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Skarner Build Guide by acieri620

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League of Legends Build Guide Author acieri620

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee: Skarner Jungle 5

acieri620 Last updated on June 11, 2015
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Why Skarner & Why Ghost

Skarner has a pretty cool kit, he has damage with his Q, movement speed and shield with W, a slow with E, and his ult is a stun. He is fairly good in team fights, and can easily disable carries. All that said he does have some shortcomings. if you build him tank, he does become reliant on teammates outside of a 1v1...Why ghost over flash? well i like to combo ghost with his ult in order to drag enemies further. i find ghost is also helpful in ganks, and in team fights, as it allows you to quickly reach and lockdown enemy carries. Flash is still good on skarner, so take it if you feel it is better for you.

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1st clear

Skarner has pretty good clear with his Q and W. I use the same path pretty much every game. I start Bot lane with a leash at Krug (gromp), then go to Red (Blue) buff, then clear the third camp Raptors (wolves). after the camps i will go and take the Rift scuttler. Normally i have plenty of health left and i will opt to go and continue to clear the other half of my jungle. this is also a good time to show some presence Mid lane if necessary. When your done with the clear, go back to base pick up skirmishers blade and ruby crystal (bami cinder if You have enough) then 2xHP pots and 2xMana pots. (i generally try to have 2xHp and 2xMana pots on me when i leave base until you finish some items, as this allows you to stay out longer)

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Ganking pre lvl 6

typically i will not spend a whole lot of time ganking before i reach level 6 with skarner because i try to reach level 6 asap. and if you fail a gank, you are losing time that could be spent gaining experience. You can gank pre level 6 by using your W to speed up and landing your E to slow the target, once you reach the target spam your Q (you can use ghost if u need the extra speed)

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Lvl 6 and up

This is where skarner shines. There are 2 main ways i like to gank. The first 1 is the way i described previously. the second is with your ult. To gank simply use ghost and your W to gain a massive speed boost. when you get close you can use your E to slow if necessary. Then proceed to ult and drag your target toward wherever you want.

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Team fighting

In team fights you act like most tanks. Stay on the front line and protect your carries. try using your ult for disabling the enemy carries , or pulling enemies off your carries. Make sure you are spamming Q for extra damage. Try and keep your shield up as much as possible. and use your E to slow enemies trying to flee.

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The End

Thanks for viewing my guide. If you have suggestions please let me know. This guide is a work in progress and i will be updating it when i can.