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Fiora Build Guide by Ikamiru

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ikamiru

Fiora - Le Grand Duelist - DPS Build

Ikamiru Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Read me!

This build isn't complete yet. I will try to add things and change things if it becomes more popular!

I'm human and I don't feel like making a guide that's 8 pages long while noone is intrested in it.

Hope you guys will understand!

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Le Intro

Hello and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire.
I haven't really contributed to the archive of guides yet and hope to do this hereby.
Qeustions can always be asked and critism is always welcome.
I hope I can learn at least a couple of you about some things I found out about Fiora.
And I hated all the builds that went tanky on her or that overdid the attack speed. I mean seriously she has enough attack speed from burst no need for Phantom Dancers she is great without!

Tell me what chapters to add and I will see what I can do!

I will also add an FAQ and Hall of Fame.

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When to play her?

You should play her if you:

Like French Accents
Like a lady wielding a rapier
Like swift attacks
Like being a badass and counter enemies attacks
Like drawing Teemo with a rapier

You shouldn't play her if you:
Can't handle melee champions
You can't stand French accents
If yo-

NVM that just play her you'll love her!

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Le Skills

Duelist Regenerate health after a basic attack
The good thing about this is that it will make you be able to survive after attacking an enemy champion. And in some cases might even save you from an nasty Ignite.

Lunge Dash towards target
An great gap closer and can secure kills if used right.
Try getting in range for Lunge so that you can use it a second time instead of using it on a minion to get close to the enemy champion. This will make escape alot harder for them.

Riposte Will block next incoming basic attack.
Not only is it an great item against Auto Attack champions but it also gives you a nice boost in attack damage!
Not only does it block Auto Attacks but also attacks like Talon's Noxian Diplomacy and Wukong's Crushing Blow.

Burst of Speed Increases your attack speed
This is what makes Fiora such an incredible champ. At rank 5 it will give you an incredible 120% attack speed boost for 3 seconds!
Using Burst of Speed on a snared or stunned champion will maximize your damage output and will give you full movement speed boost.

Blade Waltz Attack one or multiple enemies up to 5 times
This is one of the most incredible things about her. She will deal alot of damage but not only that but it will also proc things like armor reduction and life steal.
Getting alot of lifesteal and using your skill when you have low health will return you health!

You will end up dealing your last blow on the same target you dealt your first blow to. Be sure you have enough health to survive a couple of turret hits when you are near an turret!

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Le skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As you can see I take Burst of Speed first. I do this because in my eyes it will do most damage if ranked first. After that I take Riposte for the extra attack damage it gives. As last I max Lunge because I think it is good as it is at level 1. I take it one point early because you can also use it to get that unreachable minion.

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Le Explanation of Le items

Item's that should be bought througout the game.

sight ward Why sight ward? well that is easy an sight ward can save your live and can really change the outcome of a game.

You might think why would I get Health Potion's they will only delay my build won't they? Well yes and no. If you get Health Potion's you will delay your build as in money cost. But if you are doing good enough it will only help you sustain in your lane for a longer time so you will be able to farm more creeps. Thus it will actually speed up your build instead of slowing it down.

On to the item's that are important for dealing damage.

First I get Doran's Blade because I think the movement speed you get in the beginning is pretty good already and she can really use some extra HP.

After that I will get Boots of Speed. Because once again having the extra movement speed can help you chase or prevent being chased. It's actually pretty basic having at least Boots of Speed

Why would I get a Long Sword before getting Berserker's Greaves? Well that is pretty easy I think with the speed boost from Burst of Speed you should be able to get more damage with some extra damage instead of some extra speed.

After that I will get Berserker's Greaves because even though she has an insane speed boost from Burst of Speed I still think it would be nice to have just a little more attack speed from items.

Not a very common used item but I think it is great having on Fiora because she can definitly use the cooldown on the thing that is best about her Blade Waltz her ultimate. It has a really long cooldown but with the extra cooldown reduction from your runes and from the The Brutalizer it will definitly be a good and reliable source of damage.

This is gonna be simple. You will need the extra lifesteal to survive in battle and to maintain the lane. And last but certainly not least your ultimate procs lifesteal. So not only will it be able to deal tons of damage but also will it give you some health in return!

Without doubt one of my favorite item's it gives 80 AD (higest amount of AD you can get from a single item without having to stack either health or minion kills). And it also gives a decent crit rate but wait! That is not all! it also gives a boost in your critical strikes! Yes, an amazing item indeed if I say so myself. Did I also mention that critical strikes still get lifesteal?

This item is build from The Brutalizer and an Avarice Blade. It gives you some extra cooldown and a little bit of crit which stacks nice with Infinity Edge. But that's not the good thing about it. The thing about Youmuu's Ghostblade is that it has an incredible active. That together with Burst of Speed give you an incredible burst of damage.
You can activate items in your inventory by pressing 1-6 on your keyboard. The items are orderd like this:
This work's for every item that can be activated including wards and potions!

This item yields most AD you can get from 1 item. Not only that but it also gives the most Lifesteal you can get from one item. Now you might think. Why won't I stack 5 of those and do tons of damage. Well with the epic AD and lifesteal you get from it comes a downside. You need to farm 40 creeps without dieng to make it fully functional. Not only that but when you die you will lose your current stack on it. And trust me it punishes you for dieng early game.

This is an nice late game item and in my opinion better then Last Whisper at least on Fiora because she can really use some extra attack speed and the damage isn't bad at all. And not only that but it also procs on your ultimate.

Pretty simple why I choose this as last item. You will no doubt be focused in team battles. And getting a second life every 5 minutes is just redicilous for its price. Because of the insane damage you will do everyone will want you death at the start of the battle. So this item will make sure you will at least be able to deal some more damage before you are completely wiped out. Or run away and prevent feeding them with your killing spree.

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Le Hall of Fame

This is what other people achieved to get using my build!

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Le Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will put answers so qeustions people asked me.

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Le Nerf and Buffs

This will contain Nerfs, Buffs and changes to her mechanics.