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Fiora Build Guide by Rholm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rholm

Fiora,the deadly pentakiller - Rholm's Laning/Jungler guide

Rholm Last updated on March 15, 2012
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Hello! Welcome to my Fiora build, now a few things before you get started. This build is in no way the best, but only what I found that best utilizes [color=purple)Fiora's extreme burst and allows her to survive in most battles. Once you're used to her playstyle, you're good to go! Remember to vote up if you liked it, or if not, feel free to vote down! Please leave any feedback or suggestions for what I should add to this build in the comments!

(Here's Phreak beating fellow players around with Fiora)

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Pros / Cons

- Very versatile character
- Amazing burst
- Very fun
- Very easy to learn (A monkey with a keyboard could play her)
- A joke that makes me laugh and go "awww" at the same time
- Gap closer

- Squishy
- Very vulnerable when disabled

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For runes, I maximize on armor penetration by getting Quintessences of DesolationGreater quintessence of Desolation and Marks of DesolationGreater mark of Desolation in order to maximize her overall damage output (especially early game).For seals, I get Seals of Resilience ,and for Glyphs I get Glyphs of Warding ,both to balance out her extreme vulnerability.

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For masteries I get 21/9/0 to increase her damage output, and splash into resilience for survivability in the lane/jungle (whichever you chose).

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Now for items. Now, you may be asking, "Is he insane?", "Why all the bloodthirsters?", "Oh my god look at this idiot, no phantom dancers?" , "If I stacked Infinity edge's, I'd have more AD". I'll be explaining that now. While crit can be an amazing stat to have, I am prioritizing Fiora as an AD burst carry with a twist in this build, if you want insane crit, go play Tryndamere (and just imagine the insane amount of HP you'll be regaining as you hit! Delightful, isn't it?).
Now, as for the phantom dancers, I very strongly dislike people buying phantom dancers with Fiora, she already has quite a bit of amazing attack speed, and doesn't need much more. By getting Beserker's Greaves and Black Cleaver, you'll have an additional 55% attack speed. Now, with burst of speed active you'd have 175% bonus attack speed added onto the base attack speed, giving you a total of around 2.3 attack speed, while the cap is 2.5. Not necessary to get much more, right?
Now for the topic of Bloodthirsters. I personally find Bloodthirster to be one of the best items in the game(for an AD character, of course), for several reasons, with a base of 60 damage and 15% lifesteal, and a stackable passive? Perfect. That'll cap you off at 100 damage and 25% lifesteal PER Bloodthirster, giving you 535 damage and 100% lifesteal (if you manage to buy everything).

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Alternative/Situational items

Infinity Edge - Not a bad alternative item, provides you with crit and crit damage increase.

Phantom Dancer - Not too bad if you really want that extra crit and attack speed, or a bit of movement speed.

Zeke's Herald Zeke's Herald - Quite a good alternate item, gives you health, cooldown reduction, attack speed, and lifesteal. Not to mention it provides your teammates with a little boost!(it has a passive aura that gives nearby teammates lifesteal and attackspeed)

Mercury's Treads - Extremely useful item, I cannot recommend it enough. This would have taken the spot of Beserker's Greaves if I didn't consider it situational. Get this if there are several AP's or disablers on the enemy team, this will reduce the duration of disables by 35% and is the only item in the game that does so. Highly recommended.

Guardian Angel - Situational, if you need that little bit of extra armor or a nice revive every 5 minutes, I say go for it.

Frozen Mallet - In case you need some HP or a nice permaslow.

Last Whisper - For that bit of extra armor penetration, not too necessary.

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Summoner Spells

Good Summoner Spells

Flash - This is an obvious choice, very versatile and great for creating or closing gaps.

Smite - Helps in jungling, very strongly recommended if jungling.

Ghost - Removes all minion collision and increases movement speed for a short time, highly recommended.

Exhaust - Slows a target enemy for a short time and reduces attack speed, very useful for catching up to running enemies, and almost always assures you a kill if timed right. Very highly recommended if laning.

Useful Summoner Spells

Ignite - Very useful for finishing off enemies, reducing healing/regeneration effects, or just getting that extra needed burst.

Heal - Good for regaining health in tight situations, will make people mad.(Guarantee or your money back)

Teleport - Useful for holding a lane and getting places, very handy and works in combination with wards.

Bad Summoner Spells

Revive - In my opinion, a very bad summoner spell. Useful only in specific situations, and mostly not very good. The only time you'd need this is if you die a lot, in which case it's better for your team if you remained dead a little bit longer. Learn from your mistakes, don't run in with excelled movement speed and make them some more.

Clarity - Not necessary as you will rarely run out of mana.

Clairvoyance - Useful to have someone on the team with this, but doesn't exactly fit your role. Leave it to someone else.

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Why all the armor penetration?

I find armor penetration to be one of the most useful stats, it can cut through most tanks/tanky characters, and completely destroy squishy characters. But a more useful thing to note about armor penetration is that it can go into the negatives, that's right. It can actually penetrate your opponents armor to below 0, and it works the same way it resists damage, in percentages. This means that if your enemy were to have say, 30 armor and 30% resistance to physical damage because of it (not the actual amount, just an example), and you had say, a total of 60 armor penetration, it would scale your damage by 30%, because he now has -30 armor. A very useful mechanic I'd say.

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Creeping / Jungling

When jungling, look for possible ganks around level 4 and take the opportunity to strike your enemies down. Start at blue buff(try to have a teammate pull the golem, but don't use riposte until it turns back to target you), and work your way around. (Protips: Use smite to last hit the buff minions so that an enemy can't steal it, and use wriggles to ward likely gank routes when invading the enemy jungle)

When laning, try and keep your enemies at a good distance, zone them and make sure they miss out on the exp gain, or at least unable to last hit your minions. This will cut off a great resource of their gold.

(Zoning Guide)

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Team Work

A small note on teamwork: You can't always expect the game to go your way, take it easy and enjoy the game rather than flame everyone when something doesn't go your way. Work with your team, negotiate tactics and strategy and make friends while doing so. It'll improve your gameplay experience drastically, and that's what we're all here for, right? A machine does not operate well if every part wants to do something else, work in unity, and you'll win a lot more often. Have fun guys!

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Fiora is a fun character and you should all definitely try her, even if you don't like my build, these are simply suggestions in the hopes you'll find the playstyle that fits you. The most important thing is to have fun, if you don't like this, try your own!
Thanks for reading!