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Gangplank Build Guide by Strafeous

Gangplank dominion OP!

Gangplank dominion OP!

Updated on April 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Strafeous Build Guide By Strafeous 37 10 168,289 Views 24 Comments
37 10 168,289 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Strafeous Gangplank Build Guide By Strafeous Updated on April 16, 2013
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[*]Update Items
[*]Update Masteries
[*]Update Runes
[*]Update Skin

[*]Update Masteries
[*]Update items
[*]John Notz is a ***et


[*] Added Items
[*] Added Masteries
[*] Added Runes
[*] Added Skills
[*] Added Summoner Spells
[*] Added Chapters
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I've played multiple games with Gangplank and I've never had a dull moment. I've outplayed Akali and Jax multiple times. If you're looking for a champ with amazing support, an ultimate that is amazing for dominion and amazing damage, play Gangplank.
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I chose the runes solely for:
Armor Pen: Surpassing armor = harder parlays!
Crit chance: Amazing early game damage if crit!
Cooldown reduction: More parleys, more damage!
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[*]Always start off with a Tear!
[*]More crit, more fun!
[*]Form that sheen into a Frozen Fist!
[*]Sanguine Blade
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Skill Sequence


Use ult to slow/secure a team fight.
You can also use your ult to save a tower across the map.
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The way I play dominion with gangplank is easy. I rush bottom as soon as the game starts, i take it and i start to kill creep for the early good boost. If one of their champs is also farming, I will poke, but not get in range for them to poke me. I will poke until they have to b, then slowly push their bottom turret. If the randoms I get actually listen to me and hold top, it's an easy victory. I grab the buff when it's up and I continue owning. I picked off an easy quadra kill at top when 4 rushed top. I ulted on top and watched my team die. My ult picked 2 off and I walked in and 2 easy parleys for the Quadra. If you play gangplank efficiently you shouldn't ever be the sole reason you lose. I usually duo queue with an Akali and we destroy bottom, we never let bottom go.
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Flash is an offensive skill and should only be used that way to guarantee a kill. if its only 50/50 don’t do it! if you are going to die... DONT DO IT. A lot of times enemies will be just outside your range.
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Pros / Cons

[*] Amazing damage
[*] Great ult for keeping points.
[*] Support the team with E
[*] W is a 15 seconds quicksilver sash + a heal.

[*] Squishy
[*] Mana is bad, so feel free to replace crit with mp5 runes
[*] One of the first that the other team focuses
[*] Can easily get greedy. LET THEM GO! It'll be alright!
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The reason for these Masteries is that it give's you the full output for your crit and damage, and it make's you strong. More parleys equal more damage and a chance at a crit.
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Capturing points.

Control Points
Control points are done slightly differently. You have to stand at one after you have clicked on it doing nothing but focusing it take it from the enemy to neutral or claim it for yourself.

If an enemy controls the point obviously it will attack you. A little trick i worked out is to go in to the control point with an ally, allow the ally to attack the enemy champion that is defending it while you attempt to capture the point. The point of this is not the capture but to stop the turrent from hitting you or your ally. As soon as you start a capture (while you are still focused) the enemy turrent is unable to fire, thus leveling the playing field.

Also remember that the more of your allies that are capturing the point the faster it captures! so it can really help a lot.
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These will apear sparatically throughout the game and are worth getting, Not only do they damage your enemies health bar but they give your entire team a 10% damage bonus!

Quests are designed so one team doesn't hold 3 the whole game. Quests usually are "Take x points while keeping x point"

Usually my team just ignores these quests, and when 3-4 people are pushing one point. 4 of us will go to defend that point while the roamer is holding the other 2 with the help of my ult.
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Twitch: Twitch can pop out at any time and ult you out of tower range. Anytime you have a twitch on the opposing team, feel free to buy an oracles extract. it's cheap and it's efficient.

Jax: Jax will jump on you and stun you forever while dodging your attacks. The way I counter Jax is a simple exhaust while two of you beat him silly.

Kogmaw: With Kogmaw's W and R combined, he can hit you from crazy far. I try to stay as close as I can to him while I'm fighting a Kogmaw. His R becomes completely useless.
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Thank you for reading my guide. If you have any suggestions of any kind, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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9/23/2011: Guide created.
Expect updates when dominion is released or Gangplank is nerfed. :)
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