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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by tenaciousegotist

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tenaciousegotist

Fiddlesticks-Say Goodbye to That Health Bar

tenaciousegotist Last updated on September 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I'm tenaciousEgotist, I've been playing League of Legends since Seasons 1, and Fiddlesticks since early Season 2. This is actually my first build/guide I've ever written, so I figured it would be appropriate if I did one on my main man Fiddlesticks. Now let me tell you, over the years I can confidently say I have mastered the "Harbinger of Doom". And if you follow this guide, someday you can master him as well.

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Pros / Cons


+ Extremely Effective 1v1
+ Able to heal without other champs/health pots help
+ Crazy damage output late game
+ Can gank other lanes if your Jungler is busy
Because of Fiddles ability to Heal himself for as much damage he is dealing this makes him a very exceptional mid-lane champion. On top of that, Fiddle can also gank other lanes if the jungle is already ganking another. His late game is where Fiddlesticks start to live up to his "Harbinger of Doom" title. The amount of damage per second he does generally will out-do most champions.


+ Sorta squishy
+ If you have no mana, you have no way to escape ganks
+ Slow Early Game
While Fiddle can heal and gank well, if he is interrupted or silenced during a drain or a gank, he becomes useless. Unless you are building Tanklesticks, Which I do not recommend, Fiddlesticks is also sorta squishy and is susceptible to early game ganking if his lane is pushed too far.

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Marks: Fiddlesticks needs to be able to deal a decent amount of damage without magic resist to worry about, which is why we have 9 Marks of Flat Magic Penetration.

Seals: Because Fiddlesticks can be a bit squishy, you will want at least some defense which is why we have 5 Seals of Scaling Armor, and 4 Seals of Flat Magic resist. The reason for more armor is so you have at least a small buffer against the top lane, if they decide to gank.

Glyphs: Fiddlesticks is great late game, which is why you need your 9 Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power. Because as Fiddlesticks grows, so will his damage.

Quints: Lastly we have 3 Quints of Flat Ability Power. That way Fiddlesticks AP Damage doesn't completely fall off early game.

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Summoner Spells

Flash comes in handy when using your combo or ganking. For instance, say you cast your ult and the enemy champs are just out of reach? Flash in for the kill.

Ignite also is useful when you may have just barely missed the rest of their health with your combo.

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One of the things that makes Fiddlesticks so terrifying(pun intended), is his Terrify ability. While this ability does not deal damage if sets up the rest of his combo/damage output. Early game if you can land a close Terrify and then Drain, not only will you heal yourself, but also dent the enemies health bar quite a bit.

Fiddlesticks main damage output will forever and always be his Drain(W) As long as you bought your Will of the Ancients, whatever damage you do with this ability will heal you for an equivalent amount. Say you are running low on health, well just go to that nice little cannon minion and suck all his health away!

Fiddlesticks is a wonderful counter to a lot of champions because of his Dark Wind ability. He can stand behind his minions, hit the enemy champ with Dark Wind, and it silences them. Making those scary AP champs halt their onslaught of pain for at least a few more seconds. This ability also comes in handy when you are getting ganked. For example, if you Lee Sin comes out of the middle bush and you know he is going to use his sonic wave/resonating strike size 10 to get to you, cast Dark Wind to stop him! Simple as that!

Fiddlesticks Ultimate Ability is Crowstorm. Otherwise known as his second damage output/gank ability. The thing I love about this ability is it moves with you, so as long as you have your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will be slowing the enemies while dealing damage. Crowstorm is a bit tough to land sometimes, for a lot of champions have dodge or flash like abilities, so time out when you are going all in so you don't waste your ult like I've seen people do so many times.


So here is Fiddlesticks Combo, and how to properly execute it.

> > >

Step 1: Position yourself so you are unseen or in a place where they won't suspect you to cast your ult. Remember if they can interrupt you, this combo will not work. Casting over a wall, or while in bushes into lane, will be your best bet to land this.

Step 2: Decide which champion needs to die. Whether it be a personal vengeance mission, or a team fight, figuring out what champion to focus will always be the best idea.

Step 3: Cast Crowstorm(R). While channeling get your Terrify spell ready.

Step 4: Cast Terrify(Q) on whichever champion you have decided doesn't deserve to walk the fog of war anymore. Then IMMEDIATELY cast Dark Wind(E), and then Drain(W). Provided you executed everything correctly, and you aren't tower diving with low health, or into a 1v5, you will almost certainly get a kill.

Step 5: ????????

Step 6: Profit. Literally. You can rake in the gold.

Remember Kiddos, RQEW.

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Honestly Fiddlesticks is a very fun champion, with a crazy damage output as long as you land your combos right. I hope this Guide helped at least a little bit, up-vote if you liked it, down-vote only if you feel completely necessary. Thank you!