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Fiora Build Guide by Hectorlph

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hectorlph

Fiora - Sharp Blade, Sharp Mind - Massive AD Burst (925 AD)

Hectorlph Last updated on February 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Defense: 6


Utility: 3

Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune She's almost free money. Her lack of crowd control and gap closers makes her a perfect target for Fiora. Just watch out for her ultimate.
Sona She is easy prey, granted you dodge her ultimate.
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Build Notes:

This build is designed to destroy semi-early game and scale heavy into late game. You have to play for kills early to make sure your snowball will be enough to carry you to late game. Fiora does well in the bot lane because her kit allows her to block much of the damage ADCs dish out.

Requirements for this build:
- Be a skilled Fiora player who knows when to dive and when to run
- Have all scaling Attack Damage runes
- Don't play this in ranked past Gold tier. Riot stated that Fiora is excellent for carrying games in bronze/silver/gold, but that she really becomes useless in upper tiers. This is probably because she is very, very susceptible to crowd control, which most upper tier teams utilize very well.

A few first notes:
Fiora has a few strengths and weaknesses you need to be aware of when you use this build. This build is as much of a glass cannon as you can get. For people who have played Fiora before, you probably know that she is VERY susceptible to crowd control. So diving into a group of champions who can hold you down for a couple seconds can be absolutely lethal. Also, watch out for invulnerability on champions (E.G. Fizz, Zed, Lissandra, anyone with Zhonya's), as your burst damage will become useless.

Fiora is exceptionally strong against ADCs. Her riposte can block hundreds of damage from her attacker, allowing her to deal thousands without the opponent being able to lifesteal. ADCs are her primary targets, as well as squishy mid laners (a rod of ages doesn't make you tanky against Fiora).

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The Laning Phase:

At this point, you are trying to get two items: Sword of the occult and Hydra. There are two ways to lane early game:

The Passive Farmer:
Works well with the following supports:
- Janna (She can help you pick up CS under turret and peel for you)

With this strategy, you want to just focus on CS and blocking their ADC's pokes with your Riposte until level 6. Farming against a ranged champion can be tough (espcially the bullying ones), so don't get discouraged if you are down a little CS. Once you hit 6, you can get your support to initiate with crowd control on their ADC and then sweep up some kills. Try to get occult before 6, because it will help you get more AD when you go in for the kills. Just remember, the longer you wait in lane, the stronger you become.

The Aggressive Farmer:
Works well with the following supports:
- Zyra (Her poke damage is very high, so you can dive in when their ADC gets low. Her lock-down is also VERY useful for killing a single person) *My preferred support
- Alistar (He has great crowd control and peel!)
- Blitzcrank (He has great lock-down for anyone he pulls)
- Thresh (Again, he has great lock-down and has a very good kit for saving you)
- Annie (Her high burst damage can synergize well with Fiora's burst damage. If combined with a stun, it can be an instant kill)

This is a very similar play style as the previous one. You will be focusing on CS and blocking their ADC's pokes with your riposte, but you will also try to dive anytime your support can lock-down their ADC or support (preferably their ADC). An early two kills can get you an occult in 5 minutes, allowing you to dominate lane from then on.

Fighting at Level 6:
As you may know, Fiora's ultimate can make a huge difference for the outcome of a fight (hence the long cooldown). An ideal fight goes as follows:
1 - Support or jungler initiates with a stun or slow on their adc
2 - You dive in with Lunge and use Burst of Speed (and riposte as needed)
3 - As they start to retreat, you use Blade Waltz to finish kills

Using Fiora's Ultimate as a finishing move instead of a starting one is very important. You want to get them as low as you can with your burst damage, and then go for the kill with Blade Waltz. Using Blade Waltz as an initiator only works in some situations (Next section will explain).

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Roaming Phase:

Stacking your occult to 20 is very important, and this should be done by any means necessary. Nothing is more terrifying than seeing a Fiora with only three items and over 500 AD (Yes, it can happen). Try to use your insane burst to crush the mid lane and save your ultimate for big fights and last second kills (I call enemy champions kills because they are just money to me >:3) that are about to escape.

Fiora's ultimate should never be used to engage in a team fight unless you have a crowd control team comp that can follow up on your initiation damage. If you do have a crowd control team comp, using your ultimate at a dragon fight can be an exceptional play, leaving the enemy team weak and divided. The nice part about your ultimate in a team fight is that it can damage their entire team, allowing you to get assists on every kill. Even if you don't score a kill, you can get up to 5 stacks just from using your ultimate.

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Late Game:

This is where Fiora can really shine or where she can really fall off. If you have played well, you most likely have over 10 stacks on occult and a pretty good K/D. If you have played really well, the game may be over already (people tend to surrender when you get a quadra-kill just with your ultimate). Most people think Fiora falls of late, but this build lets you have a little surprise for the enemy team. The damage you deal will be insane. If you become strong enough to solo roam, camping their ADC for kills can render their ADC useless.

If their team all goes tanky, try getting a last whisper. Getting this will cut your AD down by 40 compared to a high damage item, but cutting through armor like butter is nice. You may need to buy or swap out specific items to do well late (Mercurial Scimitar is your friend for CC, but only every 90 seconds).

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Final Notes:

I hope you find this guide useful! Fiora was one of my main picks last season for ranked because of her ability to carry games. This is honestly just a build I wanted to try out of laughs, but the damage is so insane, I think it may be possible to use if you play smart (I guarantee they will give up when you come out of base with over 900 AD).

Most AD with this build:
925 AD - 1 Sword of Occult, 1 Hydra, 2 IE, 1 Merc. Scim., 1 BT, and red pot. (This includes Dragon 5/5, Baron buff)
I also achieved 931 with the same build, except with another IE instead of a hydra (which proved less useful in battle)

This is my first guide ever :3