wards. If no one have pink wards, dive straight for the ADC and put a shroud down immediately. It will force that ADC to either run back or die to you.

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Unique Skills

Splitpush: Once you get a deathcap, you can kill towers pretty fast. With lichbane, you can kill them even faster. Only splitpush if you are skilled enough.

Getting max DPS in lane: Once you've reach level 6 in lane, do not attempt to jump on an enemy unless you have at least 2 charges of your ult. In order to get the most damage in the shortest amount of time, try to throw a Q mark on the enemy without the use of the shroud (the best time is when they go for a last hit). Let that mark hang on the enemy head while your Q is refreshing off of cooldown. When your Q is about 1-1.25 second from finishing its cooldown, immediately jump on the enemy with your R, throw down your shroud and proc the mark with E. Right after the mark is detonated with E, throw another Q mark and proc that one with an auto attack and then press R on the enemy again. You can now safely walk out of your shroud with 1 ult charge remaining. The enemy should have lost about 3/4 of his HP if you did this properly. If you're sure you can kill him, then go for it, if not, wait for your shroud to come back and repeat.

Chasing enemy: When dueling or chasing someone, never use E unless the mark of death have already landed on them. Using E without detonation of a mark consumes all of your energy and deals no damage. Also, don't waste an ult charge on an enemy if you are in range to throw a mark of death at them. When you are in range to throw a mark of death, let the mark travel and land on the enemy before jumpin in with R and using E. A rookie mistake for Akali players to do is to jump in with R as soon as they throw the Q mark of death. They just end up appearing at the enemy and using E and an auto attack on the enemy before the mark even get to land on the enemy. If you jump in with R too early, by the time the mark lands on the enemy, the distance between you and the enemy is already too far for you to proc the mark. SO REMEMBER, ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE MARK TO LAND FIRST.

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Laning vs Lee Singa

Lee Singa is special to Akali, so you have to play a bit differently when playing vs him so he does not kick you in da ess. If you happen to lane vs Lee Singa, you have to get E as your 2nd skill. E range is greater than Lee's auto attack range, so you can throw a mark on him, and walk up to him and E him before he gets into auto attack range. Be careful when walking up to Lee, because if he lands a Q on you, he will WIN the exchange. Dodge his Q in early laning phase and you will win lane easily vs him early.

-Grammar correction thanks to My ChooChooTrain

Dueling a Lee Singa: In order to win a duel vs Lee, you must do the double Q mark of death combo. However, if you see him miss a Q, Go in on him right away with a Q+R+E combo. If you decide to go all in and go for a kill on a Lee Singa in a duel, you have to start the duel with the double Q mark combo. Once you jump on him with R, try to run behind him after each auto attack so that he will miss his Q. If he misses his Q, he is for sure dead.

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Laning vs Renekton

Rush gunblade and seeker's armguard. Cry for jungle help.

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If you lose with this build/runes/masteries, then uninstall the game and burn your computer. Leave comments on how this awesome guide made it possible for you to carry with Akali to diamond. There should be no excuse not to win at least 50% of your games if you follow this guide. If you see any mistakes or bad advice, please let me know so I can fix it or tell you that your're a dumbass and don't know what you're talking about.

Anyways, I hope that you find this guide helpful and I hope that you learned something from this guide even if you decide to ignore it and go 21/9/0 Masteries with Armor+MR runes while rushing a gunblade. Just don't come crying when you teamfight and everyone focus you and you die faster than you can burst them because they CC you and you can't spellvamp with your silly gunblade.

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