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Draven Build Guide by ADCMike

ADC Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17)

ADC Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17)

Updated on August 29, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ADCMike Build Guide By ADCMike 17 4 61,769 Views 0 Comments
17 4 61,769 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ADCMike Draven Build Guide By ADCMike Updated on August 29, 2019
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Runes: Lane Sustain

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Magical Footwear

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Common Summoner Choice
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17)

By ADCMike
Hello, I'm a GM Draven one trick on the NA server. I have over 2 mil points across all my accounts. Here is my main account and stream that I use if you would like to look at builds/games etc: &

Below I will try to outline main points in early/mid/late game and how you should be looking to play the game.
Generic Laning Phase
Your primary goal in the laning phase is to get early kills (at least one kill before you die). This is the most important portion of your game and if you perfect it, you will climb rapidly with Draven. He is a super lane bully/snowball champ and this requires extensive knowledge of the laning phase. If you can successful get a few hundred extra gold from your passive before you die, you will be significantly snowballed for the early game and will transfer very nicely into trying to rotate and take objectives.

Generic laning (This obviously varies by matchup, play accordingly):
With the new scuttle changes you are permitted to play more aggressively very early in the laning. Before, you would have to worry about getting ganked at around 2 minutes, now you should be mostly safe until 3-3:30 minutes.

Trading one auto for one auto is worth on Draven in every circumstance as long as you can avoid their ability and you are not being attacked by their support. Draven Q allows this because you will always do more damage to them. (Keep in mind this might not be the case for someone with D shield because they regen. You must continue on usually for longer trades when they have that item)

The most effective way to play Draven is to constantly push if the match-up permits. Some match-ups are not easy to push in to, in which case you are not in an optimal position but you should freeze and wait for a gank. If you can push, just push to tower constantly. Poke while they are under tower and keep wards to keep yourself safe. This is a more risky way to play but it is the best way to get your stacks up quickly and apply the most pressure out of your champ.

Most ganks are easy to spot so you should be fine to back out. You will not be able to apply a lot of pressure on their tower against champions with super hard engage like Alistar/Thresh/Blitz etc. You will need to be more careful with these, however pushing is still ideal. This will give you a cs advantage because tower will kill a lot of their minions, not to mention that sweet plate gold from the tower.

If you are trying to set up a kill on them after poking etc, push it in to tower and let it completely reset back to the middle of the lane. This will allow your support to make the moves on them and go for some kills.
Kill Lane
You have a kill lane, which means an engage support with a lot of damage (Thresh/Blitz/Alistar etc). You will want to play as mentioned above where you are pushing for most of the first few waves to get damage advantage and cs advantage. Once you are in a spot where you feel comfortable with your damage to kill, push one last time fully into tower and make sure it resets to the middle. Then you will be in position to kill them with your support. This is most effective when you play against mage supports. If they have a tank like Alistar/Braum etc, you will probably need to wait for a gank or focus the ADC if possible. Play it more slowly when their champs are more difficult to kill. It will bait you in to dying if you go too hard.

Freezing is the most effective way to play the lane if you make them use their summoners. It puts them in a vulnerable position to ganks and will force them to play far back and miss cs or risk dying for the cs. Freezing is BAD if your jungler is looking to push into the enemy bot side jungle/dragon/scuttle contest. Be aware of where they are and their goals. If you see they are looking to advance into their jungle, you have to push the lane and be ready to assist them. Kill lanes often roam well and you can pick off the enemy jungler in this case instead of the bot lane.
Poke Lane
Poke Lane:
You have Karma/Janna/Nami/Soraka etc. This is probably the easiest lane to play although not the easiest to get kills with. If played properly, you can get massive map pressure very quickly.

Your main goal with this type of lane is to avoid dying if they have a kill lane, and constantly push. This will allow you to poke under tower better since your support is ranged and will help push the tower plates down faster. I cannot stress enough to make sure you ward effectively for this play style. It will leave you open to ganks. Also, you will have to play more on the safe side if your jungler is around top side and you think their jungler might be bot.
Mid Game
Mid game is about pushing your lead you gained from early game (hopefully). You will be at your absolute strongest at 1-3 items. Past this point, you will fall off compared to other scaling ADCs like Trist/Cait/Kaisa/Kog etc.

Your first main goal will be to obtain pressure in bot lane with laning. Then that will translate to tower or dragon play.

Once you have enough pressure from your lane and mid lane (by making them recall or dying), take dragon if possible. Once your first tower in bot is gone, rotate to top or mid and prepare to take Herald if it is still available. If there is a strong dragon (infernal/mountain) available and you took your bot tower, do not rotate away from that objective. Make sure your team takes that before rotating away from it. You will be a power house in this part of the game and should be the one dictating where things need to be prioritized.

You should be going for objectives and fights constantly in this stage of the game. Continue your snowball that you started in early game with how well you played lane. If you played your game correctly, this should be the last part of the game. Most games you play well end by 25-30 minutes as Draven.
Late Game
Late game is still about rotating and objectives obviously, but most late game duels come down to playing a team fight correctly and winning that team fight. This lets you push down and end with long death timers.

At this point, you need to focus on a few things during these team fights. Catching axes but not over extending yourself to catch them in fights. Focus whoever is on top of you and diving you. People want you dead. Make that hard for them. With rapid fire, you can get off key autos on squish targets during team fights if you're ready. You're autos do upwards of 800-1000 damage at full build which is almost half of an ADC hp bar. Targeting is the most important.

Stay with your team and behind your tanks/near your supports. You're going to need help to stay alive because you have no escapes/gap closers.

The most important thing to think about is positioning in a safe way and looking for auto attacks on squishy targets with your RF cannon up. If you can hit any of those autos in a team fight, it can totally win the fight and end the game.
1. Use your E before your R because that will slow them and make it harder to dodge
2. Recall your R manually slightly before it reaches the target to pull it back sooner and get both parts of damage of the ult. Letting it go automatically will not pull it back fast enough.
3. Drop your axe against skill shots and press Q again to bring it back to dodge abilities. Many good players are ready to throw skill shots at the axe landing spot
4. You can have multiple axes spinning while doing baron/dragon to speed up your DPS. This also applies to team fights but its much harder to keep them going.
5. Always scope the map for long range ult kills to get that free $$$$
6. Using your ult to scout baron plays if you do not have a means of seeing without face checking is always worth it. Do not int and walk into that bush.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ADCMike
ADCMike Draven Guide
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Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17)

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