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Fizz Build Guide by K2O Creedz

Fizz Destruction Build

Fizz Destruction Build

Updated on November 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author K2O Creedz Build Guide By K2O Creedz 2,396 Views 0 Comments
2,396 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author K2O Creedz Fizz Build Guide By K2O Creedz Updated on November 22, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first build on mobafire.

1.0 Runes
2.0 Masteries
3.0 Pros / Cons
4.0 Items
5.0 Summary
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1.0 Runes

Why i chose to go for flat AP runes and Magic penn Marks, is for the fact that i love to nuke.

If you go mid on Fizz and you have the flat ap runes you can deal ALOT of dmg at the start of the game and get feeded.

Just wait till your level 3 and start harrasing cause you can you have the mana regen in Masteries and the AP in Runes
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2.0 Masteries

Why utillity for Fizz ?

well look at the masteries for a while,
i go 9-0-21 taking the magic penn and cooldown reduction in the offence tree and going in utillity for more cooldown reduction and alot of regen to sustain mid early game
taking the bonus 40 gold so you can take an hp pot with you
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3.0 Pros / Cons

*Good Nuke
*Nice Ult that CC's
*Easy to get near enemy's
*Good Escaping Skills
*Not that hard to master

*After u used your E skill to escape its on cooldown... a long cooldown
*dies fast without resistance if your skills are on cooldown
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4.0 Items

Start with Dorans Ring and a Now you have a nice mana regen and when you get low you have a pot !

When your level 3 the fun can start, Belive me if i say that he can towerdive everytime his e comes up and with your Flat ap runes you can dish out alot of dmg without them even touching you.

Okay get your and maby grab an if you have the money.

okay return when you get a kill or get low and buy This Item is VERY USEFULL,
You have around 100 ap if you have the and an You have your Ult now and you are ready to start killing

Finish your into

If things are going well your team doesend feed... Get your !

Then you can get your and for some survival if you get attacked.

Last item you can get for life or something nice to is an The Spellvamp is good your has an normal attack so the AD and Lifesteal of Hextech Guneblade can be very powerfull
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5.0 Summary

This whas my first guide and im looking to make some more.
Feel free to react and use the build

ohh yea btw
Fizz likes to poke ^^
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League of Legends Build Guide Author K2O Creedz
K2O Creedz Fizz Guide
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Fizz Destruction Build

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