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Fiora Build Guide by conanap

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League of Legends Build Guide Author conanap

Fiora--The True Swords Women That Never Dies - Season 3

conanap Last updated on February 1, 2013
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I found the old intro... so LOL. here if you want to read it (contains some info, I don't think it's crucial though.)


Hello everybody! I am Conanap, and this is my first guide I've ever written. The reason why I wanted to write this guide was because of Fiora. Fiora is such an awesome champion, yet she is rarely used. (At least from what I've seen, I'm currently LV 24, I only saw 2 other people using Fiora in my whole life until now.) Fiora is really strong early game and late game champion if played properly, but a lot of players tend to play a little too passively or just wayyyy too aggressively. The reason why Fiora is so strong is because of her passive -- heals from basic attack. Obviously there are a lot more champions like this, but her skill set is phenomenal to match with her passive. Lunge gives her chasing ability with that great rage; Riposte allows you to survive crazy Magic damages; and Burst of Speed allows you to do crazy heal, damage, and chase all at the same time. Her ult is also great for team fight AOE (since we are rushing Ravenous Hydra), and can be used for chasing as well. So what is she? A crazy *** chaser.

Seeing the awesome abilities of this champion, I can't help but want more people to use her. Therefore, I made this guide, in hopes to spread her usage to more players.

Note: This build is only for Pre-Season 3, I will update it as soon as Season 3 patch comes out.

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Before I get started...

For those who are desperate for proof.... Please note that my 30-9-14 Score game I bought the wrong item by accident. Also I've altered the build slightly from the games I played. These are the only games I've played using Fiora in Pre-Season 3 so far. I mean, the free Zed is TEMPTING!

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Why AD and not AP?

Fiora is a natural AD Carry, just like Vayne. Since her physical attacks heals her, (I mean, all of her skills are physical) to build AP would seem like more of a..... stupid option I guess. Her skills cool down are not fast enough to do as much damage as you would like her to compared to AD, and her 3rd skill gives her better attack speed, not CD. So building an AP Fiora is seemingly someone who is crazy to my eyes. AD Fiora can fully unleash all of her skills potential, especially her Q Lunge (I DASH TWICE, HALF HP GONE BOOM.) Also, in the stats from the champion, Fiora's AD is much higher than her AP.

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Since I have already talked about why AD Fiora and not AP Fiora, I will just go directly into the Pros and Cons of Fiora.

  • Great Short distance chaser
  • Crazy life steal at late game, 3 minions can recover 1/4 of your HP
  • A lot of damage to a single target
  • Hard to hit when you are ulting, and if your enemy is not paying attention, they don't know who you hit first and won't know where you stop
  • high ability to survive in mid-late game transition
  • High initial burst that can be followed by high attack damage
  • If comes in later in a team fight by 10 seconds can assist team greatly compared to going in too early and dying
  • Almost always have an option to close the gap between you and your enemy
  • Super squishy early game
  • Cannot chase for long distance or when skills and items are all on CD
  • If ganked 3 or more champs, can be hard to escape
  • Extremely reliant on Gold and LV from farm and kills
  • Can be hard to determine when to dive and when not to
  • ult becomes really weak in late game
  • People tend to initiate with Fiora in late game, because they recognize they can do a lot of damage
HOWEVER, all of the Cons above does not really matter IF you play her enough (Which is really 5 games) and not die at LV1.

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I really don't know how to build her for runes, so I stole Vayne's. They are both AD Carries, I suppose and it works for me, so... LOL.

9 Marks of Attack Damage
9 Glyphs of Attack Speed
9 Seals of Armor
and 3 Quintessesnces of Attack Damage

Anyways, Runes are straight forward. Attack Damage for Marks, Glyphs for Attack Speed, and Seal for Armor. And Quintessence for Attack Damage. The Marks, Glyphs, and Quintessence gives her quite a lot more for attack damage, and the Seals give her some more survival-ability.

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Ignite would be my choice of spells for Fiora. As you use up all the actives of the items and your skills, chasing can be hard for Fiora, as she is a relatively slow moving champion. (She is still really fast.) Her Q Lunge has a pretty long CD, in comparison's to Vayne's Tumble, which really only has 1 second CD, thus Vayne's passive make it for her to chase. A lot of AD champs have skills like this, but Fiora's CD really screws chasing over. Ignite can definitely help you get a kill that may seem impossible to chase.

