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Fiora Build Guide by Return of Bob

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Return of Bob

Fiora - The striking sword

Return of Bob Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is outdated now, i will update it after i have done some testing on all the new items, hopefull within a week or two.

*This will take some more time than i first thought because of finals i will redirect you to my other guide in the mean time Here.

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Hello and welcome to my first build ever for League of Legends! Im Return of Bob or that's atleast what i call myself in game and here. Im going to show you how to play striking good with Fiora! This build fokus heavy on her ultimate Blade Waltz's damage, meaning how to take one enemy down alone or how to make grave damage to everyone in the enemys team in a couple of seconds! I would be very happy if you can give me constructive criticism and only vote my build (up or down) after actually trying it :D I would like to thank jhoijhoi for her "Guide to make a guide" it has been a huge help, check it out!

Here follow's a video of me geting all in the enemy team with this build (quadra+one) I used my ultimate just before this video was recorded;

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Awesome early game damage!
+ Really good gapcloser with Lunge.
+ Her ultimate ( Blade Waltz) applies on-hits effects.
+ Kinda good sustain with her passive Duelist.
+ Her Riposte gives passive attack damage.
+ Last but in my opinion the best; Really funny to play!

- Kinda squishy in early game.
- Multiple stuns is a killer if put on her.
- Often fokused, this is to expect thou ;)
- No CC what-so-ever.

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This is the masteries that I take for Fiora. Some may ask themself why I'm not taking Deadliness and Lethality , because with this build Fiora is not going to be crit-based and that attack damage is not going to be so great in early/mid/late game, you will be better off with Havoc and the cooldown reduction from 2 points in Sorcery .

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: This is what i see as the best summoner spell in the game for almost all champions, geting ganked? Flash in under your tower or over a wall if there is one. A enemy is standing under his tower with a little health? Lunge in, take the kill and Flash out! This is just some of the things you can do with this wounderful spell :D
Exhaust: As i said in the "Pro/Cons" chapter; "No CC what-so-ever." This can be a really big problem and i do not want to spend a item slot at a Frozen Mallet (feel free to do so if you think its better thou) solution? Exhaust will slow 1 enemy down for 2.5 sec, not only this, it will also completely shut down a AD-champions damage for the time. Use in fights, for hunting down and running away!

Ignite: Great for killing that enemy that escape you with very little health, will also completely shut down a life-stealing or regeneration champion like Warwick and Dr. Mundo.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

So here's the deal, we are going to want to max out Lunge first because of the extra damage and cooldown reduction on the ability that it will give you, secondly take one point in Burst of Speed for use as damage increaser and for your combo (i will get to this later) after you has put one more point in Lunge you will want one point in Riposte for the block but mostly for the early 15 attack damage increase.

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Core Items

  • : Excellent starter item, gives health, early lifesteal and attack damage! Feel free to start with Boots of Speed and some Health Potion if your not a fan of Doran's thou :)
  • : This will help you get those kills in early game, trade this for a Mercury's Treads in late game if you are fokused and CC'ed alot!
  • : One of the best items in the game if you ask me! Gives attack speed, magic resistance and that awesome 42 magic damage with every hit! THIS COUNTS FOR EVERY HIT WITH YOUR ULTIMATE Blade Waltz! They nerfed Wit's End a bit in last patch, it now cost's 150 gold more, but never mind that it's still just as good as before!
  • : This is the part when you will start to need that lifesteal to keep being in combat, if you use your ultimate with this item when on low health and you will get alot of it back! Dont forget that your untargetable when in ultimate!
  • : Once more, this works really good with ultimate, will make splash damage for every hit you do :)
  • : This item will give you a lot of armor and magic resistance, and then I haven't even commented on it's passive yet! The revive is really a life saver (literally) it has saved me so many times!

