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Soraka General Guide by kkims007

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kkims007

fountain express

kkims007 Last updated on January 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Everyone knows soraka as support champ. She used to be viable as she gives health, mana or silence, and has big poke/wave clear with her star fall. She was a great champ until riot nerf her by not able to give mana to herself and other champs becoming more viable and competitive. Now you don't ever see her as support, so i decided to revive this champ to be played in jungle and mid which is 100% viable. Let's call her Hand's of God (mid) or Fountain Express (jungle) as you make your team unkillable from constant healing you will provide in late game.

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About hte champ


Big sustain
Fast/Big wave clear
You are like god - save your team with beam of light


Item dependent
No escape
Dependent on team to carry, as you prevent them from dying

When should you pick this champ

So when do you pick this champ? When you are confident on your team that they won't feed as you are mid to late game champ. There are certain champ you can't face like big burst champ with silence: such as Talon or Syndra. But you should be able to beat most ap champ mid as you have wave clearing power and infinite sustain mid. As for jungle, it will be slow compare to mid, but once you get your core item you will become fountain express to sustain your team to victory. So no more boring Soraka support but AP raka that carries. At least in low elo, where people will be confused and it's embarrassing to lose to a "support". Also, if you play mid raka, you need your jungler who ganks a lot. Most likely due to your ability to push so well, enemy will gank mid. Ultimately, playing AP raka only test your teammates' skills as you give them sustain and it's their job to kill enemy. If they can't kill their enemy when you are healing them, then that only proves their bad.

Just a note for jungle raka, you have no escape and you will be slow to start. It's best to start red then go to blue to start your jungle as good enemy jungler will counter jungle you. If you are in bronze or silver and they don't do that, then just jungle the way you want. You will be terrible ganker, but that is not your job. When you clear a jungle, go to that lane champ and you give them health and mana as it's their job to stay in lane and get much exp possible for mid/late game fight. Your job is to sustain them, but if you can gank and get a kill go ahead. If they feed, and lose control of the lane then it's over.

Important; key to playing winning AP raka is your team cooperating and not feeding. If they refuse to cooperate and do nothing as a team, then they're dumb as fountain express is being wasted.

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Runes and Mastery


Mid - you job is to sustain and push so you need mana, unless you are facing ad champ
Red Marks - Magic pen or Magin pen/Armor pen if you can afford it
Yellow Seal - Either armor or Mana regen
Blue Glyph - Flat Ability power
Purple Quints - Flat Ability power

Jungle - It's the same as AP Raka, except minor changes. Armor Seal and you could Magic Resist Glyph, but I rather have AP Glyph to clear the jungle faster.
Red Marks - Magic pen or Magin pen/Armor pen if you can afford it
Yellow Seal - Either armor or Mana regen
Blue Glyph - Flat Ability power
Purple Quints - Flat Ability power

For mastery

Standard 21 offense then rest is up to you as you can go 4 defense and 5 utility
or 9 defense, or 9 utility. As for jungle raka you should go 9 defense.

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Q - star fall - does damage within the area. more creeps standing close, faster your clearing ability

W - heal - gives you the power to sustain and stay in lane

E - mana regen -- good for champs that are dependent on mana. Also you can cast on minions and creeps for damage and silence enemy (cancel or prevent them from using spell)

R - global heal --> the bread and butter of OP AP RAKA. Good raka will be like God or Jesus as you heal your teammates and prevents them from dying.

In summary: you spam your q all day, you w when ever you are low or heal your ally, you e when ever someone needs mana or silence champs that are about to engage, then you spam your q, r to be like god mode saving people's lives

Max your skill sequence: Q, W, E, and ult when ever possible

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The 3 core items for playing AP Raka is Tears, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Liandry's Torment. These are the items that you will need to damage your enemy.

1) Tears - you need it in order for mana regen to spam your Q all day.
2) Rylai's Crystal Scepter - you don't have gap closer or anything. By getting this item, you slow your enemy and gives you health and be little bit more tanky.
3) Liandry's torment - works well with Rylai's as their movmeent speed is being slowed down and you are burning their health every time you spam your Q

As for boots you can either go for Ionian boots of Lucidit for cooldown reduction or Boots of Mobility. Your job is not to fight enemy upfront, but poke from the back line and sustain the team. Cooldown is what allows you to spam your skill more or mobility to run away from them since you don't do big burst damage.

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Author's note

Try it out and let me know. It's more fun to play ap raka and should work as long as your team doesn't feed to snowball, and cooperate as she's stronger in team fight. I've played this game a lot and used to like soraka support until the trend became tank initiating support or ap damaging support. She can still support, but getting her item to ap raka takes for ever. I remember people doing random things like raka jungle and raka mid. It did work, but wasn't a huge trend. So I tested it out in rank, and it actually works in low elo. The reason why i say it works in low elo is that people don't know how to deal with something they never experienced. Also, they don't have team mentality and just focus on their own play. In higher elo players, they would actually gank a lot and counter jungle. This prevents you from farming and getting your core items. Regardless, it's more fun to win when people never expects Raka carry.

Also, this is my first guide, so let me know for improvements and how your games goes. I want constructive criticism, and if you don't like it, then don't comment on it and trash talk until you actually tried it out. When i say low elo, it should work in bronze and silver.


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