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Shaco Build Guide by FriendlyShaco

Support diamond

FriendlyShaco's Challenger way to Shaco Support

By FriendlyShaco | Updated on September 3, 2019
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Runes: FriendlyShaco

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #11 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Ability Order Max W, Q/E are preference

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Champion Build Guide

FriendlyShaco's Challenger way to Shaco Support

By FriendlyShaco
Let me introduce you to the way of FriendlyShaco. I reached Challenger as Shaco Support on the EUW server and want to show you that our clown is actually viable as a Support. Here I mostly present the way I found success with. He is a pretty versatile champion and can be played in many different ways. I hope I can show you how to have fun and success with this unique way of playing league.
General Approach to Shaco Support Back to Top

Step one:

Stay cool, your team will hate you for picking Shaco Support, your enemies will hate you in 5 minutes for picking Shaco Support and you will probably hate yourself once in a while too for picking Shaco Support, but believe me, it's worth it.

Step two:

Don't die, your enemies will not gain gold from you, they will become more and more triggered and do more stupid things to try and catch you, which is exactly what you want as you bloom in chaos. Play aggressive but never die, they will run into your boxes like moths follow the light.

Step three:

Place as many boxes as possible, they provide vision cc and damage, they can disengage whole armies of Yasuos dashing on your ADC. Ward as much as possible, as you can't really be caught, the map is yours.

Step four:

Have fun and stay friendly.
Summoner Spells Back to Top
Ignite + Heal, why?

Is pretty obvious, damage, counters the enemy heal.

I prefer heal over exhaust as with exhaust you have to be next to the enemy that wants to kill your carry exactly when the threat combos, which is way harder to do than just pressing heal when your carry needs that little hp + ms. Additionally you can bait people way safer when you are low yourself, they jump into your boxes to kill you and you heal back up to kill them.

Additionally this summoner allows your ADC to take teleport for better powerspikes/recovery after bad trades and for some plays lategame, or he chooses barrier or exhaust himself for more safety.

If your ADC doesn't want to switch his heal out you are forced to take this one.

As Shaco Support you rarely use your Q aggressive, Q is your safety spell. If you now find yourself in a situation where you need next to Q, R and your boxes another safety option, you should think about how you even ended up in a situation like this.
Runes Back to Top
Comet works extremely well, as your E and boxes trigger the effect and will pretty much guarantee a hit. Additionally each box attack reduces the comet cooldown, allowing multiple comethits per fight.

Manaflow Band reduces your manaproblems, which Shaco has early. Your boxes do sometimes trigger this rune, but it isn't consistent.

Absolute Focus gives more AP, this rune is really useful as your boxes take the amount of AP you have when you place them, which means you don't lose this rune once you are below 70% hp. Transcendence is another option, but Transcendence doesn't do anything until lvl 10. You will hit lvl 10 relatively late as a Support, where you will have the 40% cdr from the items already. Which results in granting only 20 AP, where Absolute Focus will give the same amount of AP around lvl 11. Transcendence can be used if you run other boots, or when you don't reach the cdr limit in anotherway.

Gathering Storm provides large amounts of AP, the other option would be Scorch if you want that tiny little more poke during the laningphase, I prefer Gathering Storm.

Biscuit Delivery provides even more mana, which Shaco really needs in the earlygame to maintain his boxes. Additionally some fast HP regeneration, which allows some neat outplays to happen.

Cosmic Insight increasees the amount of boxes you can maintain, reduces the heal and ignite cooldown and provides more safety with a lower q and r cooldown, next to the fact that the cooldoown of the trinket and GLP will be reduced aswell.

Afterwards AP, AP,(situational)

The Glacial Augment build kinda works and has the goal to permanently slow the enemy team while providing buffs to your team. I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't completely sure that your team just needs you to slow the enemies. It provides a bit more tankyness and stickyness but way less damage.
Items Back to Top
The Mainbuild is here to provide you with the 40% cdr you need and enough mana to enable spamming boxes. You can squeeze in a Faerie Charm if you got the gold for it to help you manage your manapool. Liandry's Torment is just the most damage dealing item afterwards, it activates on your boxes and your GLP, while providing some hp. Switch to Oracle Lens as soon as you completed your Supportquest. Try to buy as many Control Wards as possible, they increase your visiongame even more.

Afterwards you can choose yourself which items you need/you want, I highly recommend Rabadons as it makes your boxes last for an eternity and provides you with a huge amount of AP to deal more damage.

The Glacial Augment build focuses around sustaining your ADC during the laningphase and permaslowing the enemy team. The build will deal way less damage than the mainbuild but provides more cc and enables engages. Only try to pick this one if you can't win botlane and have a lategame carry.

