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Quinn Build Guide by Kamfur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kamfur

Fighting Quinn

Kamfur Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Hello this is my first guide and I decided to share with you a little something I've been toying with. First off I would like to state that I am not saying that this is the best way to build Quinn but it's a way that I find enjoyable. I know Quinn is typically built as a glass cannon, but I've been playing around and I found that this tanky build works quite well and will surprise your opponents when you eat their nukes man fight and kill them for their trouble. It's really quite funny how hard you are to bring down.

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Pros / Cons

+ Very tanky and able to tower dive from an early level
+ Great constant damage output
+ Can usually turn an enemy gank around
+ Able to man fight several champions at once
- Lacks damage until you finish blood thirster
- Won't insta gib opponents
- Enemies who stack both armor and hp are difficult to take down
- Sometimes valor marks the wrong person

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I like armor pen marks because I don't grab any items that grant it. Armor seals and MR glyphs for added tankiness. Finally I take move speed quints because let's face it nothing is more annoying than being outran by a sure kill.

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I chose a 20/7/3 build for damage, extra health and armor, and the all important movement speed.

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Ok so for skills I tend to upgrade my steroid first followed by my nuke but you can switch it around if you'd like. I grab 1 point in vault at the start for chase and escape purposes. Next I grab 2 points in heightened senses because it's your steroid and a useful gap closer. Then at lvl 4 I take a point in blinding assault since it your nuke and escape tool/gap closer after you have your ultimate. You so
should do one of the following for your skill build based on what your comfortable with R>W>Q>E or R>Q>W>E.

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Start with a long sword and 2 health pots and try and stay in lane until you have 1375g. Spend that 1375g on a vampiric scepter boots of speed and an emblem of valor. Accumulate another 1375g and return to the shop for your finished berserkers greaves and an averice blade. With the vamp scepter, greaves, emblem, and averice blade you should be in decent shape you won't do amazing damage but you should be able to farm the 2400g needed to finish the blood thirster. Once you have said blood thirster continue to farm and pick any fights you think you could win, but be careful not to die and lose all your stacks. 2325g later you've completed your locket of the iron solari and you've enchanted your boots (I like the aclarity enchantment but pick whatever one you want). At this point just about anyone will be food for you so let's make sure we keep it that way by getting a runaan's hurricane. Finish off with a banshee's veil then atma's impaler and congrats you should not die after this point.

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Play Style

You want to play as a ranged bruiser type champion. You will still need to make good decisions and pick your battles but with this build you will be able to man fight just about anyone who jumps you. So to start this off what I mean by picking your battles is before you make the decision to jump on someone is ask your self 1- is my opponent alone? If you don't know play it safe back off and farm. If the answer is yes then 2- can they kill me? Learn the spells of as many champions as you can or ask your team if you don't know it's very important to learn who can burst you down with nukes, who can stun you under their tower, and who can just out dps you. The next question you should ask is 3- can I kill them before help arrives ( 7 seconds or less)? If you don't know check their items See how much armor and health they have. If they are going to be to difficult to bring down then don't bother with them you'll be better off farming. As the game progresses the 7 seconds or less rule will become more and more important because when you fight your job will be to find the add and apc and kill them ASAP then use the rule for clean up if you can't kill them fast ignore them till everyone else is dead. Let's talk about you combo now as it's important to master for the greatest dps. The combo I use is attack until valor marks who you want then attack the marked enemy once use vault to mark them again attack again to consume the mark, then decide if I can kill them a Quinn with auto attacks, vault, and blinding assault,or change into valor and run them down with vault and blinding assault.

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I like to build Quinn this way instead of going for the glass cannon build because overall I find it works well damage wise, you die less which makes the game more fun (for me at least), and it's funny when you get ganked and you turn around and tower dive them for a double kill. I would like to end by saying that this build works well on any ranged champ with a steroid ability ie attack speed or damage boosting spell so feel free to try it out on others I recommend Varus or Twitch. Thanks for reading if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints I'll do my best to answer them.