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Fiora Build Guide by Seraph Mikhail

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seraph Mikhail

Fiora - Dominating Dominion

Seraph Mikhail Last updated on October 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Guide for Fiora The Grand Duelist.

This is a Dominion specific guide. If you need a guide for classic, reference my credits section for the best classic guide bar-none. This guide is tuned towards one major aspect of the game: Flexibility. Fiora as a Champion is a relatively straight forward AD Carry. She is PREDICTABLE and because of this, we can bait the enemy team to making bad assumptions and decisions. The goal is to have a build that is not set in stone, but is fluid based on team composition and enemy playstyles.

I welcome all suggestions and of course votes for support. Feel free to leave a comment in the discussions section!

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Pro's VS Con's


  • Incredible Burst Damage
  • Very High On-Demand Attack Speed
  • Easy to stay on most champs after open
  • Can't be killed during Ult
  • Does not mana starve easily
  • AD Passive makes for flexible early game itemization

  • Easily countered if not paying attention to enemy gear buildup (ie:Thornmail)
  • Focus fired once fed
  • Only escape is situational
  • Burst is limited but crucial for things such as Lifesteal, making it counterable in late game situations
  • Susceptible to CC and frequently locked down to prevent "God Mode" from your Ult
  • Generates lots of QQ (or is that a Pro?)

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Runes and Masteries

Standard "Play it Safe" Setup

This setup is fairly common with the Armor Penetration being the backbone of most AD Carry Champs. The Armor and Magic Resist combination make for a much tankier early game. The goal with this setup is to make your early game duty (pushing top lane and securing the first tower grab) less risky for the team. Since Fiora has a natural AD passive PLUS a on-demand attack speed bonus, early game burst can force the opposition to pull off the tower long enough to get the cap.


Greater Mark of Mana

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

The "Feed Me" Build

This build may seem like a troll build in the beginning but I challenge you to give it a try. You do lose considerable survivability, but as you play Fiora you come to realize that many times opponents are simply freaked out by your blink in the first place. In Dominion, with the movement speed buffs placed all over the map and visibility/wards very rarely seen, it's easy to pop out of nowhere and dump enough damage in the first 3 seconds that a bad player may simply try to turn and run.

In this case, the enemy player is usually running back to the protection of his tower making your survivability somewhat pointless if played right. This means that a well placed lunge on a target has quite a few major benefits. If the player really freaks out he will flash away, allowing us to use the second use of lunge to close the gap, completely negating his flash. Since our Burst of Speed = a movement speed burst as well upon hit, chasing down runners is an easy task and most enemy players don't understand how this skill works, making it easy to take advantage of.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spell Choices

Ignite is one of the very basic and common summoner spell choices but I'm still a believer in it's Dominion value. When the gates open and the initial top rush goes out, a well placed team ignite can drop someone regardless of defensive playing. I usually take this over Exhaust because of out Burst of Speed. Considering exhaust only lasts a very short window, our controllable movement Burst of Speed is even longer and the healing debuff of ignite is a very good support counter.

Why Flash? Because 3 gap closers! With our Burst of Speed we have a ghost style running boost. So with Flash and Lunge combined we have the capability to close fairly long range gaps 3 times! This is invaluable and has a tendency to cause panic and a running champ is a great target.

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Dominion Explained

Dominion Basics

So if you're new to Dominion this section is for you. If not, you can skip this section. Dominion is a basic 5 point tower control game. Dominion, for most classic players, is considered fast pace but the misconception is that it's chaotic. Bad Dominion players are completely concerned with kills and good players are concerned with tower control. A copy of the minimap can be seen below with each team starting in a pin located to the left and right extremes of the map:

Game Start Explained

The game begins with a holding pin. Force-field type walls hold all 5 players in the starting area for a little over a minute. Considering the importance of time in Dominion this is done to keep players with fast connections and computers from bum rushing the beginning and capping 4/5 towers. With this in mind, buy your items (not forgetting that there are Dominion specific items) and get ready to go.

The Initial Push

Like in classic 5's and 3's there is a template for Dominion that is rarely deviated from. 4 players rush the top most tower with one stopping off to cap the tower immediately by base. The person grabbing that first tower should be decided prior to game start by calling "first" or "mid". Everyone else should skip this tower completely and run into the forest to the first speed boost. They then cut straight from the speed boost to the top tower. The enemy team will do the exact same thing and it should be straight forward.