Flash is essential to almost all champions, with the exception of champions like Teemo (yes I love that guy that's why I always mention it LOL). Fiora has no escape skills, unless you count Riposte as an escape spell. Flash can save your life, and I have numerous times used Flash to either save my life, or to dodge a crazy skill when my Riposte is on CD. This spell literally makes Fiora a lot more mobile, and of course can be used to chase in combo with Youmuu's Ghostblade.
Other choices

exhuast is not a bad spell at all, especially good for chasing down champions or weakening a champion so it's easier for you or the team to kill. I think in this build, there is already enough chasing mechanism, so I personally do not suggest taking this. Ignite does a much better job. Ghost is another option, but really only helps you so much since Youmuu's Ghostblade sort of stole its job.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence in this build goes and max Riposte first, like a lot of other builds. It is why Fiora is soooooo goooooddd. This skill can parry an Ult, for example, use it just before Darius' ult can turn the tides into your favor. This skill is essential in the LV1 fights, and so I chose to get it as the first skill.
Her E skill, Burst of Speed, is important for LV2 farming, so she can quickly get to LV3, and also push the lane forward by quite a lot, putting you into a more comfortable position, rather than get Lunge and get stuck at your own turrent. HOWEVER, if you see an immediate kill potential when you're about to become LV2, get Lunge instead and take the first blood what so ever. Then get Burst of Speed for LV3. I don't know why you would die at LV1, but let's say you do, and you see a kill potential, DO NOT GET Lunge. Get Burst of Speed and farm up. Fiora extremely relies on gold and LV, unlike champs like Teemo. One Lv and 15 gold can be the difference of an OP Fiora and a feeding Fiora. The whole early game if you can't get any kills, just farm until late game (of course unless you see an awesome gank potential). FARM FARM FARM with Burst of Speed, but still max Riposte in case of gank, and in early-mid game transition, it is really good for random kills.

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Also, note that this is a micro heavy build.
If you are doing bad in your lane and is constantly getting killed consider Mercury's Treads instead of Berserker's Greaves. If you feel like cool down is not fast enough also consider Ionian Boots. But i personally don't get tier 2 boots until my build is almost done (so i skip it until 5th item complete)

In this build the core items are:

  • I rush this because this is really good for farming and all game team fights, it also has life steal. How much better can an item be? Doing AOE for you (20-60%, active 60-100%) passively, and still giving you life steal? Thus the active only has 10 seconds cool down. Probably the most OP item for a melee AD Carry.
  • This item is awesome as it allows an active of 6 secs with +20% movement speed and +40% attack speed. Perfect for chasing or 1v1 in low health. Getting this item early helps chase down champs in early-mid game, strengthening Fiora before she goes into the mid game, which she is comparing weak at. To be able to get more kills means that Fiora's build can be in a late game build before all the others, which gives her a huge advantage over the enemy team. This is also a replacement for Frozen Mallet when active. I mean, isn't chasing faster better than slowing someone? (Difference is one you have to hit someone, the other, which is this one, you don't)
  • LIFE STEAL LIFE STEAL LIFE STEAL. ACTIVE AND PASSIVE, AND IT STEALS 30% OF ENEMY MOVEMENT SPEED. Let's go low health Fiora chasing 5 champs (Y) (<Thats suppose to be a like button had for those of you who don't know, since it will probably not show up). Only 1 minute CD! Super OP life steal with this item. Also is a replacement for Frozen Mallet, just better passive, and to replace Frozen Mallet you need to activate it.

These three are the essential items of the build. Two of these three items already have life steal, so The Bloodthirster is really just to take more advantage of life steal (which means survive crazy long), and to add more AD. And all AD champs can't miss the infamous The Black Cleaver! This thing gets you even more life steal, which just means that Burst of Speed makes you almost immortal, with the active and passive life steals, your almost completely invincible in a 1v3 situation; 1v5 though, you must dive at the right time in the right angle.

Another thing, I usually get Boots of Speed as my starting item along with the 3 health pot. However, I rarely get Berserker's Greaves or any tier 2 boots until really late game, eg when my build is almost complete, only missing The Bloodthirster. I don't really see a need for it in the whole game TBH, so only get tier 2 boots if you feel like you really need it, because the more stuff you buy before you get Ravenous Hydra, means less farm, which means to get your build completed later, which also means you'll get a really really weak late game.

lastly, remember to keep 3 Health Potion on you every time you get to base. Unless you can get a tier 3 item Eg Blade of the Ruined King, get 3 Health Potion (total) when you recall. Obviously when you don't have enough spots for pots to finish of the build, just sell all the Health Potion. You need to stay on the map as long as possible to gain the maximum amount of gold before returning to base. Every second to Fiora is valuable, as every second can mean a lot more gold.

