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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Timpaaaaow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timpaaaaow

Fiddle In The Middle

Timpaaaaow Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone! Decided to make a new guide, this one including my favorite champion of all times! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Fiddlesticks, The Harbringer Of Doom.

Fiddlesticks is a really fun champion to play and hopefully you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Champion Introduction

So what do we know about Fiddle? He heals 24/7, he can silence an entire team, he fears you, meaning you're dead before you know it. And then ofc his ultimate which can be devastating for any uncautious player in the jungle.

All in all, a very,very,very tough champ to play against.

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Okay, you might think I'm a bit crazy here, but I choose all AP runes for this guy.

x9 Greater Mark of Potency. For early AP, making you powerful in mid.
x9 Greater Seal of Force Per level runes is always the best choice.
x9 Greater Glyph of Force Like I said before. ALWAYS the best choice.
x3 Greater Quintessence of Insight Your passive + these runes = GGWP early game.

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A standard 9/0/21 for this guy :) Nothing new there.

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Summoner Spells

I take and which is the most common, and it's really useful with his ultimate, since it counts as an extra flash :).

Other options:
can also be very useful in ranked, if you're facing a heavy CC team.
is also a good option if you need to get away quickly.
This is for champions who are mainly dps like Trynda, Caitlyn, Nasus and such. If you're not able to take them down with one fear + drain combo use this while you wait for cooldowns.

Useless Spells:
On Fiddle? LOL.
Leave it for the tank.
Just buy wards.

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Passive and Abilities

Your passive is and when you look at it, you don't think it'll do much. But in teamfights, this is a beast. It reduces enemy champions Magic resistance by 10.


Oh boy, can't really count how many ppl who have raged at me cuz of this ability...
At lvl 1 it fears your opponent for 1 sec, causing it to flee in fear. And at lvl 5 it fears your opponent for 3 sec! This skill is useful when trying to run away from someone or to turretdive little squishies.

This is your very own "I don't need to go back to base" ability. It heals you for 60% (lvl 1) to 80% (lvl 5) of your damage done. You can stay in lane for ages without the blue buff considering you only use this skill when needed, and even longer with the blue buff ;).

This ability sends out a crow which silences the target it hits. This crow can also bounce between targets, making it very useful against a team who are close together. If you think you need it, you can take a point in this skill early if you want, but then you would give up some power in the main combo, which is Terrify and Drain.


You channel for 1.5 sec and teleports to a location unleashing a devestating crowstorm, picking out the eyes of your enemies for 5 sec, dealing 125/225/325 + 45% of your AP. This skill with Terrify + Drain is guaranteed a kill. Or two, or maybe even a penta :)

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Early game

Start out with a for 100 extra health plus 15 extra AP and 5 mana regen/5 sec. Since you won't max E with this skill, last hitting is very important. Try and get as much last hits as you can. Otherwise, kill the enemy mid champ for some gold :). At lvl 6 you should have at least and/or . If you haven't gotten a kill yet, I advise you to go for one now. One trick that I usually use, is to let the enemy push while I hide in the wraith camp. Make sure you stand directly to the edge out to the mid lane, or you won't pull this trick off. When the enemy champ thinks you're B or possibly on your way to gank, use your ulti, make sure you're ready to terrify + drain. If the enemy is attacking the tower along with the minions, your ultimate will take care of the minions and then the turret will also focus the enemy champ if he/she is in range. For some reason you would miscalculate the enemy champions movement, you can flash in range if you have to, use your combo along with ignite to secure the kill. Fiddle is also a great harasser with his Q + W combo. Terrify and Drain. If the enemy gets too close, seize the opportunity to reduce his/her HP bar to half with one combo. This harassment will also allow you to set up ganks with your team.

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Mid game

At this point you should have and around 220-250 AP. You are very powerful with your 3 sec fear at this point, resulting in easy kills with your team. Try to organize with your team to be more effective. for example if you have an Amumu or Galio, try and combine your ultimates for devestating effects. You can also go jungle at this point, you can easily solo the dragon, and I also recommend putting out wards as you go. Now you should be on your way to building . This item allows you to turretdive with ease. also it is a good way to confuse the enemy team while they're focusing you.

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Late game

Fiddle isn't much of a carry, yes ofc his ulti is still good, but he relies more and more on his teammates the longer the game goes on. Most teams will surrender if you get fed, so you hardly lose any games. If they have like Nasus who grows in strenght over time then it might get rough, but your teammates should help you and set you up for ultimates :) Buy a for a bit more hp and a slow that will work well 1v1 as it slows by 25% for 1.5 sec. Note that it slows only 15% with your ultimate/Dark Wind. is for some magic res and magic penetration. You can switch this item with a if you'd like.

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Pros and Cons

Really strong early game
Sick ultimate
Can stay in lane for hours

Gets targeted in teamfights
Isn't the fastest champion in the league
counter this champion exceptionally well

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Is Fiddle the best mid champ in game?

In my experience he is one of them actually. For example Doesn't stand a chance against Fiddle since does NOT interrupt . But Fiddle is countered with stuns and silence. So going mid vs LeBlanc or Annie might be a bad idea. is also a big no-no but I've gone mid against him and managed to keep him at bay. Fiddle is also an exceptionally good ganker cause you never know when he will come ;) Sometimes he scares me too... But if you face then he would only eat some oranges and it would all be k.

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I've never liked jungling, especially not with Fiddle. I believe he is more useful in lanes, preferably the middle one :) This isn't a Jungle Fiddle guide so if you're looking for one, you're in the wrong place.

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Try him out, see if you like him, go pwn some noobs, contribute to a few "ragequits" and LOL your way to victory with this epic champion!

"Fiddlesticks has nothing to fear but fear itself."