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Gangplank Build Guide by SwarmOfOrphams

AD Carry Gangplank Crit Carry

AD Carry Gangplank Crit Carry

Updated on July 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwarmOfOrphams Build Guide By SwarmOfOrphams 2,025 Views 0 Comments
2,025 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SwarmOfOrphams Gangplank Build Guide By SwarmOfOrphams Updated on July 10, 2014
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Wanna know why my Rodger is so jolly? GP's Crit chance of course! Hello Mobafire, this is my first guide uploaded to this site and it will show you just how to get the best out of my personal favourite champion, Gangplank. I wanted to make a guide on gangplank because I rarely see gangplank in a game, but when I do he is built completely wrong and I end up smashing them in 1v1s. So with out further ado, lets get started.
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Runes are quite straightforward. Give you a base 17% chance to crit, which can make your early game poke deadly. Never rely on it though as it is still quite small. The mana glyphs allow you to get a couple more Q's out of your mana bar which on top of your W will help you sustain for longer.
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When I look at guides I see loads of people putting in pictures of the items but I'm new here so this is gunna be in good ol' fashion words!

I like too start with boots because GP's speed in combo with his E can make it quite high. This will allow you to dodge skill shots and hide under your turret when **** hits the fan!

If I had a good time farming I'll recall at 1900 gold to get a Tiamat. This will allow me to clear minions 3x as fast. If you had to recall earlier than 1900 gold, either start building a Tiamat or buy an Avarice Blade, just to give you a little extra farm.

Next, I would start on a Statik Shiv, starting with an avarice blade just for that extra money. Don't buy ravenous hydra yet as you need the crit strike more.

Now we are really hitting the crits on the enemy. Next I would buy two cloak of agility, one for a Infinity Edge, and another for A Phantom Dancer. Once you've made enough money, get Infinity edge, then Phantom Dancer. The phantom dancer will allow you to chase your targets down because of the movement buff and the ability to run through minions.

Now you've got all the crit chance you need. 17% runes, 20% Statik Shiv, 25% Infinity Edge, and 30% Phantom Dancer, give you a whopping 92% crit chance. Now its time to get more survivability. Finish of your ravenous hydra, and get either a Randuins Omen or a Spirit Visage depending on if the enemy team is primarily AD or AP. Fully built, You'll have insane crit chance, a base movement speed of about 480, and enough tank to go straight into a team fight and chase everyone off and kill them one by one!
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Skill Sequence

With this build Gangplank is primarily damage on not really a tank, so i always level up my Q first, then E, then my W. If you are facing a champion who doesn't have slows or stuns, then you could put off your W and level up the other two.
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I like ignite and teleport, as GPs speed and his W allow him to get out of most situatuins without needing a flash. The teleport allows him to gank really well, and he will never miss out on farming. The Ignite combo that I like is I first get a champion down to 40% - 50% health, hit them with my ulti, Q them, then ignite them then walk away with a kill. Cool kids don't look at ignites.
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Pros / Cons

    His Crit chance can shred through absolutely anything, even an incredibly fed Nasus
    Good Sustain
    Can outfarm with less CS due to his Q kills giving him more gold
    Can achieve incredible movement speed.
    Has a slow on every single attack
    His Ulti, can pick off those champions that got away with no health + assist in a teamfight. Can also be used to hinder someone chasing you or a team-mate
    Doesn't need kills, just farm.

    Very Squishy with this build until final item.
    Ulti isn't very good as everything is focused on crit strike, not AP
    A GP caught without his W or E is a dead man (unless they are slow with no stuns)
    His early game isn't the best
    Hasn't got good clear speed without Tiamat
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In top lane, I would continuously poke the enemy with my Q until they are low on health, where I would go all in with my E and R and chase them down. If I'm not doing so great in lane, I would hug the turret and farm with my Q and keep a good eye on Mid and Bot, in case they need my ulti to help kill someone or finish someone off. I'll keep updating this Guide as best I can , it could do with some improving, and I want to see what the summoner spell Revive would do in combination with teleport. Plus, I haven't really done any counters for him yet! Anyway, thanks for reading and please do share it, I'd like to do guides on other champions but only if people want it. Again, thanks for reading
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwarmOfOrphams
SwarmOfOrphams Gangplank Guide
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Gangplank Crit Carry

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