Ancient Coin is a replacement for Spellthief's Edge if you can't deal enough damage to threaten the enemies, while they will punish you heavily when you try to use your E. It generates more gold and allows more boxes to be placed, but the damage is just way worse. Additionally later in the game Spellthief's activates on every box, which will generate more gold than Coin will, as you aren't going to be sitting next to minions anymore.
Abilities Back to Top
Start with w to leash your Jungler, place some boxes to start controlling the bottomlane. E or Q second and third, Q second if you are worried about an engage onto you, E if you want to stack your manaflowband/are worried about an engage onto your ADC.

Maximize W, as you play around your boxes. Q second to maintain as slippery as possible as your E doesn't receive that much damage if you put points into it and you aren't going to throw it that much anyways as the range isn't that big. Feel free to play around the Q and E lvls as it's about preference.
Pre-Laning Back to Top
Your work already begins in the lobby, tell your ADC to switch to tp or barrier, if he doesn't or is AFK/sleeping/dead or whatever just take exhaust instead of heal.

Once the game begins, ask your Jungler where he starts, start placing boxes at around 0:29 to regenerate as much mana as possible before the laning begins. Place 3 boxes at the buff and go to your lane, if the Jungler doesn't answer just start placing boxes at the bottoside buff, as you don't want to leash.

Against most botlanes you can only enter the bottomlane with minions as you don't have flash/a good lvl 1, a Thresh hook or Rakan engage can be fatal. Let the game begin.
Laning Back to Top
Try to cover as much space with your boxes as possible, place them in a way that the enemy minions will not walk into them but as near to the enemies as possible. There are different boxes according to where you place them/what their purpose is:

Defensive boxes: Try to have 1-3 of those, they should be able to prevent you from being ganked and your ADC from being engaged on. If they have a Rakan for example you can place a box where your casterminions are so your ADC can farm without being engaged on.

Aggressive boxes: These boxes are placed forward, they want to cover as much space as possible to prevent the enemies action and dealing damage. Beware of enemies killing the boxes in the 2 seconds before they become invisible.

Tilter boxes: These are boxes that you place behind the enemy lines, where they will run in if they disengage. These basically guarantee you kills if you can make the enemies run away in that direction.

Scouting boxes: These work like wards and will come in handy later in the game as you can provide your team with as much vision as possible.

Try to play around the enemy Oracle Lens cooldown/the amount of control wards they have. If you know that their Oracle Lens is coming up again maybe safe the mana of 1-2 boxes.

Try to use your E only during fights that lead to kills or when you can stack your Manaflow Band and activate Comet at the same time, as your E doesn't do much damage on it's own, we prefer to use the mana for boxes and we max it last.
Roaming Back to Top
Shaco excels in roaming, he can create a really safe zone for the ADC with his boxes, gank extremely well with his Q and provide a good amount of vision with his W when he walks around, while being safe because of his Q and R.

You have to get a feeling for when roams are worth it, your ADC can't be engaged on or is Ezreal? Good. Enemy Midlaner will stand at your tower while being low in 10 seconds? Extremely Good. Your Midlaner is Malzahar with R ready? What are you waiting for?

Try to help your Jungler with drakes/vision, you can set up vision on your own, even in the enemy jungle as you are extremely slippery with your Q and R.
After-Laning Back to Top
It's really important to ward and use your boxes for it aswell, I can't stress it enough, Shaco is really good at it. Additionally try to set up safe zones for your allies, where they can walk to if they are being engaged on, 1-3 boxes on the side of the lane help a ton. You can provide boxes in multiple lanes to increase your teams safety.

Try to call for objectives, Shaco can set up several boxes around these to completely negate the enemies attempts to contest the objective. You still need your team to do the objective/defend your boxes from Oracle Lenses. A good example is if you see an infernal drake spawning in 1 minute, just go there, place boxes around the pit and ping your team for help/the timer of the drake.
Teamfighting Back to Top
The best case scenario is when you have some boxes set up already and your team leads the enemies into these. The worst case would be when your team engages and you don't have any boxes yet, don't try to force these fights.

During the teamfight you try to stay safe while placing boxes where your team will need them in 2 seconds. Use your E to slow enemies/simply damage them, it doesn't seem like much but can help your carries to kite them.

You can Q in and R while invisible to create a distraction and a huge explosion in the enemy lines, try to avoid going melee if it isn't necessary, you aren't dealing much damage that way. There are moments where you are ahead enough/the enemies are low enough to assassinate them, don't be afraid to use them.

Additionally be a distraction, the more enemies are focused on you and try to kill you while you lead them into boxes/Q to safety, the more enemies aren't part of the fight.
Adapt to your way Back to Top
There are many builds/runes/playstyles that can work as Shaco Support, try to find your own way and adapt.

This is my first guide ever created, I hope it's useful and I am open to critique/questions regarding Shaco. Feel free to comment or add me ingame if you want to know more/some details aren't clear.

I don't stream and don't have a Youtube channel. But there are some gameplays out there, if you want to see the guide in action, just search for FriendlyShaco.
League of Legends Build Guide Author FriendlyShaco
FriendlyShaco Shaco Guide
FriendlyShaco's Challenger way to Shaco Support