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Xin Zhao Build Guide by FreefallPH

Jungle 🔥 Freefall's In-depth Guide: How to WIN NOW with XIN ZHAO

Jungle 🔥 Freefall's In-depth Guide: How to WIN NOW with XIN ZHAO

Updated on July 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreefallPH Build Guide By FreefallPH 9 1 16,734 Views 0 Comments
9 1 16,734 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FreefallPH Xin Zhao Build Guide By FreefallPH Updated on July 17, 2020
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Runes: Best Runes for XZ

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

🔥 Freefall's In-depth Guide: How to WIN NOW with XIN ZHAO

By FreefallPH
Hi I'm Freefall, I just want to share you my playing style since my win rate in Xin Zhao drastically rose up. I will show you some of my pathing techniques that will lead you to your victories.
Why Xin Zhao?
Xin Zhao is really strong and straightforward champion. You don't need to practice hard mechanics onto this champion.

If you are able to play this champion smartly. You will be able to gain free elo in no time.
When to pick Xin Zhao?
This is really important to have a sure win. I highly suggest to pick Xin Zhao, if the enemy jungler is weak at early game or if the enemy jungler is a long range champion like Graves, Kindred and etc.
Pros and Cons


Strong in early game
High potential of snowballing
Can easily create ganks


Scales really bad in late game
Bad early game can put you to bad situations
Item Discussion


Ninja Tabi is good if the enemy team composition is more on attack damage.

Mercury's Treads is good if the enemy team composition is more on ability power and crowd control.


Black Cleaver is a must. Because it is cheap item for damage health and CDR. Good item to start with.

Trinity Force is good to take if you are snowballing. It will gives you tons of damage plus mobility.


Wit's end is a choice if you need attack speed plus magic resist.

Sterak's gage is option if you need damage with tankier build really ideal build for Xin Zhao but not all the time.

Dead Man's Plate is an item for mobility armor and health. Really ideal item for Xin Zhao.

Randuin's Omen is really good if the threat in the enemy team has an attack speed and critical strike builds.

Spirit Visage is a good item if you want to add more on your healing regeneration and draining effect like life steal or spell vamp. Good choice if you also need magic resist.Really good to combine with

Blade of the Ruined King is good for shredding and fighting against tank.

Sanguine Blade is good against 1v1. If you think that 1v1 against the enemy shredder is needed. Then this is a good item for that situation.

Adaptive Helm is good for subsequent magic damage like skills of

Maw of Malmortius is good if you need damage plus magic resist

Guardian Angel is good. You're 2nd life will annoy your enemy.
All Xin Zhao mains knows the level 2 gank. But my pathing is quite different. I always take the red buff. Even if I'm from red team or blue team. After I take my red, I always visit the enemy buff first before I create a gank. If I saw that the blue buff was already taken. It means the enemy jungler is either in the frog or wolves. Visit him and take advantage while he is weak.
Example of My Pathing
In this video, you can see that I didn't visit the enemy's blue buff because katarina is kinda advancing her position on mid and take advantage on it. I was also thinking that maybe master yi is already in his wolves. So, I try to visit it and it is really rewarding.
Q -AA Q -AA then E AA is one of my favorite combos just to surprise enemies with an insta-knockup.

then is really also a good combo. Just like an Lee Sin's Insec. If you want to give a bad position to the enemy

then for quick casting. Just like Lee Sin's kick flash.
By the way, this is my first time to write a guide. Feel free to leave comments and it will help me to improve my writing skills.

If you think that my video helps you on your Xin Zhao Journey. Feel free to give me a nice vote on this guide.

I hope you guys enjoy and peace.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreefallPH
FreefallPH Xin Zhao Guide
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🔥 Freefall's In-depth Guide: How to WIN NOW with XIN ZHAO

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