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Team Work

Fiora is a solo fighter. Unless there is a fight more than 3 champs (4-5 champs), you can really take on the whole team on your own early and late game (not mid game!). Fiora is really really strong. Early game her little life steal can make the difference, if she did not have it, she might have died, compared to the possibilities of triple kills (WHO DOES NOT WANT THAT. I mean, i want penta xD). That 7 HP @LV1 from minions can be the reason why you lived from an Ignite. Not gonna go any further, as this section is for team work.

In a team fight, it is essential YOU DO NOT DIVE EARLY. Early meaning until at least 2 of the enemy champions are in 50% or lower health, with at least 3-4 champs alive in your team. If you see your teammates dying almost right away, and the enemy team has 3/4 of HP, DON'T GO IN. Fiora starts by a small "KS" (By doing the rest of 1/2 amount of damage), and then quickly killing the rest of the champions (or at least doing crazy damage). Fiora is a similar champion to Katarina, only better (LOL), and AD not AP. An ult at the right timing can not only save your life (not cannot), but can also get you a few kills. These all need to be timed right in order to get her true potential out.

DON'T TANK A TURRENT. Unless the enemy turrent has >45% health, and you have >70% health, and your @>=LV16, at least 4 items of the build down (RH, YG, BRK, BT). Otherwise get someone else to tank the turrent for you.

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Proper Diving Techniques

Fiora is a pretty squishy champion, so your timing to dive is extremely important: To early and you don't do anything significant, too late and your whole team dies before you can do anything.

To wait for the timing to go into the fight, you must walk OUTSIDE of the fight. When you see an enemy with <50% health, it's time.

Dive in with your Q, on the same target twice. Then initiate your ultimate on the person with around 30-50% health, that way you kill the person you dived on, but does not stop your ultimate when you kill him. DO NOT START WITH A TANK. Always aim for ADC's first.

Now that you are on your feet again, activate your E immediately, and find a time to use your W (or just constantly spam it if you can't see anything). Preserve your Q when you see all enemies in <50% health.

As enemies start running, dash into them, activate W in case they turn around, and then activate E. If you can't catch up, Ignite him, and return to the fight.

When you go under 45% health, make sure you get out of the fight, let the team do the work for about 3-5 seconds, and dive back in with your Q. This way you get a sudden kill and surprises your enemies, bring your team the advantage.

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Fiora IS NOT A COMPLETE CARRY CHAMPION. It is important that Fiora plays as an offtank (better known as Bruiser), though my guide says AD Carry. (That's how I play her as). Most players, however, prefer to depend natural ADC's, for example, Vayne and Ashe. If you start taking the role of ADC, other players may become unhappy about you, and let's not have that happen.

Fiora should do most of the damage, and let the ADC get the kills. Unless the ADC is doing really bad, do not steal her role. I will be putting on a second build order that will make her more tanky, that way she can fulfill more of her natural role. It will be up soon.

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Fiora is over all a champion that heavily relies on her items, but if you are able to get the builds early, you will become the best AD Carry in the game. This makes farming and kills essential to her getting stronger. Diving in a team fight must be timed properly with the right angle, and can make the difference between Penta Kill and killed right away. I just wanna say thank you for reading all this, and hopefully this can help you to become an awesome Fiora player! Have fun playing her!


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Jhoijhoi: LORD I LOVE THIS PERSON. Her guides are awesome and her help with BB code... Just don't know what else to say then OMG YOU'RE AWESOME.

Raphael03/raphael221: helped editing! =D

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Change Log

Dec 9 afternoon, 2012
-Published Guide
Dec 9 night, 2012
-Partial visual upgrades applied
- Berserker's Greaves removed; replaced with Mercury treads
Dec 10 afternoon, 2012
- Phantom Dancer removed; replaced with The Black Cleaver
- The Bloodthirster moved to the end of build
-Applied more visual upgrades
-Added spells section
-moved around the Runes section to further up
-some runes explanation added. Visual upgrade to the section
-Emergency change. Titles were messed up, fixed in this version.
-Added the deleted intro, rewritten however
-Added slightly more text to the proof section
Dec 11, 2012
- Added the old intro back, some how it ended up in the notes section for the items LOL. The old intro section is right under the new introduciton.
Dec 13, 2012
-Fixed guide name
-Deleted the new intro since it was gone for some reason
-Added Klavkalash's Tanky Fiora Build Order
Dec 28, morning, 2012
-Completed "Proper Diving techniques" section
Jan 10, afternoon, 2013
-Happy new year!
-Changed item sequence a little
Jan 17, night, 2013
-Removed word "pre" from title
Feb 1, morning, 2013
- Season 3 ready, read through patch notes, no changes needed