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Galio Build Guide by xOverLordx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xOverLordx

Galio - The tanky Midlaner

xOverLordx Last updated on March 12, 2012
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Hehyhey guys,
it is me again xOverLordx with my second guide. This guide will show you how to play Galio as a MIDLANER . Many people play Galio as solo top laner or sometimes people play him with another teammate in botlane (crazy and dumb :D ). With this build Galio becomes a really good teamfighter and he will be absolutly deicsive in teamfights . Also this build will allow Galio to dominate and rule the midlane and it doesn't matter which Char your opponent plays.
And special thanks to Jhoijhoi for the great tips about Coding !!!

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Benefits of this Guide (Pros/Cons)


+ you get very tanky and it will be hard to take you down
+ extremly high ability power, movement speed, armor and magic resistance
+ you will dominate the midlane and you are immune vs ganks
+ in early game you are OP and early game is decisive for the rest of the playtime
+ you'll get many supports AND many kills
+ you'll die nearly never


-extremly expensive item build
-difficult to play at the beginning
-he is a melee fighter

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I choose these runes because :
- on lvl 1 I got 60 ABILITY POWER and in combo with your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration you will be OP in early game
- you get more life per lvl which makes you even stronger when you lvl up
- you get armor against the opposing jungler
- you get magic resist and simultaneously ability power which simply makes you unstoppable against every other AP

Alternative Runes :
9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power
3x Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist
9x Greater Seal of Vitality
9x Greater Seal of Armor
3x greater seal of vitality and 6x Greater Seal of Armor

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These Masteries have on simple purpose - they will make Galio OP in early game. Thanks to the exrta ability power per lvl your abilitites will get even stronger and the opposing midlaner won't have any chance to resist that damage. Also throughout this masteries your spells ( Flash and Teleport ) are improved which makes you even better on midlane and every single situation.

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Well if you take these items you'll get unbeatable in lategame. Extra armor, extra health, extra ability power, extra magic resistance and magic penetration, extra movements peed and more mana.
These things are most important for Galio and the item build improves them all.
WHY LICHBANE??? I heared that qeastion very often. But I'll tell you. Lich Bane helps Galio to get out of dangerous situations and simultaneously it improves his abiliypower, his magic resistance AND it helps him to get into good positions for his resolute strike !

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your most important skill for midlaning is resolute strike it is good to kill minions and push and you can also deal hard damage to the enemy champion. That's why it has to be maxed first. Righeous Gust is very important for Galio you can use it to get away if the opposing jungler ganks you or you can simply deal damage to the opponent and simultaneously you can bring yourself into a right position for your resolute strike . Also it can help your own jungler if he tries to gank the opponent with extra movement speed. Bulwark isn't very important when you play on midlane. Belive me you won't need it on midlane if you play smart. But it also got it's benefits sometimes you can use it to get a bit life back. AND OF COURSE everytime it is possible improve your ulti ( Idol of Durand - it's your most powerful weapon in many situations.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Teleport
Flash is perfect to get to the opponent or away from it, it is helpful in every situation and it can safe your as*s. Also you can initiate with Flash and than use Idol of Durand but please ONLY IF MORE TEAMMATES FROM YOUR TEAM ARE IN THE FIGHT OTHERWISE YOU JUST KILL YOURSELF!!!
Teleport is very helpful to have more map-control.You can farm on another tower and earn gold and experience and if you want to buy a new item to have a little advantage against your enemy you can Teleport yourself to your tower, so that you don't lose any experience

Clarity because Galio needs a lot of mana but in late game it will be useless
Ignite you can use it to pick up a kill but in you don't need it really

EVERY OTHER SPELL is simply useless for Galio when you play him as a MIDLANER

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How to play Galio as a Midlaner

Well, you play him like every other midlaning Char. Here are some rules which can help you to play him correctly and pretty effective :

- farm smart (if you don't know what farming is, look below this chapter)
- have a look at Galio 's mana (at the beginning his abilities cost very much mana)
- be careful - some jungler's like Shyvana can gank without any break between his/her ganks
(don't be too aggressive and don't push too hard
- attack is your best way to defend yourself (don't wait for opposing attacks, use your own wisely)
- use resolute strike when the opposing midlaner is between his/her own minions (she can't run away from your attack)
- if you have low life and your enemy is walking strait to your tower , use Idol of Durand to simply defeat the opponent without getting a scrape
- if your jungler tries to gank your opponent use your ulti wisely when you are sure that you can beat your opponent with the help of your jungler

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Farming is a kind of an art, I think. Farming is when you let your minions fight vs the opposing minions and you just do the last hit which kills the minions and gives you the gold. It's very useful because you can buy new items faster and so you can have an advantage against your enemy. Farm whenever it is possible but be careful that the opponent don't destroy your tower. Use Teleport to farm at an other tower, but only use it IF THERE IS NO ENEMY ON YOUR LANE AND NO ENEMY ON THE LANE ON WHICH YOU WANT TO FARM !!!

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Well that is my Galio Guide and my way to play him on midlane. I hope you like my guide and don't forget to tell me about your experiences which you have made with playing Galio like me.
Keep fighting, keep smiling!
Your xOverLordx