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Situational Items

Situational Items
  • : A very good item if used correcly and the enemy team uses alot of ability power and CC's. It's like a Cleanse as item! Can definitely recommend it.
  • : Do you whan't a bit more attack damage or is the enemy's building heavy armor items? Take this! Really nice amount of AD and that AmP will shredd enemy armor.
  • : This item gives alot of health, it's not exacly the item i would choose for Fiora but i can see why some may whant it. If you take this you could also think of the possibility to take a Atma's Impaler as of that this item's sync very well with each other.
  • : This is often one of the most underestimated items in League of Legends, buy this (primary; Elixir of Fortitude) if you think you need a advantage! And if you complete you'r build always buy all of this ones! The order is following; Elixir of Fortitude - Elixir of Agility - Elixir of Brilliance - (Buy Oracle's Elixir if there is a annoying stealther in the enemy's team!)
  • : The health can be a huge help if you are fokused alot and we never say no to a bit AD right? ;) But the really intresting thing about this item is the CC, Fiora dosnt have any built-in CC's at all so this item could be god-sent if you dosn't want a Exhaust.
  • : Another really good item, i would take this if the enemy's team has alot of AD and health. It's a bit expensive thou. That said, take this if your geting fed, change it for the Wit's End.
  • : As i said before, you will probely want this one in late game! The tenacity will help you take the enemy CC's, and we do never say no to a bit magic resistance!
  • : A really good item if used when there is multiple enemys near, this also works with your ultimate!

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Abilitys and Usage

Abilitys and Usage

So now we have come to the part that atleast I think is the most important one! Abilitys and usage. Anyone can copy a item build but what really wins a fight is TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOUR CHAMPION. Here i will try to cover everything that i know about Fiora!

First would I want to go through all the abilitys
: This is Fiora's passive, there is not much to say about it, it will heal you for 7+(1 per level) over 6 seconds, use this to your advantage by hiting the minions when the lane allows it.

: (Q) This ability let you dash forward to a enemy, you can activate it once more within 4 seconds to dash one more time at no mana cost. This is going to be your primary mean to damage opponents in early-mid game where you will want to harass and take so many kill's you possible can.

: (W) Riposte let you block a enemy's basic attack, and seend back a set amount of damage to the enemy that attacked you. Also buffs you AD as a passive. This ability is great if faceing heavy AD champions as Tryndamere. Use it to hurt enemy's a bit in fight, to block attacks when running and such. I really love the passive AD it gives, this is what lets us take so much attack speed item's before a AD one!

: (E) This ability make's your attack speed go alot higher, awesome damage if we say it like that. If you hit someone when under the spells infusion, your movement speed increase (stacking up to 3 times) Lunge count as a "hit".

: (R) Fiora's ulitmate. This baby is a killer blow! It make's you dash around to hit random enemy champion's who are close for a total of 5 times, if there is no more that one champion present at that time, it will hit all of those 5 time's at that champion but only for 25% a damage for the sucessive strikes.It also make's you untargetble for the duration. Best thing about it thou? It applies on-hit effect's!


So, here we are; How to utilize all your spell's! You are going to want to play very aggressively. First off, your standard combo:


This will let you: Close the gap + make a hell of a load's damage + defend yourself + hunting down. Now you will have to decide if you do want to use your ultimate xD

In level 1-6 you will probably want to only:


As off that Riposte will drain your mana really fast, don't hesitate to use it if needed thou.

If your enemy is the one attacking you, use:


Use one Lunge direcly after your Riposte and save the other one for usage when the opponent make a run for it. Don't let it go more than 4 second's between them thou, then you will lose one Lunge-strike (bad).
Tips and tricks

First, here is some things you can do with your ultimate;

What happens here is that im meeting a Tryndamere when im pushing mid, he's almost killed and uses his ultimate Undying Rage that makes him imortal for a time, i wait a little then i use my Blade Waltz so the last hit of it will hit him after Undying Rage has ended. This way im not hited by tower's or him.

Here I use Talon as a catalyst for my Lunge and then ultimate Vayne that's standing behind him. When i get out from my ultimate i choice to Flash away so im not hited by the tower.

If you want to have a fun time try building 5 Tiamat and one Last Whisper, take a look at this and you will see why.