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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Impactxboss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Impactxboss

Fiddlsticks guide to max kills and assists

Impactxboss Last updated on February 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The kill at level 1 Please read all the way through

So you want to click into the shop the second you spawn. quickly click Doran's ring and boots of speed(They should both be at the top of the recommended list) then without clicking out of the shop click you mini-map to auto-path to the brush on the bottom lane, while you are autopathing click out of the shop and click the drain ability to upgrade it. As you are autopathing click on the summoner spell (exhaust) and have it ready as you enter the brush. If someone is there click them to slow them and then use (w)drain and if you don't get the kill DO NOT CHASE. If there is no summoner in the brush, then stay in the brush nearest your side. Note: If you are playing 3v3 on twisted treeline then stay in the corner of the brush near your nexus. wait till someone comes and do the same thing, exhaust then drain and attach. If you get Ganked run towards your turret and if you are near death flash towards it. Note: If all of the summoners run and 1 is chasing you turn around and drain them, they can not kill you if you are draining; you consume more health then what they can damage you with, also you might get a kill that way also. You can also act like you are recalling to draw them close then strike with drain to get the kill.

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The reason I am so specific on my item operation is because that is the best way to guarantee the best outcome of a battle because you are constantly gaining assets such as Ability power, Health, cooldown reduction, and magic resist, and end up with an unstoppable fiddlesticks.

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first faze of Farming

The first faze of farming would be early minion farming. The first step would be basic attach minions and stand by till level 2 then wait till the majority of enemy minions are low health and spam your dark wind to get the final blow on them.

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second faze of Farming

after you are around level 4 or 5 you can take on the neutral monsters. these are a little harder but not by much. you can throw your dark wind at the golems to get both down to small health then drain the bigger one and strike the other one. Same with wolfs and wraiths. If you are going to take on the Bigger golems in summoners rift then use drain on the first small guy then use dark wind on the last 2, then spam the golem with drain and move back and forth between cooldowns then drain the last bit to get the buff.

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third faze of Farming

At level 7 fiddlesticks can solo the dragon on summoners rift using drain. To kill the dragon go towards the back of the little circle he is in and start using drain after drain is up attack once then use dark wind and then drain again repeat till he is killed. Note: If you get ganked use flash to hop the wall behind you, that is why you are inside the circle. Now the Major enemys. you can not take them on alone but you can do it in a duo using the same tactics as the dragon but by nurfing the damage and letting the ally assist by giving flat damage while you are draining.

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Other notes

If you are still having trouble winning with fiddle Friendrequest me and ill setup a match to help you out, also subscribe to Impactxboss ill be making videos on various champions including fiddlesticks.