The single lane in Dominion is your anchor instead of your carry. You usually put a ranged champ or tough skinned harasser in bottom lane. The bottom 2 towers are rarely traded. When one team cannot seem to get a hold of the top tower and secure their 3 tower lead, they will sometimes tip the scales down south and cap the enemy bottom lane tower in order to distract the top's defenders and hopefully cause a mass recall.

Capping Towers

Tower capping is simple. Upon right clicking an active tower, it will stop shooting you or other champs as long as channeled. After a short animation you will begin channeling the tower cap. Around half way through the tower will "neutralize" and you will receive gold and points. At this point, if you have to peel off the channeling to engage an enemy the tower will not shoot either team. The neutral power doesn't generate points for either team. After the enemy is dealt with, go back to the tower and finish the cap, once again receiving gold and points for the "capture".
Dominion Debuff

While playing Dominion you always have a debuff on you. This is the developer's attempt at balancing an unbalanced game mode. The major thing for Fiora is that the debuff provides for reduced healing and base armor pen. Making Armor Pen Runes more flexibly switched out for AD and making Lifesteal stacking not as effective.

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Item Explanations

Starting Items

This item combination is a basic game start package for an AD carry such as Fiora. The starting gold allows just enough to buy these. Many don't like Prospector's Blade as it does not build into anything late game, but unlike classic, games really should not last that long.

I usually get this on my first recall alongside whatever else I have the gold for in the build order. If it's still very early in the game, the 10% from this plus the 5% from Prospector's Blade and the 3% from masteries equals a major LS advantage. Later in the game this can be key because I'll smack a few minions running from tower to tower and be back at full HP and able to surprise single defenders that think you're still low. (Keep in mind the Dominion healing debuff -- While this makes LS less effective it does not negate it)

These boots are by far the best IMO. Considering many fights in Dominion are massive team fights, usually 3-4 vs 3-4. These boots with their duration reduction on stuns and slows + our lunge/flash mobility equal a Fiora that's wreaking havoc and you can't ever seem to target long enough to actually kill.

This is a Dominion only item. Read the description and imagine its passive combined with Burst of Speed... 'nuff said.

I usually use this point in the game to pick up a zeal. It is optional but I find the slight movement speed increase to be amazing in chasing down champs that get too cocky about sneaking a tower capture. Plus, it builds to Phantom Dancer down the road.

This item is another Dominion only item. It is a downgraded Madred's Bloodrazor but it still packs a punch. Specifically at this point in the game where smart champs may have stacked armor or HP to counter your snowballing effect. Once again combine this with Burst of Speed and you pack a hell of a burst punch.

I'll turn my Zeal into a Dancer at this point, if for no other reason than to keep up with the hybrid champs that are so popular in Dominion that have picked up a Trinity Force.

If you have a Phantom Dancer then a Infinity Edge is a must have for crit manipulation. At this point in the game if you've done it right, you've taken off enough stragglers and tower ninjas to have a fairly large gold lead on opposing champs. As a fed Fiora your job now becomes playing the tower control game. With your ult up you can defend 2v1 and sometimes 3v1 on a tower long enough for help to arrive or for your team to trade a tower left undefended. Take advantage of this and don't just go kill crazy. It's about winning not being the #1 player on the losing team.

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Build Results/Scores

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Upcoming Additions

I'm testing this build following the most recent patch (Oct 25 2012) and will be adding more sections after a decent bit of testing and recalibrating):

  • Alternative Items
  • Fiora + 1 (Dominion Duo Champ Comps)
  • Section on fighting some of the most popular Dom champs (Jax, Akali, Rammus)

In the meantime, leave comments and votes. There aren't many Dominion guides out there so I'm hoping this can help players who enjoy the different playstyle. For classic Fiora guide advice, check out my credits for an amazing guide.

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Sources, Credits and Thanks!


Without the BB Code guide I would have had no clue how to make a guide or code the icons and colorings. Thank you very much for the examples and templates provided for explanation and use. Check out her guide for expert advice: <url=> Making a Guide </ref>
Black IceT

This classic guide to Fiora is beyond a doubt the best I've ever seen. Especially the section on opposing enemy champion combinations. Check out this guide and make sure to vote it up as well, lots of hard work in that one! There's plenty of info in that guide that can be used for Dominion application as well. The guide can be found here: Double-Edged-Sword